Diversity of possibilities makes you dizzy? We tried to organize potential gifts into categories to make it easier for the male part of the population to choose what to give his wife for the New Year

What can I give my wife for the New Year - 2023?

I would like to immediately praise men who responsibly approach the search for a gift for their wife for the New Year. After all, if you are reading these lines, then at least you have decided to see what ideas are offered on the network.

Let's start with what you can give your wife for the New Year, 2023, if you went to a cosmetic store.


Why not please your wife by giving her a set of decorative cosmetics? Lipstick comes to mind first.

If your spouse paints her lips, you can present her with one of the products below. We found samples of universal shades in beautiful bottles - start choosing the most suitable present!

If you know that your wife is fond of makeup and loves experiments, you can give her an eyeshadow palette for the New Year.

We advise you to take a closer look at the new products - so the probability of buying what your beloved already has will be much lower. We hope that you will be able to pleasantly surprise your spouse with one of the options we found.

As you understand, you should not experiment with tonal means - the right shade and texture are very important here. But the beautiful blush of a universal tone is a winning idea for a New Year's present.Especially if you add mascara and, for example, lip gloss to them, you get an excellent New Year's set for your wife.

Women's perfumery

The world of women's perfumery is vast and multifaceted. Catch options that can be a great gift for your wife for the New Year.

Young fashionista will surely appreciate Lancôme's Idôle Eau de Parfum in a limited edition bottle with a star.

For a self-confident woman, it makes sense to give Giorgio Armani Si Eau de Parfum with notes of rose, vanilla and blackcurrant leaves.

If she is tenderness herself, then give her Mon Paris Eau de Toilette from YSL Beauty in a cute flirty bottle.

Perfume and cosmetic sets

If you are looking for what to give your wife for the New Year, but are somewhat limited in resources, then we advise you to choose from ready-made cosmetic sets.It will be a pleasant and relatively inexpensive surprise. As a rule, such sets are more profitable to buy than all their components separately.

By the way, there are also unusual sets - advent calendars, which promise to be a very atmospheric gift for my wife for the New Year. For example, the brand Kiehl's for the new year 2023 has prepared a tempting stylish set of 24 products. This cute present will allow a woman to test different products. Particularly favorite items can later be presented in a full-size version on March 8 or a birthday.


This is an option for men who are not looking for easy ways, because it requires a little investigation. It is important to understand what type of skin your chosen one has - dry, combination, normal or oily.

You don't have to be a beautician, just read the labels on the skin care products she uses.

If it turned out that the wife has dry skin, then for the New Year you can give something from our selection. Catch the top 5 products according to our editors, which effectively moisturize and nourish the skin even in the harsh winter months.

It is important for a girl with a normal skin type to simply maintain her lipid balance.

Choose your moisturizers and pay attention to the look of your cream or serum - aesthetics matter a lot to us girls too.

For owners of combination or oily skin, there is a separate category of products. Make a choice based on your financial capabilities and focusing on the price range of products on the dressing table of your loved one.

New Year gift ideas for your wife, of course, include body products. You can, for example, collect a set of products from the limited winter collection of Kiehl's. Aren't they adorable?

Classic Christmas gifts

Only you know what gift to your wife for the New Year will fall into the nomination "best" . But if there are no ideas yet, take a look at the classic suggestions.


Ring, earrings or bracelet - it doesn't matter what will be in the festive package. The main thing is that the gift to your beloved wife for the New Year should be selected taking into account her taste and style preferences.


Yes, technological progress is also exploring the territory of romance: many girls dream of seeing a new smartphone, the most modern headphones or smart watches under the tree. Another trend is cool hair styling tools. Well, such a gift, although practical, promises to create a romantic mood for a long time to come.

Bags & Accessories

Thinking about what to give your beloved wife for the New Year, many opt for a scarf or a bag.It is much easier to pick them up than a dress or coat: it is almost impossible to miscalculate with the size, and such an accessory will never be superfluous (even if it adds to an already solid collection).

Original gift ideas

What gift to give your wife for the New Year, if she loves surprises? Obviously, the present must be original. It is important to know your soul mate very well. Perhaps she is ready to go on a spontaneous journey? If the schedule does not allow, then she will definitely be happy to relax in a spa hotel on the weekend.

In general, all advice boils down to one thing: take care of your wife. Think about what she enjoys - sports, computer games, developing her blog, or maybe she dreams of learning a new profession? Based on the results of this "analytical study" , you will be able to decide on the choice of a certificate or other pleasantly useful gift.

What can not be given?

When choosing an original gift for the New Year for your wife, it is important not to get into a mess, so we want to warn you against some purchases. First, do not give personal hygiene products and deodorants. It seems to be obvious, but the number of beauty products in the departments with New Year's gifts is quite impressive, so just in case, we warn you. You should also be careful with items for the home: as a pleasant surprise, a woman dreams of getting an ornament rather than a set of frying pans ( although we are all different). It’s probably not worth it to present ambiguous gifts as a gift to your wife for the New Year - such as, for example, a subscription to a fitness club (unless, of course, the spouse herself hinted at this option).