The variety of French manicure options gives its lovers the opportunity to constantly experiment. Today we have on the agenda, perhaps, one of the most difficult versions - a folding jacket

What is a pull-out jacket?

Folding jacket is a technique that allows you to lengthen the nail with the help of a gel and create a beautiful “smile” line. Thanks to this method, you can get any shape of the nail, be it an oval, a square or an almond.

It's no wonder that the folding jacket will be one of the most trendy manicure options in 2023.

Pros and cons of this technique

Let's list the advantages of a folding jacket.

  • The main plus is strength. Even the longest nails are not afraid of chips or cracks. It's all about the gel, it is he who is responsible for a lasting result. With such a manicure, you can go for about 3 weeks.

  • Flexible jacket is a salvation for those who can't grow long nails. Using gel allows you to create any length.

  • Using the gel, you can model the desired shape of the nail.

  • A variety of decorations are possible.

  • Practical jacket does not go out of fashion, remaining relevant from season to season.

With all the pluses, the pull-out jacket also has disadvantages.

  • Technique is very time consuming. Even for experienced nail artists, the procedure can take more than 2 hours.

  • Get ready for additional purchases: in addition to standard manicure tools, you will need a UV lamp, gel, camouflage base and tools for forming a plate (templates).

  • The folding jacket is quite difficult to do on your own. Don't be upset if you don't succeed the first time. Skill comes with experience.

  • To remove such a coating, you also have to "sweat" : this can only be done with a special gel and foil remover.

How to make a folding jacket: step by step instructions

How to make a folding jacket and what you need for this, we will tell below.

Needed tools and materials

In order for the manicure to turn out neat and beautiful, it is important to prepare everything you need in advance:

  • three types of gel - transparent, camouflage (usually flesh or pale pink) and white;
  • UV lamp;
  • means for removing the sticky layer;
  • lint-free wipes;
  • degreaser;
  • forms for modeling nails;
  • brushes for laying out material.

Before performing a folding jacket, you need to do a basic manicure and prepare the nail plate for applying the gel. For this you will need:

  • nail files and buffs of various abrasiveness;
  • orange stick or cuticle pusher;
  • cuticle softener;
  • manicure scissors.


  • Apply cuticle remover to soften, push back.
  • Shape your nails with a nail file. Remember that when filing your nails, it is important to move only in one direction.
  • Buff the nail plate with a buff: this is necessary for a good adhesion of the material to the nail.

Setting the form

Special template forms help to increase the required length and create the desired architecture of the nail. To make a lay-out jacket on your own, it is best to use disposable cardboard molds.

There is nothing complicated in installation - fix the form under the free edge of the nail and fix it securely.

French modeling

The most important stage is modeling.

  • Apply the desired amount of gel to the fixed form. This will create the desired length for the folding jacket.
  • Dry the nail in the lamp.
  • After that, apply camouflage gel on the nail and form a “smile” line, then dry the nail in the lamp again.
  • Remove the cardboard form and use a file to give the hardened camouflage gel the desired shape.
  • Now you can spread white gel on the free edge of the nail. Carefully fill in the intended area with a brush. Pay special attention to the tips of the nails: they need to be further strengthened.
  • Cure the gel polish in a UV lamp. Correct the shape of the nail with a file, if necessary.
  • Apply a clear gel to the entire surface of the nail plate and place the nails in the lamp again to fix the result.
  • Remove the sticky layer from the surface of the nail with a special tool.

The template for forming the nail bed can be omitted if the length of the nail suits you and it is enough for laying out the gel. In this case, the folding jacket is done on natural nails.

We have described step by step the process of creating a classic lay-out jacket, without sparkles and complex decor. If desired, you can complement such a manicure with a design.

Fold-out jacket: fashion trends and design novelties - 2023

In 2023, nail art trends include both bright and unusual solutions, as well as calm pastel manicure options.

Fashion trends of 2023 are illustrated by our selection of photos of a folding jacket.


Rhinestones are an appropriate choice for a festive manicure. A rhinestone fold-out jacket can look very stylish if you use just a little of them.

Shiny crystals are best to decorate one or two nails.


The laid-out jacket with sequins looks especially impressive in winter.

You can arrange the sparkles in different ways: make the holes shimmer or put them on the tip of the nail.


Red folding jacket will successfully fall on medium length nails. A transparent base is suitable for him.

A milky or white base also harmonizes with a red jacket.


For those who prefer the classics, the best option would be a white folding jacket.

To make this manicure look relevant, we advise you to avoid bright pink camouflage. French with a transparent pink or nude base will look the most modern.

Square nails

On square nails, a folding jacket always fits as well as possible. Therefore, this choice is very popular. The result looks good on both long and short nails.

Almond shape

Trying on a folding jacket on "almond" nails is a win-win solution. Manicure will look elegant and feminine.

If you want to create an original French manicure, don't limit yourself to the classic French range.

With foil

Using foil can add style to a manicure. Especially if you apply potal. The advantage of this foil is that it is easy to apply and very economical.

Black jacket

Black folding jacket is both extravagant and versatile manicure. The fact is that the black tips are combined with the base of any color.

Blue French

The fold-out jacket with blue color is a good idea for a gentle everyday manicure.

Aquarium design

A bewitching and unusual folding aquarium jacket is one of the manicure trends of 2023. Rhinestones, sparkles and other decorative elements are covered with a layer of transparent gel, like glass. Before embarking on such a complex design, we recommend that you watch the tutorial videos.

Folding arched jacket

Arched folding French is shown for the "almond" shape. It is made using special lower arched forms, which have a slightly rounded shape.


The drawings and the folding jacket are quite compatible and can look very harmonious. Nails can be decorated with painting using a thin brush or using stickers. Another way to quickly and easily get nail designs is stamping.

The secrets of the folding jacket: what do stylists advise?

Is it possible to make a folding jacket with regular varnish?

No, the folding jacket is always done with a gel that crystallizes in a UV lamp. It will not work with ordinary varnish to make a butt-to-butt folding jacket.

How long can you wear a pull-out jacket?

Nail masters advise not to overwear gel polish. It is optimal to do a manicure correction every 2 or 3 weeks. Longer wearing of the coating is undesirable from a hygienic point of view.

Who shouldn't do a folding jacket?

We see no contraindications for this manicure, with one caveat: it is important to consider the condition of the nail plate. If there is inflammation or a fungal infection, then it is better to postpone the long-term coating until the nails are completely healed.

I want to remove the cover of the folding jacket myself. How to do it?

You will need a special liquid that is sold in any cosmetics store.Here's how to do it at home:

  • cut or file the free edge of the nail, and then buff the nail plate with a highly abrasive buff;

  • take a cotton pad, cut it in half and soak it in the remover;

  • wrap half of the disk on each nail, wrap with a small piece of foil and leave for 30-40 minutes;

  • now the coating can be easily removed with an orange stick or pusher;

  • buff your nails with a low abrasive buff;

  • use a nourishing hand and nail cream or oil.