Who said that burgundy shades of hair are no longer in fashion? This unusual color has recently experienced a new wave of popularity. We'll tell you who suits burgundy hair color and how to achieve it

What is important to consider when choosing a burgundy hair color?

Bordeaux hair color has many features. Before deciding to experiment with coloring, we advise you to get to know him better.

Who suits burgundy hair color? There is the best option for every girl. The main recommendation when choosing a shade is to take into account the features of the skin of the face and the color of the eyes.

For brown eyes

Girls with burgundy hair and brown eyes look very impressive. The most advantageous with such data will be maroon hair color.

For blue eyes

Due to the contrast, the burgundy color makes blue eyes visually even brighter. If you want to soften the image a little, we advise you to choose a more muted and cold burgundy hair color.

Grey eyes and burgundy hair

But for gray eyes, it doesn't hurt to add color intensity - and the burgundy shade of hair will do just fine.

For green eyes

For those who have the rarest eye color, burgundy hair will serve well, as this color successfully emphasizes the beauty of the green iris.

Burgundy curls suit both mysterious dark-skinned women and girls with aristocratic pallor. It is important to consider one thing: all shades of the red spectrum enhance and emphasize redness and other imperfections. Tonal foundations with good overlapping ability will help to make a flawless impression on the skin.

Popular burgundy hair shades: examples with photos

You will be surprised, but this color has many nuances. In the palette of colors there are a variety of shades - both daring warm, and scorching cold, and rich dark, and delicate light.Catch our selection of photos of burgundy hair color in all the variety of colors.

Light shades of burgundy hair color

  • Barely noticeable purple motifs with a red tint suggest trying on girls with fair skin and gray eyes. Light burgundy hair color can also be obtained using the ombre technique. The result looks very attractive.

  • Delicate mother-of-pearl strands with burgundy notes will successfully emphasize the peach skin tone.

Dark shades

  • Maroon color fits beautifully on both short and long hair. Girls with swarthy skin can also choose a spectacular black and burgundy color.

Cool shades

  • Trendy ash-burgundy hair color captivates with incredible beauty and unusual radiance. This is a win-win option for girls with light eyes.

Warm colors

  • Lively and bright red-burgundy hair color will definitely not go unnoticed. If you opt for this shade, be prepared for increased attention from others.

Burgundy coloring based on hair length

Bordeaux color reveals differently depending on the length of the hair.

  • Bob haircuts rhyme perfectly with maroon shades like mahogany.

  • Very short hair can be safely dyed in the brightest colors, such as burgundy red.

  • If you have shoulder-length hair, try partial coloring techniques. Burgundy highlights will refresh the image and make it artistic and bohemian.

  • What about long hair? There is an opinion that the burgundy palette looks too eccentric on long curls. Believe me, it's not.Modern coloring offers incredibly beautiful and noble shades of this range, which girls with long hair can also try on. On such curls, ombre coloring gives a luxurious result. The most elegant burgundy gradient looks on a dark base.

For those who doubt the choice of color, there are special services for selecting shades, for example, on the websites of L'Oréal Paris and Garnier. Simply upload your photo and try on any paint you like.

Review of the best burgundy paints: a palette with names

You can get this luxurious shade with the help of persistent paints, and with the help of washable products. A review of the best, according to the editors, burgundy hair colors is already waiting for you.

Durable burgundy colors

L'Oréal Paris Préférence No. 5.26 "Sophisticated Bordeaux" paint is suitable for dyeing light brown, brown and even black hair. Volumetric coloring pigments do not allow the color to fade for a long time.

The color of tart wine will give your hair cream paint 5.62 "Royal Garnet" from Garnier Color Sensation. Curls will acquire not only an attractive shade, but also a he althy shine.

For those who prefer ammonia-free paints, the Casting Crème Gloss line from L'Oréal Paris will do. Try shade 426 Ice Sangria.

Another burgundy ammonia-free paint is Garnier Olia 6.60 Sparkling Red.

Wash offs

It is not easy for everyone to decide on a permanent coloring in such a non-standard shade. But if the soul asks for experiments, then why not dye your hair burgundy for a while, using rinse-off products?

L'Oréal Paris Colorista Hair Balm in Red Hair will wash off after several washes and shampoos. With such a tool, deciding to experiment with burgundy shades on your hair is as easy as shelling pears.

How to dye your hair burgundy: step by step technique

Dyeing your hair burgundy is not so difficult - the principles of coloring here are the same as in cases with the choice of other shades.

  • Be sure to do a test to exclude the possibility of an allergic reaction: for this, it is enough to apply the cream (without a developer) on a small area of \u200b\u200bthe skin 48 hours before dyeing. If there is no unwanted response from the skin, you can dye your hair.
  • Prepare the paint container, brush, gloves, protective cape and comb. To protect skin from ink, apply any face cream along the hairline.

Now catch our step-by-step burgundy coloring tutorial.

  1. Divide your hair into several equal parts - for example, two on the sides, one on the top and bottom. Secure each with a clip.

  2. Start from the bottom and finish with the sides.

  3. After that, once again go through the hair with massaging movements of your fingers - for a more even distribution of the paint. Remember that the hair should literally be bathed in paint: this is the only way the color will turn out to be even and saturated.

  4. After holding the hair dye for the time specified by the manufacturer, rinse it off with warm water.

  5. Apply balm to wet hair and rinse after a couple of minutes.

What is important to consider when coloring in shades of burgundy: tips from stylists

Can I shampoo my hair immediately after dyeing burgundy?

You should not do this, otherwise the color will not please you with brightness and saturation for a long time. It is better to wait one or two days, and then wash your hair as usual, but with the use of special products for colored hair.

What shades of burgundy hair color are the most natural?

Burgundy color is not found among natural shades of hair, therefore, it is difficult to call it natural. For those who want this range to look as natural as possible, we advise you to pay attention to burgundy-brown and red shades.

Do I need to lighten my hair before dyeing it burgundy?

Very dark or red hair is best lightened. To maintain the quality of the hair, it is better to entrust this procedure to professionals in the salon.

Is burgundy suitable for partial coloring techniques?

Definitely. Burgundy gamma is suitable for dyeing hair using any technique. Highlights or balayage in wine shades are a great way to express yourself as a creative person.

Is it true that burgundy is considered difficult for everyday life, as it is too extravagant?

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. Well-chosen outfit and makeup will help to reveal the elegant beauty of burgundy hair color.

Care after dyeing hair in a Bordeaux palette

Hair after any coloring needs special care products.

To make the burgundy color please you for as long as possible on your hair with its pristine beauty, use products to maintain its brightness and saturation. Line Botanicals "Geranium.The Elixir of Radiance by L'Oréal Paris was created specifically for colored hair. The balm and shampoo will make sure that the color stays bright for as long as possible, and the curls shine with he alth.

After permanent coloring, the Garnier Botanic Therapy mask with royal jelly and propolis will help restore hair. It is designed for brittle and split ends that need intensive care.

To add shine and smoothness to your hair, use Garnier Fructis Transformation Elixir Oil Triple Recovery. It will facilitate combing and protect curls from the harmful effects of external factors.

Dyed hair is especially sensitive to high temperatures, so it's important to take care of thermal protection during styling. Prior to treatment, apply L'Oréal Paris Elseve Ultra Strength Leave-in Anti-Breakage Cream to protect hair up to 230°C.

Porous and unruly hair will be tamed by Elseve Color Expert Express Conditioner from L'Oréal Paris. It prevents color fading and works to preserve its original brightness.