What do they put into the concept of "expensive manicure" and what kind of nail design is considered status? We will understand the topic using examples of season trends

The main signs of a manicure that looks expensive

How do we imagine an expensive manicure? What is decisive? Well, of course, well-groomed hands. Style and color combinations fade into the background, and smooth, moisturized skin, neat cuticles and flawless nails come to the fore.

As we know, in beauty salons, the procedure begins with giving the desired shape to the nails, and ends with the application of a moisturizer and cuticle oil.

If you plan to do a stylish "expensive" manicure at home, make sure that you always have hand cream ready. Choose a product that you will use with pleasure every day, or even several times a day.

Fashionistas who regularly visit a nail master know that hand cream should always be within reach - and not only at home, but also in the office, on the road, wherever you are.

Nourishers help maintain the quality of manicure until the next trip to the nail studio. Nail he alth can be maintained with the help of special strengthening coatings. And don't forget to protect your hands from the cold and exposure to household chemicals.

Returning to design, we note that in the nomination "expensive manicure" , as a rule, laconic options win. Drawings and sparkles, especially on long nails, “cheaperize” the impression of a manicure.

In our study, we also asked about the opinion of men. We were curious about what kind of nail design, in their opinion, looks expensive. Overall, the responses did not differ much.

Most people like a no-frills manicure - options that can not be called vulgar. From a wide variety of photo examples, they chose fairly strict options, including a jacket. The color palette that men preferred was also not very diverse: classic red and nude colors were among the favorites. Both men and women agreed that it is hardly possible to make a solid impression if stones or appliqués are used in the design.

Signs of a "cheap" manicure

Of course, views on a manicure that looks expensive can be different. And yet we tried to deduce a certain formula. In solving this problem, we decided to go from the opposite, identifying factors that are incompatible with the concept of a beautiful expensive manicure.

  • Bitten nails are the result of a bad habit that needs to be broken immediately!

  • Nails of different shapes. We understand that it is difficult to independently achieve an identical shape on all nails. But we must try - otherwise it is unlikely that it will be possible to make a manicure that will look expensive. It is easiest to fill your hand on an oval shape or a soft square shape.

  • Rhinestones, bright neon shades, drawings. It is also better to refuse them. The paradox is that in the salon such decor will cost you a lot, and the impression that the result makes is not always “expensive”.

  • Strongly regrown nails. Yes, we understand that many wear gel polish for 3 or even 4 weeks. But any woman will agree that an expensive manicure cannot look like this.

  • Claw shape.

  • Thick coat. That is why girls increasingly prefer the classic coating to comfortable long-lasting gel polishes.

  • Most of the glitter options. A sparkling design is good for themed parties, but in most cases, such a nail design does not look appropriate or expensive.

Choosing the right shape and length

If the theater begins with a hanger, then a manicure begins with shaping the nails. We will look at two options that meet the standards of the so-called expensive manicure in 2023.

Let's start with an oval. The length in this case should be small. On such nails, any shades of varnish look good - both muted and bright.

But if you really set out to make an “expensive” manicure on short nails, take a closer look at the nude options. A big plus of this choice is that this palette will successfully complement any outfit.

By the way, matte manicure also fits advantageously on short oval nails. We tried to find examples of options that look expensive.

The second form that passed the “casting” is a soft square. Experiments with length are possible here (within reasonable limits, of course), especially if you want to make your fingers visually sleeker. A manicure that looks expensive on nails of this shape can be seen in the photo below.

What shades of manicure give the impression of stylish and expensive?

We propose to decide on the shade of the coating in advance, so as not to waste time in the salon, sorting through numerous options. In our selection you will find colors that are included in the golden stock of elite beauty salons.


A truly royal color. The favorite tone of the nail polish of Elizabeth II, as it seemed to us, is very reminiscent of the delicate beige shade of Ballet Slippers from Essie.

It seems that the favorite of the British (and not only) Kate Middleton also chooses a similar color. As you can see, there is no doubt that beige manicure is the most expensive one. After all, it is he who is chosen by royal persons in combination with luxurious family jewelry.


In the capital's beauty salons, milky lacquer is not accidentally in a special position. It looks softer than the snow-white color and perfectly harmonizes with white gold jewelry with diamonds.

We have collected examples of combinations of such a manicure with rings (not necessarily from precious metals).


You need to be extremely careful with this shade: some pearl nail polishes can take us mentally not to an expensive resort, but straight to the 90s, when iridescent coatings were in fashion.

To eliminate this effect, you should avoid pearl polishes with noticeable sparkles. The coating, of course, should shimmer, but the secret of this radiance should not be obvious. By the way, the desired effect can be achieved with the help of rubbing. Below we will talk about this in more detail and show examples of manicure made using this technique.

Red, burgundy, marsala

Classic for that and classic to please everyone. Red manicure often accompanies luxurious evening dresses; it is chosen both for social events and for holidays on islands lost in the ocean. Such a manicure is addictive, and it can be difficult to refuse it.

When we discussed in the editorial office which shade of polish each of us would choose if she was offered to keep only one, many settled on the classic red.

Does the soul ask for something more mysterious? Shades such as burgundy and marsala also look very elegant.

Choose deep “expensive” shades, as in the photo below, and monitor the condition of the cuticle: imperfections in combination with such shades of varnish are unacceptable. Remember to use cuticle oil on a regular basis.

Expensive nail designs 2023

Do you like specifics? Reasonable. We have collected for you photo examples of "expensive" manicure, made in different techniques.


French manicure does not leave fashion ratings. No wonder - it answers a variety of requests. On the one hand, this is an excellent base for experiments, on the other hand, it is a potential variant of the very “expensive” coating that we are talking about today.

It's important to understand that not every version of a jacket looks solid. For example, we do not recommend making a stripe absolutely white: it looks as unnatural as overly whitened teeth. It is not recommended to try to create a jacket yourself using stencils. We have not seen successful examples from girls who went this way.

In 2023, the contrast line should not be made wide - this is the very case when it is modesty that gives the impression of sophistication. But playing with shades is not forbidden. In our opinion, the photo examples below can be classified as “dear woman’s nails.”

With rubbing

Working with rubbing, even among beauty experts, has long been considered difficult. Achieving an elegant result is really difficult. Perhaps that is why this technique was denied recognition. But in recent years, manicures with restrained beautiful overflows have been rehabilitated.

Of course, rubbing in rubbing is different.

Bright neon options don't exactly fall under the definition of a manicure that looks expensive. But gentle neat solutions, as in the photo below, are quite worthy of it.

This manicure has all the components of an "expensive" effect: well-groomed hands, soft square nails and a moderately mysterious coating.


Getting a beautiful matte finish is not as easy as it seems. Compared to glossy, matte varnish emphasizes bumps and other flaws in the nail plate more. In addition, such a manicure usually cannot boast of durability, which means that it will have to be updated more often. Ready for such high demands? Then catch options that, in our opinion, look decent.

Classic matte nude finish captivates with its elegant simplicity. If you're tempted to go for glitter or nail art, don't. In this case, minimalism is worth a lot.

Dark blue polish with a matte finish looks great.

How to make a beautiful manicure: step by step instructions

Let's move from words to deeds - we will tell you how to do a manicure at home.

  1. Assess the condition of your nails. If the plate exfoliates or looks uneven, then this is not only a reason to check your he alth, but also a reason to get nail strengthening products. For example, Essie has a practical 2 in 1 product that can be used as both a base and a top.

  2. Let's start the manicure by giving the nails the desired shape. Do not do this after steaming: it will be more difficult to work. We do not recommend saving on sawing.If you understand that you drive in one area for a long time with little or no result, the tool must be replaced. Before the procedure, we advise you to put in front of you a photo with an example of the manicure you like: referring to the reference, it will be easier to repeat the desired result.

  3. Now let's work with the cuticle. We vote for unedged manicure: in the long run, hands will look well-groomed for longer.

  4. Let's start coating! First, degrease your nails with nail polish remover. Then we will apply the base. After it dries, apply a tint varnish in one or two layers, and then - a top coat. Of course, each layer must dry properly before being covered with a new one.

  5. An hour after the procedure, when you are sure that the result is completely frozen, use a nourishing hand cream and cuticle oil. Both are recommended to be used on a daily basis.

To fix the material and explore an alternative way to perform a manicure, we offer by watching a video tutorial: