The long-awaited holiday is approaching, and with it the gift marathon. In this article we will talk about girlish dreams, and more specifically, about what to give a girl for the New Year

gift ideas for a girl for the New Year 2023

The choice is more difficult, the less you know about her interests and hobbies. We have prepared a list of options that may come in handy. So, what can you give a girl for the New Year?


  • If a girl is fond of make-up, why not give her an original gift for the New Year by collecting an "author's" set of cosmetics? A duo of delicate Color Riche lipstick in shade No. 129 and Telescopic mascara from L’Oréal Paris will be a win-win.

  • You can't go wrong with Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara from Maybelline NY. If a girl follows make-up trends, she will appreciate your present.

  • Maybelline NY's Nudes of New York eyeshadow palette will definitely appeal to those who focus on the eyes in makeup.

  • Does the girl have beautiful eyebrows? Surely this is the result of thoughtful care. You can surprise her with Control Freak Eye Brow Gel and Eyebrow Cake Powder from NYX Professional Makeup.

  • For fans of the TV series “Paper House”, the best gift for the New Year will be the Casa De Papel Mask Shadow Palette from NYX Professional Makeup.

  • Lovers of bright makeup will definitely be delighted to see Urban Decay's Naked Wild West eyeshadow palette under the Christmas tree. Don't forget to wrap your gift in beautiful Christmas paper so that the girl can enjoy unpacking as well.

  • YSL Beauté's Rouge Volupté Shine Lip Balm is a combination of beautiful shades and incredible packaging design. A very stylish Christmas present for any girl.

  • Does she like bright lips? Then don't hesitate to gift her L'Absolu Rouge Drama Ink Liquid Matte Lipstick by Lancôme.


Perfume can be a good New Year's gift for a girl from a guy (and not only from a guy, however).

  • YSL Beauté's Libre fragrance is for the girl who loves floral and citrus scents.

  • Mon Paris Parfum Floral by YSL Beauté is the perfect choice for gentle and romantic ladies.

  • YSL Beauté's Black Opium Eau De Toilette is the perfect complement to party-goers.

  • Idôle Aura by Lancôme, charming and very feminine, will not leave anyone indifferent.

  • Ô d'Azur by Lancôme is worth giving for the New Year to a girl who loves fresh and woody compositions.

  • Citrus fans will love Lancôme Figues & Agrumes.

  • If a girl is partial to oriental fragrances, give her Terra Di Gioia eau de parfum by Giorgio Armani Beauty.

  • Elegant Armani Code Donna by Giorgio Armani Beauty will wrap you in warmth in the cold.

  • The combination of bergamot and vanilla in Giorgio Armani Beauty's My Way perfume will appeal to those who love unusual combinations.

Perfume and cosmetic sets

Sets of cosmetics and perfumes are very helpful in the pre-New Year's time pressure, when the time to collect a gift for the girl on your own is lost. Sets are also a bargain, because they include several products at once, which will cost more separately.

  • A festive set of twelve Love Lust Disco Slip Tease Full Color Lip Lacquer Vault from NYX Professional Makeup is a wonderful and very festive idea for a New Year's gift for a girl.

  • Another New Year set from NYX Professional Makeup - Glitter Goals Lipstick Disco Ball. It contains three liquid lipsticks in super shiny shades.

  • Urban Decay's Finest Hour Set is a great choice to create a long-lasting makeup look for any party. The name speaks for itself.

  • Bestsellers Set by Lancôme is a set of miniatures of the brand's iconic products. Why not give the opportunity to test recognized products?

  • You can't go wrong with a Lancôme bestseller set or YSL Beauté's Icon Fragrances set for a perfume lover.

  • YSL Beauté's 'Dance the Night' set includes Black Opium perfume and body fluid of the same name. A New Year's gift with this name is as appropriate as possible in order to present it right under the chimes.

  • What girl would turn down the opportunities offered by YSL Beauté's "Your Main Must-Have" set? Makeup with these products is pure pleasure.

  • The Si Passione set by Giorgio Armani Beauty with eau de parfum and body milk is not only a useful, but also a very stylish gift. By the way, the packaging design in red colors looks very New Year's.

  • Giorgio Armani Beauty Acqua Di Gioia is a set that combines the fragrance of the same name, body milk and shower gel. If a girl likes this fragrance, she will be delighted with the gift.


Presenting your girlfriend as a New Year's gift with quality skin care products is a good idea. Unless, of course, you guess what she will probably need.

  • Cicaplast lip balm and Lipikar Xerand hand cream from La Roche-Posay will help you show care for your loved one. This is both a pleasant and practical gift for a girl for the New Year. Especially if you are lovers of winter walks or active sports. It remains only to wrap beautifully.

  • Choose face care products are harder. Requires "knowledge of the subject" , that is, the individual characteristics of the skin of the addressee.But there are universal products that are suitable for everyone - for example, Aqualia Thermal Light Moisturizer from Vichy. You can get a whole set of Aqualia Thermal skin moisturizing products as a gift.

  • Garnier sheet mask set will be an appropriate addition to any gift. Each will find a use for them.

  • If a girl loves home spa treatments, give her a present in the form of body oil. A good option is Garnier's Precious Beauty Oil. Or a whole set of products from this line.


Almost all girls pay attention to hair care. There are interesting ideas for a New Year's gift in this category of beauty products. Naturally, such ambiguous gifts as a remedy for dandruff or hair loss are not considered.

  • If she's a natural lover, Garnier's Fructis Superfood Aloe or Fructis Superfood Banana by Garnier will suit her. The best choice is a balm, mask and shampoo from the same line or a set of masks.

  • If a girl dyes her hair blond, then funds to maintain the purity of the shade will come in handy. Suitable, for example, purple shampoo and mask L'Oréal Paris Elseve.

  • For a girl who regularly changes or renews her hair color, special products for dyed curls will definitely not be superfluous. Give her a shampoo, hair balm and Botanicals Geranium mask. Elixir of Radiance" by L'Oréal Paris.

  • Women with long hair will love additional care products such as Dream Length Cream Care or L'Oréal Paris Elseve Luxury 6 Oils Express Conditioner. But it's better to give both!

Classic Christmas gifts

Even classic Christmas gift ideas can be original with a little creativity.

  • Top gifts for a girl for the New Year are headed by jewelry. You don't have to look for gems. Now you can find very interesting and stylish designer jewelry from a variety of materials.

  • Giving a warm scarf, gloves or mittens for the holiday is a very nice New Year's tradition.

  • If you're not sure about your own choice of cosmetics, give the girl a certificate from her favorite perfume and cosmetics store.

  • Girls often have a sweet tooth. Why not fill a beautiful gift bag with her favorite sweets?

  • If you know each other well and know for sure that this will not discourage, but will please the girl, give her facial massage devices - a quartz roller and a gouache scraper.

Original gift ideas

Need ideas for unusual gifts for a girl for the New Year? Our selection to help you!

  • Give adventure! Start, for example, with dog sledding. Believe me, any girl will definitely remember this.

  • A few days in a hotel with a spa area is a great gift for the long New Year holidays.

  • A real surprise will be a helicopter or airplane flight under the guidance of a professional pilot - the experience will last a lifetime.

  • Fitness bracelet or smart watch will be appreciated by girls who go in for sports and take care of their he alth.

  • Girls who often attend exhibitions and other cultural events can be given a subscription to their favorite museum or exhibition hall.

What better not to give a girl for the New Year?

A gift is always a manifestation of love. It must be individual and thoughtful. You should not hand over something that is intended for general use - for example, household appliances, dishes, pieces of furniture, even if it seems to you that the girl will be delighted with them (unless you are specifically asked to do so).

Maybe your girlfriend believes in omens? Then she should not give a mirror or watch.

Happy New Year!