The grayest, it would seem, month of the year can bring a lot of joy if you start preparing in advance for the New Year and Christmas. In search of gifts for relatives and friends, there is always a foretaste of the holiday. In our selection of new products, there are many candidates for the status of a pleasant New Year's surprise

Maybelline NY Express Brow Collection

I confess that before I got acquainted with Express Brow, eyebrow makeup did not cause me much enthusiasm.

Now I've "tasted" this process.Powder your eyebrows, paint them with mascara or sculpt in this area - all these actions give a visible result, because it is the eyebrows (their appearance and shape) that largely determine the architecture of the face. As you can see in the photo, I was lucky with my eyebrows: they are thick and dark.

True, one of them is slightly taller than the other, so I'm interested in testing new pencils and gels in search of a tool that will help visually balance them, providing the most natural result.

Among the new Maybelline products, my favorite is Brow Drama transparent mascara.

It's good for daily use. I do not tint my eyebrows without a special reason, but I try to fix the hairs - without this, they, so to speak, are knocked out of the ranks, which gives the impression of untidiness. Save the Satin Duo pencil (in a shade slightly lighter than my hair color) for evening outings. I liked its versatility.

On one side of the stick is a soft pencil that allows you to draw eyebrows where necessary. On the other hand, a sponge, which is convenient for blending too sharp lines, softly filling in the gaps with color.

By the way, if you fell in love with Brow Fast Sculpt eyebrow gel, then you should know that now it is released in this collection called Fast Sculpt Mascara.

Hypnôse Palette in Drama Denim by Lancôme

The Hypnôse Palette traditionally includes eyeshadows in five shades. According to the instructions included in the kit, I did the makeup of one eye in 2.5 minutes.

I didn't think I could do it so fast! After all, the more shadows, the more questions - how best to apply them? Yes, we know that the light range is usually used closer to the inner corners of the eyes, the dark one - to the outer ones, but not everyone can immediately figure out what to do with intermediate shades.Thanks to the make-up artists of the brand, who kindly placed a convenient scheme directly on the mirror of the palette.

I really liked the result. Some of the shadows I distributed with my fingers, and some with the help of applicators. In conclusion, I connected brushes to slightly shade the borders. As a result, she received a languid evening make-up, which immediately received the approval of her husband.

By the way, all five shades in the palette are with shimmer of different calibers, so now I have every chance to perform brilliantly both at a festive corporate party and at a home party.

L'Absolu Rouge Drama Ink Liquid Matte Lipstick by Lancôme

The best lip products, in my opinion, are the ones that don't feel on the skin. The new liquid matte lipstick L'Absolu Rouge Drama Ink is just one of them. The texture of the product is optimal: not thick and not liquid. Within a couple of minutes after application, the product literally merges with the lips, without causing any discomfort.The fact that you made up your lips will only be reminded by a mirror when you glance at it as you pass by. The result is lasting - you won't have to worry about the need to update such makeup during the holiday.

The range of shades is beyond praise and, as always with Lancôme, it sets you on a romantic wave. I tried French Tea, a universal color that can be used for both office makeup and evening makeup if you apply lipstick in two layers.

This product will definitely stay in my cosmetic bag for every day, and for special occasions I plan to take the classic red shade from the same series.

Marvel & Urban Decay Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette

Surprising a long-time beauty editor with a cosmetic novelty is not an easy task, but Urban Decay succeeded. I confess that I highly appreciate the products of this brand in principle, but after I unpacked this package, my loved ones lost me for an hour.


Yes, I knew that the palette is limited, which means, by definition, it should surprise with something special. But reality exceeded expectations. A heavy (by the standards of beauty products) case hid the shadows of 15 shades. With such a palette, I'm sure you can embody almost any look, because the set contains shadows with a variety of finishes, from velvet and matte to shiny and metallic.

This is a collaboration with the legendary Marvel brand, or more precisely, with the fantastic film The Eternals, which hit the big screen this month. Take a look at the movie poster and you'll immediately see where Urban Decay drew inspiration for this amazing range of shades.

LAMÉ CRUSH Monoshadow by YSL Beauty

What to put in your bag to always be able to quickly turn daytime makeup into evening? Now I know the answer: the new YSL Beauty monoshadows! To begin with, it is difficult to find a more miniature tool.And the stylish black and gold case with the YSL logo is also an aesthetic pleasure that you can get again and again, taking the product out of your cosmetic bag.

Due to its delicate velvety texture, the shadows are easy to blend with your fingers. Shiny metallic shimmer highlights the eyes very beautifully.

Casa de Papel makeup collection by NYX professional makeup & Netflix

Eyeshadow palettes, mirror, liquid eyeliner Do you recognize the product design in the photo?

If yes, you must have watched the famous crime drama from Netflix. For those who are not in the know, I explain: NYX released a collection inspired by the TV series "Paper House" , which managed to cause a wide resonance in the network and not only.

My professional eye immediately singled out a large palette of shadows, consisting of - attention! - from 32 shades.

You have to be a real beautyholic and an artist in the broadest sense of the word to find a use for the entire palette. But the liner will please everyone: a black eyeliner with a soft, thin applicator and a pigmented formula is an excellent tool for every day if there is no time for complex eye makeup. The marker format promises success in drawing arrows even for beginners.