Think your blonde hair lacks flair? Think strawberry blonde! This color has long been a trend with the light hand of stylists and celebrities. Let's get to know him better

Strawberry blonde: color features

The color "strawberry blond" is interpreted in different ways. Some believe that it should contain a large amount of pink pigment, without claiming to be natural. Others see strawberry blonde as a warm honey or even peach color, which is also found in nature. That is, strawberries with cream, where the ratio of these delicious ingredients can be varied.

The photo below shows different options for strawberry blond: trendy bright, delicate pastel, and light warm.

Like any color change, strawberry blonde has its pros and cons. Before you change your appearance, it would be useful to familiarize yourself with them.


We love the strawberry blonde hair color as pictured for its positive reputation.

What did he do to deserve it?

  • Yellowness, which plagues many blondes, is not so striking.

  • It is suitable for experiments with complex coloring (in techniques such as highlighting, ombre, shatush, etc.).

  • May visually rejuvenate.

  • Successfully complements a variety of haircuts: classic bob, options with bangs, and straight long hair.

  • In some cases (with blond hair), you can achieve a new shade without full coloring, using strand tinting agents (balm or tonic).

  • You can take your time with re-dyeing to update the color. Strawberry blonde looks good with dark roots.


Strawberry, or pink, blond has much less flaws, but we will not hide them.

  • If you are not blonde, you will have to pre-lighten your hair.

  • Too bright pink blonde may not fit into the office dress code. If business etiquette does not allow for liberties, we advise you to experiment with temporary coloring products on the weekends or, for example, during the long winter holidays. Another option, if you really want to “change clothes” into a strawberry blond, is hidden staining.

Who suits strawberry blonde coloring?

Strawberry blonde is a surprisingly versatile shade, so it's impossible to answer the question of who it suits in one sentence.

For example, girls with golden-red hair should choose a warm strawberry blonde, without bringing out the natural color completely. On such a base, a color stretch will look good, which is proved by the photos before and after the procedure.

Unconditional blondes can afford any shade of strawberry blonde, but other features of appearance should be taken into account when choosing: skin color, eyes and, of course, the ability to take care of dyed curls on a regular basis.

Women with fair skin and blue eyes should not choose shades with a high concentration of pink pigment. It is better to stay on more natural versions. But swarthy girls (especially brunettes) are shown a cold, almost platinum blond with strawberry pigment.

Talking about the shades of the spectrum, strawberry blond is sometimes compared to peach: this fruit is distinguished by great color variability. It can be both gold, and pink, and beige, and reddish at the same time. But this comparison is appropriate when it comes to complex coloring - for example, such as a strawberry balayage blonde.


Cold strawberry blonde is, one might say, the color of Barbie. To determine your preferences, catch a selection of photo ideas. It may be worth showing the master both those images that are closest to you and those that you categorically dislike: this way the colorist will better understand your request.


Still, the warm range of hair colors in the shade of strawberry blond seems to us the most organic. As arguments behind, we attach a selection of photo examples.

Trendy coloring techniques using strawberry blonde

Above, we said that strawberry blond shows itself perfectly in complex coloring techniques. Let's talk about this in more detail.


Usually, doing balayage coloring, girls try to achieve a natural effect of burnt hair. But in the case of the use of pink pigment, everything changes. We like the option when, on the basis of a golden or ashy shade, some strands are dyed in pink blond. Such coloring, by the way, adds visual volume to the hair.


In general, highlighting cannot be called a trendy coloring technique, but with the use of shades of a pink palette, the result looks spectacular, agree.


If you're blonde and have pink temporary hair color in your hands, try coloring just the bottom of your hair with an ombre treatment. How to do it at home, we told here.


Work using the shatush technique, despite the chaotic nature of the strokes during staining, we would entrust to a professional master. Firstly, to obtain the most natural and interesting result, three or four colors are used, and secondly, the lack of clear rules for beginners is more of a minus than a plus.

Dyeing in strawberry blonde, taking into account the length of the hair

The choice of shade may also depend on factors such as hair length. Consider options for specific examples.

Long hair

A natural version of strawberry blonde looks great on long hair, in our opinion.

And here are variations of strawberry blonde in a more original version. This color will perfectly complement the image of a girl who prefers a sporty style of clothing and wears things in bright colors.

Medium length hair

One gets the feeling that such a solid strawberry blond is designed specifically for medium hair. Of course, the quality of the hair also plays an important role: on well-groomed strands, the color promises to “play out” in a completely fabulous way.

We found a beautiful version of the intricate coloring in Strawberry Blonde done on medium length curls with side bangs. Gentle, isn't it?

Short hair

Kare and strawberry blonde are a great duet.

As you can see, the pink color does not argue with large curls.

And feels great among the participants of complex coloring.

In general, strawberry blonde looks even better on short hair than on long hair.

Popular shades of strawberry blonde hair color review

How to get a strawberry blonde at home? First you need to choose the paint of the appropriate shade. We talk about the preferences of our editors.

Garnier Color Sensation Pink Pearl

Not a shade, but a complete delight - it's hard to keep silent! A little pink pigment will make your look more romantic and mysterious.

Let others guess if it's a natural color or not.

As for the technical characteristics of the product, we note that the paint is able to completely paint over gray hair, and the care contains mother-of-pearl and flower oils that give shine to the curls and that very pearly finish.

L'Oréal Paris Colorista Long Lasting Hair Color in Rose Gold

Do you want an uncompromising pink color? Then we recommend this "rose gold" gel texture. There is every chance to count on long-term cooperation (the result will last up to 6 weeks). Manufacturers promise that one package is enough to dye even long hair, but we would stop at complex coloring by making a balayazh with this paint on the base of the blond.

L'Oréal Paris Préférence Permanent Hair Color Rose Gold

Another rose gold variant from L'Oréal Paris is available in Préférence's range of gorgeous long-lasting colors in shade 8.23. It is much closer to the natural light blond range. It turns out a radiant delicate strawberry blond with a warm golden undertone.

Préférence Permanent Hair Color in Platinum Pink by L'Oréal Paris

Another color in the collection of precious metals with a touch of pink, shade 9.23. this time - cold platinum. It looks quite unusual and very attractive. The Préférence color and care formula (which, by the way, is enough for several applications, literally until the next coloring) allows you to maintain the shine of the color for a long time and maintain the softness of the hair.

Strawberry blonde hair coloring: step by step instructions

Ready number one? Then we share the instructions for monochromatic coloring in strawberry blond.

  1. It is better to wash your hair a day or two before the procedure and do not use products based on oils and other nutritious ingredients. It is important to free the hair from the remnants of styling products.

  2. Mandatory item - a test for a potential allergic reaction. Read the instructions for the tool for details.

  3. Garnier experts also recommend applying a nourishing cream along the hairline before starting the procedure to avoid unnecessary spots on the skin.

  4. You can start diluting the coloring composition. It is convenient to do this with a special flat brush, with which we will later distribute the product over the strands.

  5. Put on gloves and apply the dye first to the roots, and then along the entire length of the hair. Do not stretch this process to get a uniform color throughout the mass of hair.

  6. Wait the time indicated in the instructions and wash off the paint. Don't forget to use a conditioner for colored curls: it will help seal the hair cuticle scales that open under the influence of the coloring composition.

  7. The durability of the result largely depends on the care. No matter how professional the paint is, after dyeing, the hair needs additional nutrition and careful treatment. You will not deceive their expectations, will you? Unless, of course, strive for results, as in the photo below.

Things to consider when coloring in strawberry blonde: tips from stylists

It seems to us that information is absorbed better in the question-answer format, so let's clarify something.

Can I get a strawberry blonde at home with a tint balm?

Of course! We recommend Colorista balm to those who need a pink undertone of their hair for a short time or as a “tasting” of color. And yes, hundreds of girls do a great job with this remedy at home."

Did I understand correctly that strawberry blond will not fall on dark hair?

Not really. You just have to start by lightening or bleaching the strands. Otherwise, the result is difficult to predict. But on light brown hair, especially if it is light, you can try to apply such a paint without preliminary procedures."

Hair care after dyeing

Is it difficult to care for hair dyed this color? No more difficult than in cases with other blonde options. Get our plan.

  1. If possible, switch to shampoo for color-treated hair as soon as possible. Among the favorites of our editors, we highlight the Elseve in a red bottle. L'Oréal Paris didn't call this shampoo care for nothing. The composition contains a "laminating" elixir with red peony and UV filters.

  2. We also recommend forgetting about washing your hair without conditioner. If with natural hair such a trick can still work ( although we do not understand this), for dyed it is a risky practice. Pay attention to the firming Fructis balm conditioner with a large list of useful ingredients in the composition (the list includes grape seed extract, lemon proteins, and B vitamins).The tool promises to protect the brightness of the color from washing out and give the curls shine.

  3. Does your hand often reach for a hair dryer or flat iron? Then the second should reach for thermal protection. Tools such as invisible front fighters prevent damage when working with high-temperature paving tools without you noticing.