Arrows long or short? Do you apply blush under your cheekbones or on the apples of your cheeks? To answer these and other makeup questions, we explored the 2023 makeup trends

Makeup 2023: fashion trends and novelties

Makeup trends are hard to predict. Why do some types of make-up linger for years, while others can hardly withstand one season? We dare to assume that trendy makeup (not necessarily 2023) depends not only on fashion shows, but also on the trends of the time in general.

For example, the increased interest in lip glosses and light tonal fluids is caused by the fashion for naturalness and naturalness.

Shadows, lipsticks and other products with vegan formulas are a consequence of the global concern for the environment and the protection of animals. Although it happens that new ideas in makeup arise with the light hand of one designer or a leading makeup artist.

The same green shadows that we have already talked about, lit up at several shows, including Giorgio Armani. summed up green eyelids - and we can also repeat this fashionable make-up in 2023.

For example, using the tools below.

Another innovation for 2023 is makeup without eyebrows.No, this is not about the so-called makeup without makeup, when the makeup artist could advise leaving the eyebrows without makeup, in their natural state. The fashionable brow make-up of 2023 is much bolder: girls hide their natural eyebrow shade under makeup, achieving the effect that glossy covers promote.

Spring/Summer makeup 2023

With the onset of the first warm days, we are more and more eager not only to do makeup, but to create. And this is understandable: in winter, the emphasis shifts towards comfort and care, and in spring, having got rid of down jackets and warm boots, we strive for renewal and lightness in every sense.

We hope that in the spring-summer 2023 season you will not deny yourself the pleasure of trying on all the fashion trends in makeup: gentle blush, and a wet finish on the lips, and classic retro arrows.

If we talk about blush, then brown shades are recommended to be postponed until autumn. In spring, fresh pink rules the ball. Don't forget about careful shading - clear boundaries can turn into a doll (and we need a natural spring look, don't we?).

And don't go overboard with "paint" . Yes, blush can be on the cheekbones, and under them, and on the apples of the cheeks - but everything is within reason (the same can be said about all types of makeup in 2023).

Now about the lips. Matte lipstick is losing ground a little, but you shouldn’t take it far: it is still relevant in 2023 for evening makeup, and it can also be used in a duet with lip gloss.

After all, translucent wet textures are more associated with delicate spring images. You can find great lip gloss in any price range. We suggest taking a look at the products in the range of Maybelline NY, Lancôme, NYX Cosmetics and Urban Decay. Make no mistake, the color palettes are in full alignment with the makeup trends of 2023.

Now let's talk about arrows. Many perceive them as an attribute of evening makeup, but definitely not us.

Firstly, it is not necessary to draw long black lines - it is enough to gently draw eyes, making a neat ponytail in the corner. Secondly, bright makeup is welcome in 2023, which means you can use cool colored eyeliners.

By the way, arrows of an unusual shape are in fashion, so makeup in 2023 allows changes not only in color, but also in shape.

Makeup fall-winter 2023

Do you also associate September 1 with the beginning of the season, although you graduated from school a long time ago? We understand! The schoolgirl syndrome makes itself felt at the beginning of autumn for many years, and this can even affect the choice of makeup.

On the one hand, I remember school lightness: styling with two ponytails, pink gloss on the lips and mascara. On the other hand, strictness and self-restraint. Calm shades of lipstick, shades of basic colors, outlined eyebrows - all this is inherent in the classic business style.

Take all of this as a basis for experimenting with the new makeup of 2023. Moreover, there are more and more cool products on the market, but among them there are those that I want to especially note.

If we look a little further into the future - in the season of winter 2023 - we can say that a shining finish on the eyelids will be in fashion, which will come in handy when it's time to do a beautiful New Year's makeup.It is not forbidden to distribute with your fingers even pearly shadows, which many indulged in childhood - on New Year's Eve you can compete with a festive tree.

Various smoky eyes are also in trend, especially if you thickly paint over the eye contour with one color.

Anti-trends include false, extended or glued mascara eyelashes - all this is poorly correlated with the current makeup 2023.

It is better to choose a cool mascara that will help bring out the natural beauty of the eyelashes, such as Lash Sensational from Maybelline NY.

Current trends in eye makeup

We understand that blindly following trends is unwise. Therefore, we will tell you what makeup you can choose in 2023, taking into account the color of the eyes.

Brown eyes

Thought brown-eyed people are waiting for an offer to buy a palette in brown? But no! Makeup 2023 for them is a riot of colors, primarily blue.

One of our editors just loves to line the lower eyelid from the middle to the outer edge with a blue or turquoise pencil. Try it too!

Green eyes

Delicate and at the same time warm eye makeup in 2023 is recommended for girls with green eyes. Peach shadows, pink liners, lilac glitters - be inspired by the ideas that we found on the Internet, or come up with something of your own - what if you discover the talent of a makeup artist in yourself?

Grey or blue eyes

The top makeup colors for gray and blue eyes in 2023 include sand, pink and smoky gray shades. Maybelline NY experts decided so, and we do not argue with them. After all, looking at the photo examples below, it’s hard not to agree that such a make-up in 2023 looks not only fashionable, but also very beautiful.

For example, this makeup for blue eyes will perfectly complement an evening dress to match the shadows.

And this idea can be borrowed for everyday makeup in 2023.

Modern lip makeup ideas with photo

Bright lip makeup in 2023 is still not friendly with a rich accent on the eyes. Some makeup artists suggest limiting yourself to lip balm, mascara and a dash of blush. Let's take it on faith in the coming spring and be inspired by the ideas of stylish makeup in 2023.

Let's start with the main trend of the season - a wet finish on the lips. You have to choose what it will be, transparent or colored. We, frankly, prefer translucent textures.

Our favorites include a Lancôme plumper in a stunningly beautiful bottle. The tool surprisingly transforms the skin of the lips, making it visually more well-groomed, and beautifully emphasizes their shape. You do not need to be a visionary to predict the demand for such a tool - you should hurry up with the acquisition.

If you don't like wet textures, we will introduce you to other lip makeup trends in 2023.

Firstly, these are lipsticks with a slight blue undertone. It sounds ambiguous, but in fact, many of them look great. Blackberry, purple, burgundy, plum and lilac - lipsticks should only be slightly associated with these shades.

Secondly, neon lipsticks and glosses are relevant. Let’s make a reservation, however, that it’s not worth wearing such youth makeup on a daily basis in 2023, but for a summer party in the style of the 90s, the products below will come in handy.

Everyday nude makeup

The laws of nude makeup in 2023 are predictable: even skin tone, lack of clear lines and meticulous work on eyebrows. The latter should look natural and neat, but we all know that in order to obtain such an effect, you sometimes need to use up to three or four special products, ranging from mascara and gel to powder and pencil. By the way, if you can’t decide which of the two shades suits you more, lean towards a lighter shade: after all, modern makeup in 2023 assigns eyebrows the role of an additional, rather than the main accent on the face.

Full-fledged strobing and contouring, experts also advise to refuse. It is better to look fresh and natural than emphasized beautiful, but unnatural. Whatever one may say, but in 2023, natural makeup sets the tone.

When it comes to shades, you should choose calm colors, even when it comes to mascara.

Try replacing your usual black mascara with brown and notice that the image has become softer.

This, by the way, is an occasion to try a new product from L'Oréal Paris - Volume Million Lashes Balm Brown mascara. It not only adds volume to eyelashes, but also cares for them. We advise you to take note of it for those who want to try on makeup ideas in brown tones in 2023.

Bridal Makeup - 2023

It will be a plus for the bride if the makeup is not only beautiful, but also fashionable. We approve and share the current trends of 2023 for those who are getting married.

Let's start with a new microtrend - this is a translucent tone. As we remember, it is important to strive for naturalness, so it is not necessary to completely cover freckles and moles.We can say that in 2023, brides are shown the so-called daytime makeup, which goes well with the fashion for cropped dresses of simple silhouettes.

But that doesn't mean we're singing a hymn to absolute minimalism. In 2023, we will definitely not do this. Still, we are for a beautiful wedding make-up, and not for make-up for every day. Try experimenting with blushes and highlighters: they are indispensable if you want to look fresh and radiant.

Have you prepared the base? It's time to decide which side you are on: do you choose a classic gentle look or a bright and unusual one?

In the first case, you can do mono-makeup - pink shadows, blush and lipstick with the optimal selection of shades look very gentle and seductive.

And if you are for creative makeup, then keep in mind that thin colored arrows or bright lips are relevant in 2023.It is better to refuse the effect of kissed lips: in the photographs it does not look the most advantageous way. Moreover, a clear outline does not contradict the trends of 2023. Start training in advance - step-by-step instructions for lip makeup are here.

And in any case (no matter what year we have and what exactly is in fashion), makeup at the wedding must be resistant to withstand a variety of manifestations of feelings: tears of happiness, kisses, hugs and other surprises.

How to make a stylish trendy makeup?

We know that it is best to look at makeup in a photo, so we are in a hurry to share fashion trends - 2023 in a visual gallery.


When you are going to the office, you want to look strict and fashionable at the same time. The ideas below seem to meet those needs.

For example, a make-up kit for work for blondes in 2023 may include only three products: a medium-weight foundation, peach blush and blue mascara (not to be confused with light blue).

For green and brown eyes in 2023, you can choose pink monomakeup: apply cream shadows on the moving eyelids, cream lipstick on the lips, and blush on the apples of the cheeks.

Blue-eyed shows more delicate shades, brown-eyed - with a bias towards brown. By the way, such a make-up is cool to do with the help of multifunctional products, such as tints. In this case, the question of compatibility of shades disappears by itself.


Even such an all-encompassing trend as naturalness cannot replace bright smokey and unusual products when it comes to make-up for special occasions.

Take, for example, fashionable evening makeup for brown eyes. In 2023, you will have to choose: lips or eyes? We show it in the photo. Of course, you can go against the rule of one accent, but it is undesirable: this season, redundancy is definitely not welcome.

Summing up our story about current trends, we emphasize once again that fashion makeup in 2023 should be based on a sense of proportion. Look at the photo below and get inspired!