We know from experience: finding a men's gift is much more difficult than a women's one. And there comes a time when the question of what to give her husband for the New Year becomes extremely acute. We offer ready-made answers: in our material there are as many as 50 options. You can choose one thing or literally surround your loved one with all kinds of beauty!

Classic Christmas present for husband

For convenience, we divided the gifts into categories. Therefore, we propose to get down to business without further ado.

Perfume for men

Let's start our selection of gifts with scents. Eau de toilette, for example, can be called, on the one hand, a practical present, and on the other, quite creative.After all, you need to choose not only a composition that both of you will like, but also a bottle that will make the right impression on the recipient.

By the way, don't think that fragrance is not a very original New Year's gift to her husband. Much depends on the preparation.

You can give him a perfume that you associate with the day you met. Or the name of the composition will tell your man something. In general, approach the choice inventively and with love.

And we will offer examples of fragrances that will surely help to please your loved one.

L'Homme Eau de Toilette by YSL Beauty

Let's start with a classic from YSL Beauty. L’Homme eau de toilette is a great solution if you don’t know exactly the preferences of your companion, but decided to present him with a fragrance. A stylish business perfume with notes of bergamot, white pepper and basil will be a win-win choice.By the way, handing this eau de toilette will give you a special pleasure. A laconic solid bottle in the style of "nothing more" will appeal to both a young guy and an aged man.

YSL Beauty La Nuit De L'Homme Eau de Toilette

We bet that not only your spouse will want to use this fragrance. You will be drawn to it no less, and not at all because the fragrance includes feminine notes - there is more than enough masculinity in it.

It's more about the feeling of comfort and confidence that is born after spraying La Nuit De L'Homme eau de toilette. The composition is somewhat reminiscent of the classic version of L'Homme: there are cedar, pepper, and tonka beans. At the same time, the composition turned out to be quite soft, while maintaining complexity and depth.

YSL Beauty Y Eau de Parfum

This is an option for a New Year's gift to her husband, if he is an active person. At least we in the editorial office came to this opinion. Enclosed in a strict bottle composition based on ginger, juniper berries and vetiver promises to please your loved one.

Let's just say: the fragrance is bright and will suit a man who is not afraid to express himself.

Eau de Toilette Hypnôse Homme by Lancôme

This men's eau de toilette has not lost ground since 2007. The composition does not lose its relevance and, according to beauty experts, is considered one of the most popular classic men's perfumes. It seems to us that this is a wonderful gift for a creative person who can not sit still. Even the bottle creates a sense of movement.

Armani Prive Fragrances by Armani Beauty

If your husband appreciates exquisite compositions, he will surely be pleased with one of the fragrances from the Armani Prive collection. Luxurious sounds, for example, eau de toilette based on notes of bitter orange - Orangerie Venise.

Need something more restrained and strict? Take a closer look at Vetiver d'Hiver, which combines notes of citrus, coriander and, of course, vetiver.

Does your loved one like oriental scents? Then the fabulous Oud Royal will do.

By the way, all the perfumes in the collection are genderless, so feel free to choose a composition that will successfully “fall” on your skin. When traveling, this will help save space in your suitcase.

Armani Beauty Acqua Di Giò Eau de Toilette

A mix of notes of orange, rosemary, white cedar, jasmine and peach evokes thoughts of a vacation by the warm sea. The clue is that Armani Beauty's Acqua Di Giò eau de toilette contains marine notes.

Great gift for your husband for the New Year, if your companion loves surfing, wakeboarding or any other active holiday on the seashore.

Stronger With You Absolutely Eau de Parfum by Emporio Armani

Pair fragrance is a great gift idea for your husband for the New Year. For example, if you know that your loved one likes the composition that you are wearing, you should ask if there is a pair for him.As a rule, duets of fragrances are made by the same perfumer, so it will not be difficult to hit the bull's-eye. And we, taking this opportunity, will advise you to pay attention to Stronger With You Absolutely eau de parfum. A rich and deep mix in a bottle reminiscent of a glass of liquor. This concept is also supported by the composition - unusual notes of candied chestnut, rum and lavender. A pleasant surprise for sophisticated users.

Jazz Eau de Toilette by YSL Beauty

New Year holidays are the time for symbolic gifts. Standard souvenirs or boxes of chocolates will not surprise anyone. We need a gift with meaning. Eau de toilette Jazz, created in 1988, can please a person born in this year. And the name speaks for itself: if your husband is familiar with the work of Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald firsthand, it may be worth wrapping the bottle of Jazz in gift paper. Yes, we almost forgot to reveal the score of the composition, which contains notes of coriander, cypress and wormwood.

Armani Code Fragrances by Giorgio Armani

Star anise, olive tree flower, guaiac wood. The owner of the Armani Code fragrance is clearly not simple.

Elegant classic composition suitable for both business meetings and evening events.

Want something more sparkly? Consider Armani Code Eau de Parfum with the prefix Absolu, an olfactory mix of apples, rum and suede, as an option.

Reserved men are advised by the brand to take a closer look at the Armani Code Profumo fragrance with cardamom, orange blossom and leather accords.

Perfume and cosmetic sets for men

What can I give my husband for the New Year if he has everything? His favorite scent! No, not just one of the beautiful bottles we shared above, but a whole set of products with his favorite scent.

By the way, buying ready-made sets can be much more profitable. Firstly, you need to pay, as a rule, only for the aroma. If you delve into it, it turns out that you get shampoo and shower gel for symbolic money. Secondly, you can save on packaging: the sets that we have collected below create a festive mood in and of themselves. There are options where an organizer is used as packaging. This is an added bonus: a cosmetic bag is rarely superfluous.

General Care

Did you know that you can carefully present your beloved husband with suitable skin care products for the New Year? In our country, the dissonance between well-groomed girls and not very neat men is still quite noticeable. Although the situation is clearly improving. Let's support the trend.

It is also important for the stronger sex to look presentable - just not everyone decides to buy a cream for himself (not to mention serum or other special care products). Do it for your loved one! Still, the New Year is a family holiday, which involves choosing a gift with tenderness and care.

And we will try to give you practical gift ideas.

Let's start with a selection of aftershave products. A gift will come in handy if your chosen one has skin irritation or ingrown hair after this regular procedure. If you set out to solve these problems (and the appropriate means are not so difficult to find), this will probably be the best gift for your husband for the New Year. It is easy to choose an effective product in any price category. We found proven gels from L'Oreal Paris, Vichy and Kiehl's.

Now let's move on to products for workaholics - products for the area around the eyes. Here we have some favorites. For example, the wonderful Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer gel stick from Kiehl's against bags and dark circles under the eyes, which has a cooling effect (it must be admitted that the female part of the population does not neglect it either).

We recommend taking a cream from the same collection as a couple: it absorbs quickly and no stickiness after application!

By the way, you can choose an unusual option. Why not give your husband a New Year's gift for the eye area with a metal roller? The roller allows you to a) accelerate the obtaining of the desired effect and b) do not touch either the product or the skin with your hands. Biotherm has such a solution called Total Recharge Eye.

Need a more budget-friendly option? Take a closer look at L'Oréal Paris' Hydra Energetic men's product.

The next category of gifts is as practical as possible. Of course, these are shampoos and shower products.

Such useful gifts may not be very romantic, but judging by the sales volume, they are always in demand.

We combined them into one category, because it is so common for men to use one product for both hair and body that beauty brands have taken this habit into account and produce universal products. For example, L’Oréal Paris in the Men Expert Barber Club line has a 3 in 1 gel that can be used to cleanse hair, face and even beard.Cedar oil in its composition soothes and softens the skin.

By the way, brands combine not only gels and shampoos. We found a 2 in 1 option from the American brand Kiehl's: a duo that consists of shampoo and conditioner, suitable for owners of coarse hair that is difficult to style.

Since we touched on styling, let's move on to the section with styling products.

Open your husband's eyes to unusual formats by giving something different from the usual gel or hairspray for the New Year , unless, of course, in your opinion, such means will not interfere with him.

This could be, for example, beard and hair styling cream, which was released in the Men Expert Barber Club, L'Oréal Paris line. Or softening oil for a long beard from the same series.

Take care of a man by adding a lip balm to the main gift.

There are never too many of these balms: you can leave one in the car, carry the second in your jacket pocket, keep the third on the bedside table.

But for a gift, you should not choose the first one that comes across. Catch a selection with balms, which we are also happy to use in winter (and not only).

And yes, a cool New Year's gift for a husband doesn't have to be from the men's department. And now we will prove it.

Specialized Care

Here we've included the top 3 things our editors think can brighten up the holiday (and hide the post-holiday "expenses" if need be).

Biotherm Age Fitness Advanced Anti-Aging Face Cream

It was enough to test this cream on your hand to make sure: a thing! Firstly, the product has a pleasant light texture. Secondly, it is absorbed in a couple of minutes without leaving a sticky layer. And thirdly, it really gives results.

Men, unlike women, for the most part, are not ready for long-term sacrifices for the sake of beauty, so they will definitely be inspired by the opportunity to invigorate and refresh their skin in just a couple minutes, and in such a pleasant way.

If possible, take two products at once, because the desire to quickly transform your skin with Age Fitness Advanced may also appear in you, and we know how zealous many men are about their things.

Kiehl's Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque

This product should be given to a man if he has already tried the experience of using a face mask and this experience did not disappoint him. The tool that we want to tell you about works like a battery for the skin: it energizes it, hides signs of fatigue and visually reduces pores. Inside, everything is as we like - a lot of skin-friendly ingredients. Leading roles are given to the extract of turmeric, known for its antioxidant properties, as well as seeds and cranberry seed oil, which even out the texture of the skin.

L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 ampoules

Have you celebrated New Year and there is a week of holidays ahead? It's time to exfoliate your skin.Firstly, winter in our latitudes is the most preferred time of the year for this procedure, since the skin is almost not exposed to active ultraviolet radiation, it is contraindicated after peeling. Secondly, in our opinion, it's great to arrange a joint home spa, and after the holidays to surprise colleagues with a fresh look and smooth, radiant skin!

By the way, we know men who don't like fragrances from male products. They prefer to choose universal means. And why, in fact, should they deny themselves strawberry-flavored cream? If your husband has liberal beauty views, we know what to give him for the New Year - 2023.

Let's start with the base, a facial moisturizer. It could be a luxurious emulsion from Armani Beauty - Crema Nera Neocream.

The tool can do a lot: stimulate cell renewal, restore, nourish and moisturize the skin - and all this due to an unusual formula with microparticles, which are about 5000 times smaller than our pores, which means they can easily penetrate exactly where need their help.

Do you also need an anti-aging effect? This mission can be entrusted to Perfect Plumper Pure Shots from YSL Beauty. The cream contains orange flower extract and ribose, which together work to smooth the skin.

And for men with sensitive skin, a product based on hyaluronic acid is suitable. Moisturizing Genius Aqua Fluid has a light gel texture and promises to moisturize the skin for 72 hours. The word "genius" in the title is quite possible to beat - they say, one genius to another…

We can't help but include Lancôme's bestseller Génifique youth activator serum in the list of great gifts. Brand experts say that you will notice changes on the face (in this case, on the face of the spouse) in a week. The main thing is to be able to part with this tool after the purchase and still give it as a gift to the one to whom it was intended. This can be a painful ordeal.

And if the task is to give your husband an inexpensive but useful present for the New Year, you will surely be pleased with the new Garnier products.Especially if the eco-friendly approach to life has become the norm in your family. We recommend the beautiful transparent hyaluronic aloe gel, which is very easy and pleasant to use, which means there is a chance to introduce it into the daily care of your companion.

And before or after a ski trip, Garnier Bio Organic Facial Oil will come in handy.

In general, this is a great gift for real men who understand that their skin also needs moisturizers. Such easy care is only for everyone's benefit!

Variants of unusual and original New Year's gifts for husband

Do you want to surprise your husband? We understand! Here it is worth starting from the interests of a loved one. For example, not everyone would think of giving awine cabinet, although the gift is quite solid and practical for those who like to dilute dinner with a glass of red or white.

If you know that your man wears a mechanical watch, an original gift can bebox for storing an accessory with automatic winding function the purchase of this, on the one hand, convenient, and on the other hand, not a vital gadget, is far from all.

Fans of driving can be presented with alesson (or even a whole course) at an extreme driving school. And a man should be interested, and you will be calmer.

A music lover will be happytickets to a concert of your favorite artist or a vinyl record (if you have a player) with his hits.

Universal gifts

If it's problematic to make a gift to your husband, or if it's your fiancé, whose interests you haven't figured out yet, stop at the classic options.

Headphones. Is the latest wireless earphone in your companion's pocket yet? Then take a look at this idea. Does a man think that such advanced technologies are not for him? Let him first try to abandon the wired headphones in favor of the donated ones. We are sure that the majority will appreciate the convenience of your present and are unlikely to want to refuse it.

Belt. Firstly, this accessory is easy to choose, because it is almost impossible to make a mistake with the size. Secondly, unlike a silk scarf or a purse, a leather belt will most likely be "in use" for a man. Isn't that the main thing?

Shaving gadgets. An electric razor or a real (steel or bone) razor is what your companion will use almost daily. The main thing is to guess with the preferences of the second half. Doubt? Buy a shaving kit with a shaving brush and a special soap dish.

Just don't rack your brains for too long - the New Year is coming soon!