Paris Fashion Week 2023 Makeup Ideas: Some Backstage Videos + Makeup Tutorials by Luma Grote, Nidhi Sunil and Soo Joo Park

About the event

One of the official partners of Paris Fashion Week is L'Oréal Paris. Val Garland, head of make-up at L'Oréal Paris, created stunning looks for a special catwalk show held under the slogan of the Stand Up program - the world of beauty and fashion rises against harassment on the streets and in public places. And this is no coincidence: for the past 50 years, L’Oréal Paris has been operating under the slogan “Because you deserve it.” Perhaps over the past decades, the meaning attached to these words has changed, but the right of a woman to be free in self-expression, beautiful and go through life with dignity remains unchanged.This is how Val Garland saw it.

Luma Grote

And now step by step:

  • foundation,

  • apply shadows on the upper and lower eyelids,

  • expressive arrows,

  • thickly paint over the eyelashes,

  • long-awaited stage - freckles. They are easy and safe to draw with an eyebrow pencil,

  • serene nude lips.

Soo Joo Park

Now let's look closely at the makeup of pink-haired Soo Joo Park: smokey against the background of a strawberry blond look unexpected, but very harmonious, a completely different mood compared to the image of Luma Grote, but the same charm and effect.

And now step by step. Let's focus on smokey:

  • densely, in several layers, let's make up the eyes,

  • blend the black shadows with a brush, starting from the eyeliner and creating a light gradient,

  • on the outer corner of the eye - brown shadows,

  • the lips are, of course, red, but this is a muted red from the nude scale with a very accurate name "frivolous nude" .

Nidhi Sunil

Another fashion show heroine whose makeup we present is Nidhi Sunil. We would call her makeup discreet, and at the same time it wonderfully emphasizes the expressiveness, depth and nobility of natural features.

Step by step:

  • foundation,

  • black eyeliner on the very edge of the eyelids,

  • curl mascara

  • and brown matte lipstick.