We can't wait to discuss the trends of the new season, since the spring fashion shows that took place in the fashion capitals of the world are raising a wave of inspiration with might and main. What to focus on in 2023?

Vegan cosmetics

We have great respect for responsible consumers. Therefore, we decided to start this material with vegan cosmetics, which has become a real trend. It's nice to know that in 2023, many girls are carefully reading the labels not only on food products, but also on beauty products.More and more of us are those who fundamentally choose the formulas of lipsticks and eyeshadows without animal ingredients that have not been tested on animals (cruelty-free).

It used to be difficult to find these, but nowadays the popularity of vegan cosmetics is growing by leaps and bounds. Our editor, for example, uses Urban Decay's Naked3 Mini eyeshadow with a vegan formula and claims that this is perhaps the most versatile and convenient palette in her beauty arsenal.

The range of ethical NYX Professional Makeup products also deserves attention. Collecting a whole - and very voluminous - cosmetic bag of vegan cosmetics of this brand is not difficult. In the assortment there are tonal means, and bright palettes of shadows, and eyeliners, and glosses. We will not disclose the entire list: the number can really make you sick. We emphasize only the quality of products worthy of applause!

Lip Gloss

By 2023, the understanding finally came that lips pumped with fillers look at least unnatural. To achieve the desired effect of added volume is much easier with the help of lip glosses.

The alternative is not only more natural, but also fashionable: models with a translucent “wet” coating on the lips have been seen on the catwalks of many brands.

We are excited about the return of glitter. First, it seems impossible to come up with a more user-friendly lip product (it's easy to apply even without a mirror). Secondly, the radiance allows you to visually make the lips more plump. And thirdly, in the cold, lips are especially shown nourishing care, and in this case there is no equal to glosses.

It may seem strange to some, but lip glosses are far from being in every cosmetic bag today. For those who are just discovering this brave new world, we recommend our favorites. Let's start with Lancôme's L'Absolu Plumper.

We fell in love with him not only for the chic packaging, although, we confess, the appearance deserves separate praises.

Conquers a delicate pink shade, thanks to which the lips look juicy. Such a shine will harmoniously complement both “make-up without makeup” and an image with brightly accentuated eyes.

Another sparkle we want to add to our list is Infaillible by L'Oréal Paris. It has a denser texture, a luxurious palette of shades and a convenient curved applicator for quick application. We think we should take it!

Cosmetics with caring properties

There are almost no contradictions between care and makeup in 2023. Customer demands are growing, and brands are releasing more and more decorative cosmetics that take care of the quality of the skin. We are ready to support this statement with physical evidence.

Let's start with tone. Among the novelties of L'Oréal Paris, we are pleased to present you the promising Alliance Perfect Nude Hyaluronic Tinted Serum.

It not only evens out skin tone, but also improves skin quality, such as moisture levels and texture. The main characters in the composition are hyaluronic acid and Moroccan clay.

NYX Professional Makeup has taken care of those who are concerned about dark circles under the eyes or post-acne marks on the skin of the face. We recommend HD Studio Photogenic concealer, which contains aloe extract, candelilla wax and vitamin E. Didn't expect?

And now let's move on to eye makeup. Agree, it's nice to know that mascara not only makes your eyes more expressive, but also takes care of your eyelashes. We found such a remedy at Helena Rubinstein. Lash CC Carbon Care contains a whole range of oils (castor, argan and camellia flowers) known for their beneficial properties.

When it comes to brow products, they're also expected to do more these days than just hold hair in place.NYX Professional Makeup has added hemp seed oil to its Bare with Me brow gel, which stimulates hair growth and restores its quality.

Let's finish the chapter with a description of the new lip products. Today, lipstick formulas, whether matte or glossy, increasingly include skin-care ingredients.

For example, Giorgio Armani's Lip Power lipstick contains two oils combined with a special polymer. The brand's specialists managed to create a super-pigmented coating that is very comfortable to wear.

Another tool that will be appreciated by girls who want to keep their lips always moisturized and well-groomed is Maybelline NY Lifter Gloss. Manufacturers have added hyaluronic acid to the composition, one of the most popular components for “resuscitation” of dry skin.

Green shadows

It would seem that not the most common spectrum, but the shades of the green palette will really be very popular, judging by the fashion shows.

Emerald arrows, marsh shades, accents of different colors in the corners of the eyes - all this is welcome in 2023. We will help you find inspiring images and tools!

Pink blush

Models with a he althy blush were seen at the shows, and we really liked it. Still, rosy cheeks, in our opinion, always look fresh and attractive, forgive us supporters of the mysterious pallor.

The way you apply blush depends on your preference. We only recall that it is important to consider the shape of the face. Below we share makeup options and a selection of trendy pink blush.


Last year, girls increasingly chose trendy micro handbags. No wonder - almost everything that you may need in everyday life is now tied to your smartphone (including bank and discount cards).

What about girls who are used to carrying a whole cosmetic bag with them, but do not want to lag behind the trends? It makes sense to choose multifunctional beauty products! For example, with the help of a tint, you can make up lips, cheekbones, and eyelids. And the highlighter is convenient to use both for its intended purpose and as shadows. Such funds will even fit in a clutch.


It's good manners in 2023 to choose beauty brands that support sustainability and conscious manufacturing.


It's becoming the norm to buy products with refills, the ability to buy a refill in the future, rather than a full size replacement. Can you imagine how much plastic is saved?

Sharing a find that is good in all respects. This is Giorgio Armani to Go tonal cushion, for which the comparison with the second skin will be as honest and accurate as possible. And what a beautiful package!