Experienced people know: you need to think about what to give for the New Year to relatives and friends in advance. So you should start right now! Check out our collection of recommendations. We approached the issue systematically and made lists of presents for all potential recipients

What to give your beloved for the New Year?

Great New Year gifts are easy to find in beauty shops and corners of well-known brands. If a girl is fond of makeup, you can put a set of decorative cosmetics under the Christmas tree or pick up a new perfume, taking into account her taste preferences.

If all the surfaces in the bathroom of your beloved are already occupied with different creams and masks, study the range of serums: even for experts in the beauty industry, such a tool will not be superfluous (if it meets expectations, that is, takes into account the individual needs of the skin) .

Introducing our rating of beauty gifts for the New Year!


When a man wants to please his beloved, dreams of making her a pleasant surprise, but is lost in front of a variety of possible options, we advise you to stop at the classics. Yes, we are directly hinting at one of the most popular and at the same time elegant gifts for the New Year - red lipstick.

And don't be put off by the fact that this vibrant color comes in hundreds of shades, below we will offer suitable examples. Do not forget: the packaging of lipstick is no less important than its properties, because the main task of this product is to cheer up its mistress.

Women's perfumery

Any decent New Year's gift list, of course, includes scents. Take a look at the bottles that you can triumphantly present on the occasion of the new year 2023!

Peut-Être Eau de Parfum by Lancôme

It's always nice to receive a box from the French house Lancôme. And if Peut-Être eau de parfum is inside, delight is guaranteed. Rose notes in the composition are a tribute to the history of the legendary brand. They are complemented by notes of musk and benzoin - a concise and very feminine solution.

Libre Eau de Parfum by YSL Beauty

If your soul mate loves bold looks, she needs a scent to match. YSL Beauty "dressed up" their daring Libre perfume for the New Year. The composition speaks for itself: petitgrain, Moroccan orange blossom and ambergris come together to make their owner stand out.

Because It's You Eau de Parfum by Emporio Armani

Believe me, it will be nice and touching if you choose paired fragrances when choosing gifts for the New Year.

Many brands release men's and women's fragrances in a duet, so that lovers can wear compositions that go well with each other.

This choice is offered, for example, by Emporio Armani. We only note that the female version of Because It’s You is a magical olfactory cocktail of raspberry, rose, neroli, vanilla and musk.

Idôle Aura Eau de Parfum by Lancôme

If you're looking for something fun, Lancôme's Idôle Aura Eau de Parfum is the way to go. Let's start with the fact that the bottle resembles a thin smartphone - young creatures will surely appreciate the brand's idea. In addition, Lancôme's perfumers sought to create the scent of the future with a s alty note of fleur de sel mixed with rose and vanilla. Great New Year's gift idea for the young and creative!

Armani Beauty Rouge Malachite Eau de Parfum

One of the best New Year's gifts for a girl who collects fragrances and knows a lot about not only floral and fresh, but also more complex and rich compositions. A worthy oriental version in a luxurious red bottle is in the Prive collection, Armani Beauty. Inspired by Russian culture, the composition is based on notes of jasmine, pink pepper, tuberose and clary sage.

Perfume and cosmetic sets

Can't pick one? In this case, many brands provide sets of funds. And by the way, buying them is more profitable than their various components separately. Among the sets there are mini-gifts for the New Year, and large New Year's sets, designed for long-term use.


If you ask any beauty editor to name the coolest New Year's gifts, skin care products will definitely be on the list. Naturally, it should be a quality product in a beautiful package that will bring aesthetic pleasure.What interesting things you can give for the New Year from this series, we will tell below.

Lancôme Absolue The Serum Intense Revitalizing Face & Neck Serum

There are times when a New Year's gift can be called golden. In the case of the new serum Absolue The Serum, this will be more than appropriate. Just look at this beautiful bottle that looks like a collectible Christmas decoration!

Enjoyed? Now let's move on to the main characteristics of the product.

The powerful composition of the serum is designed for an adult audience of 30+ and has a serious restoring potential.

Youthful skin returns a complex of ingredients, among which I would like to highlight rose extract (flowers are grown in the terroir of the Valensole plateau in southern France). A very worthy gift!

Giorgio Armani Glow-on Moisturizing Cream

A quality moisturizer is a timeless New Year's gift for any woman. Firstly, in winter, the skin is more prone to peeling (not only frost is to blame, but also the air in the rooms that is overdried as a result of heating). In addition, a moisturizer is a basic remedy that tends to end faster than others. We advise you to beautifully replenish your stock by purchasing Giorgio Armani's Glow-on Moisturizing Cream.

Its undoubted advantages (in addition to the luxurious bottle) include the presence of two types of hyaluronic acid for effective moisturizing, as well as additional caring ingredients that allow you to visually improve skin condition after the first application. Definite like!

YSL Beauty Pure Shots Light Up Serum

If the recipient of the gift is a resident of the metropolis, leading an active lifestyle, Pure Shots Light Up serum from YSL Beauty will definitely come in handy for her.It was developed specifically for women who live in the rhythm of a big city, but do not want to look like a squeezed lemon. This means that the serum, which helps to give the skin radiance and fresh look, is a universal gift for the New Year and beyond.

Kiehl's Limited Heritage Campaign Collection

Kiehl's, our favorite brand, has a wonderful New Year's tradition of releasing a limited collection of the most popular products as the winter holidays approach.

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This year, a face moisturizer, a calendula toner and even a nightly restorative concentrate were dressed in cute holiday tubes and bottles.

French artist Meryl Fore worked on touching drawings of New Yorkers getting ready for Christmas. In our opinion, these are very nice New Year gift options for friends and relatives, as well as for colleagues (“Secret Santa” has not been canceled). Agree, they look much more attractive than, for example, a gift certificate to a lingerie store.

Variants of New Year's gifts for a man

How difficult it is to choose gifts for the New Year for men, especially adults! For many, this is a real challenge. Our tips will help you successfully pass it!

Perfume for men

An interesting fragrance is considered a win-win gift for loved ones for the New Year. We propose to consider five topical male compositions. Try to choose the right one, taking into account the personal style of the person for whom it is intended.

For a man who wears elegant classic suits, L'Homme Eau de Parfum by YSL Beauty will do.

If he prefers bohemian ripped jeans and wrinkled T-shirts, Giorgio Armani Eau De Cèdre might suit him.

The dandy who knows everything about the latest trends and knows how to combine complex prints on shirts with classic English jackets will be able to appreciate the fragrances from the Prive collection from Armani Beauty.

We suggest considering a woody fragrance with spices and white cedar Bois d'Encens, leathery Cuir Noir with mandarin zest and figs, or spicy Bleu Lazuli with prunes and cardamom as presentation options.

If a person doesn't always need objects of the material world for self-expression, give him Hypnôse Homme eau de toilette with notes of mint and bergamot from Lancôme. This is a pleasant soft fragrance that unobtrusively emphasizes the good taste of its wearer (at least in terms of perfumery).

Perfume and cosmetic sets for men

If you are completely at a loss and simply have no idea what gift to give a man for the New Year, why not choose a cosmetic set for him? Firstly, the chances of pleasing the addressee are great (after all, there are several funds in the sets). Secondly, buying a set is often more profitable than collecting a similar set of gifts separately. Take a look at these options:

New Year gift ideas for parents

On the one hand, we usually want to give our loved ones something practical, and on the other hand, something pleasant, so New Year's gift ideas for adults are really worth their weight in gold. Let's discuss what you can give mom and dad if you choose gifts from the beauty industry.

gifts for Mom

Mom is a person to whom you can safely give an anti-aging cream, receiving a sincere “thank you” in response!

We have collected five beautiful anti-aging products. Choose the best one, taking into account the confidential information that only you own. Oh, and share this gift idea for mom with your friends!

gifts for Dad

Do you want to surprise your dad and find him an interesting gift for the New Year? How about original beauty products? At the same time, you can have a fun workshop explaining to dad why men need face cream too or why it's cool to use beard oil (prepare in advance by reading the information here).

Basic Christmas gifts

When everyone around is talking about New Year's gifts and what to give to relatives and friends, I want to catch win-win options from this sea of offers. Trust me, there are some. Let's move on to basic gifts that can be purchased in large quantities - and given to everyone, regardless of gender and age.

Lip Balm

Cream or lip balm is a nice souvenir that is unlikely to gather dust on the shelf. Catch our top 5 New Year's gifts that will help your lips always look presentable, including in the cold season.

Hand cream

Hand cream is a pretty popular New Year's gift. This tool is always in demand, therefore it is considered a universal present.

Imagine that you need to find equivalent gifts for five girlfriends. Which exit? Hand cream! Believe me, you will be remembered more than once with a kind word, using these tools.

Classic Christmas gifts

When there is no time for an original gift or you are afraid of making a mistake, choose something more classic. For example, one of the options below.


For many winter gloves are an invaluable gift. After all, you probably also lost one mitten from a pair and understand how unpleasant it is to find yourself in the cold without proper protection. It seems to us that such a gift can be presented to many colleagues, for example, in the Secret Santa game.


Candles and candlesticks are nice souvenirs that will help organize a nice cozy space when it's snowing outside. When it comes to candle fragrances, we recommend sticking with neutral scents (such as vanilla) if you don't know the recipient's preference.


We don't know about you, but our editor has been given different types of blankets more than once, and for all of them there was a use. So the gift is both pleasant and practical, and definitely winter. The main thing is that the fabric of the plaid should not be scratchy.


A beautiful and, most importantly, reliable thermos is a godsend for those who are constantly cold (and like to drink tea). Choose "mugs" made of stainless steel: in this case, the chance that the device will reliably retain heat will increase. Evaluate the tightness and practicality of the mug and, of course, not least the print, if it is appropriate on the mug in the hands of the person to whom the gift is intended.


Guessing the style of the recipient, if you know each other personally, we hope it will be easy. But it’s easier to hit the bull’s-eye with the size if you choose the oversize model. Fortunately, they are on trend. What could be cozier than a new oversized sweater or cardigan?

Christmas decorations

If you give a gift before the New Year, you can choose a beautiful collectible Christmas tree toy. Choose versatile options without a theme, so you can use jewelry from year to year.

Board games

It is easier to gather the whole family at the table if you invite its members to play an exciting board game. For a gift, choose simple options - for example, the Activity game can captivate both children and adults for at least a couple of rounds.Well, some families and companies are not averse to spending more than one hour with the "Mafia" .

Original gift ideas

If creams and lipsticks have already passed the stage for you, you need more original beauty gifts for the New Year. Catch our top 3 gifts for adults.

Advent calendar

You give not only beauty products that are hidden in the calendar, but also impressions. Even an adult, having received such a present, feels a little like a child, anticipating a new surprise in each new window.

Professional brushes

If you know that a person is passionate about makeup, quality brushes are the perfect New Year's gift. To get started, we advise you to choose tools for applying foundation and blush, and if you are ready to assemble a large case, add positions for shading shadows, as well as for makeup lips and eyebrows.

Clutch or cosmetic bag with miniatures

This, of course, can be quite a costly gift. But it's worth it. If we are talking about a girl, you can upload her photo to the makeup fitting service and choose the perfect make-up, from your point of view. And as a cherry on the cake - a relaxing mask. There are fashionable options that are quite worthy of becoming a nice gift for the New Year. For example, a rose petal mask from Lancôme or a set of different eye patches from Garnier.

What can not be given?

Some useful, at first glance, gifts for the New Year (and for any other holiday) are better not to give. If we talk about the beauty sphere, then such “undesirable” presents (especially not the closest friends) include deodorants, cosmetics for problem skin, personal hygiene products, and dandruff shampoos. With one caveat: if you have not been asked to purchase a specific product from this category and you are sure that the recipient will be delighted with the chosen gift! Do not hesitate, there will always be something to give for the New Year.