In the middle of autumn, you especially want positive emotions. A proven method to cheer up is to experiment with makeup. I tell you what new products will meet and even exceed your expectations

YSL Beauty Crushliner Waterproof Eyeliner

Rain outside the window is not a reason to refuse eye makeup, is it? And I prove this by replacing the gloom of the autumn day with a bright accent - I bring the upper and lower eyelids with a blue pencil. Samples for this crucial role in the rainy season were new from YSL Beauty with a waterproof formula.

I will note several pleasant moments at once. I'll start with a soft plastic texture. Working on makeup with such a tool is a pleasure. The undoubted pluses include an automatic core, which eliminates the need to sharpen a pencil. He is always ready to work and can devote himself to it completely, without a trace, literally. And what color! I tested the blue pencil Bleu Enigmatique - not a shade, but a dream! The arrows came out great and, most importantly, they were not afraid of moisture - the makeup remained flawless until the end of the day.

Admire the range of shades. Which one do you prefer?


Maylline NY Ultimatte Ultra Matte Lipstick

Any beauty editor will confirm: red lipstick improves mood. And if she claims to be a beauty bag star, there is an additional reason for joy. Star rating, in our opinion, worthy of the new ultra-matte lipstick Ultimatte from Maybelline NY in the shade More Scarlet.

She looks good to everyone. The convenient narrow case will be located even in a small clutch. The lipstick itself smells like sweet vanilla cakes, and I have a special weakness for dessert flavors. And the icing on the cake is the effect on the lips. Due to the special texture, the product does not freeze with a film, as happens with some matte lipsticks. Makeup, on the contrary, looks plastic, and lips are well-groomed. I suspect that this is largely due to the jojoba oil that I found in the formula.

Urban Decay Vice Long Lasting Lipstick

Triumphant return! Urban Decay have updated the formula of Vice lipsticks, and we finally have the opportunity to appreciate the transformation.

On the brand's website they write that the product seems to hug the lips - we admit that it is difficult to find a more accurate description of the sensations after applying the novelty. The collection includes as many as 30 new shades with different finishes - cream, matte or radiant. The composition is rich in caring ingredients, including avocado oil and aloe vera. In the cold season, this is especially valuable. And I should also note that the lipstick, like many other products of the brand, does not contain ingredients of animal origin, for which I would like to say a special thank you!

This is Milky Gloss by NYX

Just look at this beauty! This is the first time we've encountered milky lipgloss.

The cute name This is Milky is responsible not only for the delicate shades of glosses, but also for their composition. Let's make a reservation right away: the product is based on milk of vegan origin.There are eight shades in total. One of our favorites is a glitter that looks like a strawberry smoothie. Look for it under the name Milk It Pink. The tool gives a translucent coating, which, due to its glossy texture, makes the lips visually plumper. And no cooling effect - at this time of the year it is useless.

By the way, the new product is raffled off in the traditional competition "My Favorite Product" from October 25 to November 24.

Garnier Micellar Hyaluronic Water by Garnier

Garnier Micellar Water is always ready to quickly and effectively remove makeup, and we are rightfully upset if the product ends unexpectedly. I'm used to the classic version of this product, but I was persuaded to test the new product with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera.

Additional arguments in favor of the new product were its large volume (400 ml) and moisturizing ingredients, which are always appropriate. Skin loved it! And for those who are in awe of the eco-agenda, we report: a bottle of new micellar water consists of 20% recycled plastic, and after use it can also be recycled.By the way, these are not the only Garnier initiatives related to the care of nature. The French brand recently made a commitment to inspire millions of people to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle. You can read about ambitious plans to reduce anxiety about the future of the planet here.

50 years of the slogan "Because you deserve it"

L'Oréal Paris continues to inspire fans. The desired novelties appear with enviable constancy, and we would like to thank the brand for this and congratulate it on its anniversary: the legendary slogan “Because you deserve it” is 50 years old! We devoted a separate article to this event.

It's nice that L'Oréal Paris uses its influence in the world not only to promote cosmetics, but also to motivate women to be beautiful, strong, purposeful - to be themselves. This is what the words we often hear from the screens imply: “Because you deserve it.”

We recommend watching the backstage video from Paris Fashion Week.

In honor of the anniversary, L'Oréal Paris supported the release of a new romantic film "Eiffel" . As you might guess, the picture tells the story that inspired the construction of the most famous tower in the world - the symbol of the city of love.