There is no doubt that L'Oréal Paris colors are loved by many. Today we will discuss what exactly they are valued for, how the lines differ and how to choose the right shade if your eyes run wide from the variety of the palette

The main benefits of L'OrÉal Paris hair dyes

Today, L'Oréal Paris offers us a whole constellation of cosmetics, from lipstick, shadows and mascara to a variety of creams and serums, and once the first and only star of the brand was hair dye.

Back in 1909, the chemist Eugene Schueller created the paint formula for L'Oreal, albeit in a single shade, but that was enough to interest thousands of women.Things went uphill, and the scientist began to expand the palette, especially since both beauty salons and private clients wanted to purchase different shades of Loreal hair dye.

The growing palette gained new fans, allowing them not only to hide gray hair, but also to experiment with hair color, trying on different images. L’Oréal Paris has given women new opportunities to express themselves. It is hard to imagine that the first steps on this path were taken over 100 years ago.

L'Oréal Paris has paints with different fillings in its arsenal. Some contain ammonia, others do not.

The palette of useful components with which paints are supplemented is also huge. For example, Excellence products have pro-keratin, and Casting Crème Gloss, an ammonia-free paint, comes with a honey balm that nourishes curls after changing the shade.

Roman Moiseenko Color Expert L'Oréal ParisWhen working with gray hair, I vote for permanent paint. Gray hair requires a special and extremely careful approach. I recommend paying attention to products such as L'Oréal Préférence and L'Oréal Excellence: they will help to paint over gray hair even at home.

It's important to note that all L'Oréal Paris ammonia colors promise lasting results: a new color can please its owner for up to 8 weeks.

By the way, digital technologies have also touched coloring. If you don’t know which shade to choose - chocolate or cappuccino, you have a great opportunity to test the Loreal color palette in advance. To do this, a virtual service has been launched on the official website of the brand: you need to upload your photo and start trying on shades online. This makes it much easier to decide on the right color. Our editor, for example, made sure that dark shades suit her more than blond, and toning should be done in brown.

One can't help but mention the launch of L'Oreal lightening paint in the blond palette. This is a real breakthrough. Now, even if your hair is dark blond, and you dream of light strands, it is not necessary to sign up for bleaching in a beauty salon. Products from the Préférence series lighten strands up to 9 shades in one procedure, giving girls the chance to get a beautiful platinum blonde on their own without additional manipulations.

Popular L'Oréal color ranges

The variety of L'Oréal Paris colors once again shows that the individual approach is close to the mass brand. The paints have a different composition, which allows you to choose a product based on the condition of the hair, and the number of shades in individual lines exceeds 30! We have compiled our guide to L'Oréal Paris paints. Meet me!

Mild impact paints, no ammonia

A specific color boom happened a few years ago. The focus was on ammonia-free paints. They said that their formula is absolutely harmless to hair and does not affect their quality in any way. Here, of course, we must note that any coloring, whether you like it or not, is reflected in the condition of the curls. But the damage can and should be minimized by choosing hair dye, as they say, “according to indications”. In addition, it is important to ensure that the care of the strands before and after the procedure is competent, meets the advice of professionals.

Why is there such a popular opinion about the harmlessness of ammonia-free paints? These are really means of a softer (compared to ammonia paints) effect. They do not penetrate deep into the hair structure, unlike their ammonia "colleagues" . The paint, as it were, envelops the hair, changing its shade. And yes, such paints injure curls much less.At L'Oréal Paris, an ammonia-free formula is used in the Casting Crème Gloss collection. We recommend it to girls who change the shade within their tone - for example, repaint the natural blond color in light caramel. As a rule, gray hair is not painted over with such paint, although manufacturers promise that with a small percentage of gray hair, such a tool will cope with masking.


Ammonia-free paints from the previous section are also considered tinting, but here we want to touch on a slightly different topic - to talk about the so-called temporary staining.

Let's start with the most practical products: tinting spray and Magic Retouch mascara.

These are truly revolutionary products from L'Oréal Paris.

They allow you to mask regrown roots (including gray hair) in a matter of minutes - just spray (if it is a spray) or distribute (mascara) on the desired area.Conveniently, the names of the shades of these tinting agents correlate with the names of the colors of the corresponding paints.

Another way to tint is to choose a balm, spray or jelly from the Colorista range. With the help of these products, it is easy to change your hair color to a more extravagant one, such as blue or green, for a short time. You can paint only the tips in a bright shade or make a rare highlight.

Durable colors

Perhaps we will devote the main chapter to permanent hair dyes L'Oréal Paris. These include Préférence and Excellence products with an extensive palette of shades.

When discussing mega-popular coloring products, it is logical to listen to the "voice of the people" .

Préférence paint has the majority of positive reviews with 5+ ratings on different marketplaces. Some note a chic rich shade and the ability to paint over gray hair, others - the durability of the result.

Producers keep all promises made.

What do they say about the Excellence collection? Let's not languish: the color of this paint, according to some users, is "very close to natural" , "holds on for a long time" and "looks multifaceted" (we assume that the color shimmers in the light and due to these nuances there is an effect of additional volume). By the way, many return to this tool again and again (there were clients with 10 years of experience), trying different shades. Showing!

L'Oréal hair dye: color palette and deciphering the tone number

In the L'Oreal color palette, each product has a name with a number. This has its own pattern. Numbers usually consist of two or three digits. The first number indicates the tone, from black to very light, where 1 is black and 10 is blond. The second digit marks one of six shades:

  • 1 - ashy;

  • 2 - mother-of-pearl;

  • 3 - golden;

  • 4 - copper;

  • 5 - mahogany;

  • 6 is a vibrant mahogany variant.

If there is a third number, it means that there are two shades in the paint, for example, mother-of-pearl and golden.

The number zero at the beginning of the number indicates the natural pigment in the composition, and after the first number - the color saturation.

L'Oréal Paris Préférence hair colors: color palette

The Préférence palette from L'Oréal Paris is not only beautiful colors, but also attractive shade names, such as "Exquisite Bordeaux" , "Monaco" , "Marseille" . We invite you to go on a journey through different shades and get to know them better.

Blond and blond

Looking for a light shade? There are plenty to choose from. Shade "Cannes" , for example, will give hair a golden light blond color.

If you take "Stockholm" - get a light blond mother-of-pearl shade, reminiscent of platinum blond.

It is worth mentioning separately that the Préférence range also has a brightener (we already mentioned it), which can lighten dark hair color up to 9 shades. The tool, by the way, contains purple pigments that help maintain the purity of the cold color, preventing the appearance of unwanted yellowness.


The color palette of hair colors from L'Oreal is also rich in chestnut shades. We honestly tried to choose a favorite, but the golden light chestnut "Monaco" , and the light amber "Havana" , and the rich dark "Caracas" are beautiful in their own way.


Préférence has bright and bold variations on this spectrum. Just look at the fiery copper hue "Paprika" or the rich red "Budapest" .


We chose the pure black shade of Naples for a reason - if you are looking for a dark color with a cold undertone, we advise you to take a closer look.

L'Oréal Paris Excellence hair colors: color palette

Nude mood prevails in the main Excellence range. Beautiful beige and brown shades are given by the formula, which also protects curls during staining. By the way, L'Oreal's Excellence color palette has recently been updated with new Cool Crème shades.

These are six beautiful cool colors ranging from blond to dark chestnut. Not paint, but a storehouse of components that care for the strands during the dyeing procedure: the composition of the dye itself is enriched with pro-keratin, which helps close the cuticle scales, and the light nourishing mask that is attached to the paint for use immediately after dyeing contains ceramide that seals the hair fiber .

Alla MimikinaThe soft formula of Excellence cream-paint provides 100% result in painting gray hair, protects curls not only during but also after dyeing. The collagen, pro-keratin, ceramides and polymer Ionen G that are part of the paint give strength, beauty and shine to the hair.

Blond and blond

Want to find a beautiful wheat color?

Pay attention to the Excellence paints from the palette of light brown shades. Light blond beige (No. 8.13) will give a wonderful natural result, and ash blond (No. 7.1) will give the hair a noble coldness.


Sometimes it's easier to show than to explain in words. And hair dyes are not the last thing - imagine how many discrepancies there are between clients and colorists in the process of choosing the right shade.

The chestnut palette of Excellence from L'Oreal may well be the subject of such disputes. But we still take the liberty of drawing your attention to the shades "Frosted Chocolate" , "Seductive Chestnut" and "Light Chestnut Golden" .


Of the red shades of Excellence, you should try "Copper Blonde" and "Elegant Copper" . The latter, by the way, can be called borderline between chestnut and red.


There are at least two worthy shades of this color in the Excellence range: pure black and dark chestnut. Both have two zeros in their numbers, which indicates a) the presence of natural pigments and b) the saturation of the shade.

L'Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss hair colors: color palette

"Loreal Paris" , of course, follow the trends - and often set them themselves. These words can be confirmed by a wide palette of hair dyes without ammonia. It is no coincidence that it is called "care paint" .


The product contains coconut oil and practically cares for hair, gives them a beautiful shine. Manufacturers advise the Casting Crème Gloss range to those who decide to change their color for the first time (provided that there is no gray hair or their percentage is quite small). In this case, the formula has every chance to fully meet your requirements without deep penetration into the hair structure. A nice little thing - very appetizing dessert color names.

Alla MimikinaCasting Crème Gloss ammonia-free paint contains a protective complex of polymers and honey extract, giving the curls extra shine and radiance.

Blond and blond

It's nice that the collection has a lot of ash and mother-of-pearl shades, because they are again relevant, especially for use in complex staining techniques: ombre, highlights, balayazh or shatush.


Chocolate Mocha or Frosty Glaze? Choose what you like best. The result looks elegant in both cases.


Maple Syrup paint is worth buying for the sweet name alone. But the color is no less attractive: just look - the shade seems to glow on the hair!


The dark palette of colors for hair dyes "Loreal" is also presented in the collection without ammonia. The shade "Black Coffee" with a soft warm undertone and the color "Black Vanilla" - a colder and more saturated version look very worthy.

L'Oréal post-color haircare

If you dye your hair with L'Oréal Paris paint, it is logical to take care of your curls with the help of the same brand. We will tell you what and at what stage it is better to use.

  1. Elseve Color Expert Laminating Shampoo

The foundation of the foundation is a shampoo that “laminates” a new shade and maintains it throughout its entire service life. This product contains a red peony elixir that helps maintain color vibrancy, nourishes hair and gives it shine.

  1. Botanicals Geranium Hair Balm

Very effective care for colored curls means with components of natural origin. Botanicals balm consists of 98% of them. Among the ingredients are rose petal extract, coconut and soybean oils, and geranium flower oil. Not surprisingly, the balm makes combing easier, adds shine to curls and helps protect the color from washing out.

  1. Elseve Color Expert Express Conditioner

For fine hair, leave-in conditioners are especially indicated. If you feel like your hair has lost volume and feels heavier after using thick textured nourishing products (those that need to be rinsed off in the shower), you should try this Express Conditioner. First, save time in the shower (and reduce water consumption, by the way). Secondly, get visually more well-groomed strands. By the way, the express conditioner can also complement the classic conditioner.