Yellow shades can make the most ordinary manicure original and interesting. Today we admire the yellow jacket - a design that is definitely relevant in 2023

Features of yellow jacket on nails

  • Manicure in this range is usually chosen by girls in the summer. Indeed, bright and rich colors are good for relaxing in warm climes. Yellow jacket effectively contrasts with tanned skin.

  • However, there are no contraindications for creating such a design in the cold season either - especially if you do a yellow French manicure in pastel colors or, for example, with a milk base.

  • Manicure with this color will equally benefit both long nails and short ones.

  • As for the shape of the nails, the yellow jacket rhymes perfectly with any, be it square, oval or almond.

As you can see, there are no restrictions for this type of manicure. Therefore, do not deny yourself if you want to add bright accents to the image - a jacket with yellow color is the best for this.

Yellow French manicure: fashion trends and novelties - 2023

It's convenient to get ideas for actual manicure at fashion shows. It is there that you can peep the most trendy combinations of shades.

Black and yellow jacket

Schiaparelli Fall-Winter 2023 show cannot but inspire beauty experiments. When we saw this black and yellow jacket, we wanted to try it on immediately.

Lemon French

Judging by the outfits presented at the Valentino fall-winter 2023 show, lemon shades are still in trend.

You can rest assured that a jacket with this color is no less relevant.

French in pastel shades

In the spring-summer 2023 season, designers prefer muted variations of bright colors. For example, some J'amemme dresses are made in delicate vanilla and sky blue shades. French manicure in this range looks very romantic.

Short nails: yellow jacket photo ideas

Trying on a yellow jacket on short nails is a great idea if you want your manicure to look stylish and neat. Our photo selection showcases different solutions for short nails.

Bright yellow jacket

Try neon manicures. A bright yellow jacket will add freshness and audacity to your look.

French with rhinestones or sparkles

You have to be extremely careful here. A large number of rhinestones in the decor of a yellow jacket can visually overload short nails. It is better to decorate only the nails of the ring fingers with a few rhinestones. If you want more beautiful shimmer, add some sparkles. The main thing here is a sense of proportion.

French with foil

Foil nails are an easy way to keep your manicure trendy no matter the season. The foil can be added to the tips of the nails or gently spread over the entire nail plate.

Yellow French Ombre

Smooth transitions are another good idea for a yellow jacket on short nails. Working in the ombre technique, you can use a milky shade or even blue, or stretch the color on a transparent base. As for the finish, the gradient looks great in both matte and gloss.

Yellow jacket with sliders

Slider design is very popular as it can replace hand-painted nails. A slider is a sticker that can be easily transferred to the nail with water. To "customize" the yellow jacket, choose the sliders to your taste.

Long nails: yellow French manicure options

Girls with long nails also often choose yellow French manicure. Below we will consider the most trendy variations of it and give photo examples.

With sequins and rhinestones

Yellow jacket on almond-shaped or square nails can be decorated with a small amount of rhinestones or sparkles. The key word is "small" . You can place shiny decorative elements in the cuticle area or create an original design with their help, but only on one or two nails.

The abundance of shiny decor these days is appropriate only for themed parties - it doesn't matter if your nails are short or long.


Yellow matte jacket is a stylish design solution for long nails. With such a manicure, the nails look well-groomed and noble.

Neon yellow

Neon palette is especially popular with girls with long nails. This electric color is a fresh idea for French design.

Vegetable Yellow French

Flowers, petals, green leaves and other floral motifs go well with a yellow jacket.

If you do not have artistic skills, this is not a reason to refuse such a beautiful design. Use special stickers or transfer the pattern to your nails using stamping.

Animal print

Why not diversify French design with an animal print? Leopard or giraffe spots, tiger stripes or black and white zebra - the choice is yours. Yellow here will be very organic.

Colorful jacket

Yellow loves company and is not averse to sharing success with other colors. The tips of the nails can be painted in a variety of shades - blue, light blue, purple…


Images of fruits and berries in combination with a yellow jacket look original and appetizing, but this is more of a spring-summer design.

And in autumn and winter, you can decorate a few nails with drawings of red rowan branches or traditionally New Year's tangerines. But lemon remains the leader of the fruit theme on nails with a yellow jacket. And depending on the execution, it does not lose its relevance all year round.

Geometric drawings

Clear strokes, graphic lines and geometric patterns are advantageous for long nails. However, you should not overload the manicure with such drawings so as not to visually make it heavier.

Variants of yellow jacket on nails of different shapes

Should I consider the shape of the nails when choosing a design like a yellow jacket? Let's see how this manicure looks on nails of different shapes.

Square nails

French manicure is most often tried on square nails, so we can safely say that a yellow jacket is friends with this shape.

An angular jacket will fit better on short nails. This design will visually lengthen the nails and reveal the beauty of the yellow color to the fullest.

Almond shape

Graceful and very feminine almond-shaped nails allow you to make a yellow jacket in any variation. A triangular or angled design is suitable for medium length nails. If you have long nails, we advise you to make a bright design in the shape of a smile.

Oval shape

For oval nails, the best choice is a classic yellow jacket.

Sunshine shade can emphasize the holes of the nails. Soft lines create a sophisticated and romantic look.

Round shape

This form is relevant for very short nails. A classic jacket in this case is not the best choice. Try thin thin strips of yellow polish on the tips of your nails.

Soft square

This shape is commonly associated with the classic French manicure. But if you want to go beyond the usual, make a beveled jacket - for soft square nails this will be a non-standard solution.

Combination of yellow jacket with other colors and decor

The yellow gamma refreshes the idea of a French manicure in itself. But you can go even further and use more colors in the design. Yellow is open for experiments in combinatorics. We are sure that this approach is nice for most girls. In confirmation of our words, we have prepared a selection of photos with the most trendy ideas for a yellow jacket.

Yellow with black

Black and yellow jacket on nails will appeal to those who love contrasting combinations in manicure. Above, we have already said that this is a very fashionable combination of colors this season.

The base can be transparent or milky.

Yellow with white

The combination of yellow and white on the nails looks trendy. However, we do not recommend using a pure white color. A more stylish solution would be cream, smoky and milky variations of the white spectrum. Pure white is great for design elements.

Yellow with red

Yellow-red jacket is a stylistically right choice for a bright autumn manicure.

This nail art looks the most advantageous in glossy performance.

Nude yellow jacket

Nude, that is, flesh, shades in alliance with yellow promise a discreet and neat result. All varieties of beige, transparent pink or vanilla shades are suitable as a base.

Yellow with blue

The duo of lemon and sky blue will be in the top fashion combinations for spring and summer 2023.

You can start training in the performance of such a jacket right now, replacing the lemon shade with a more restrained mustard or sand.

Yellow with green

Nature itself will help us in search of harmonious contrasts. As you might guess, all shades are combined with green, and yellow is no exception.

Indeed, these colors look very natural together.

Yellow with gray

The union of yellow and gray shades may seem boring only on paper. On nails, this duo is admired for their aristocracy.

The finished manicure can be covered with a matte top.

Yellow-pink jacket

Yellow-pink nails can cheer up both you and those around you - especially if you use the most daring shades (fuchsia, purple or coral).

Yellow blue

Deep and pure blue color elegantly complements sunny shades in a manicure with a French design.

Don't be afraid of the brightness of this palette - these two shades work great together.


For lovers of the most juicy and daring combinations, we recommend a yellow-orange jacket.

Reverse French

Reverse French means drawing a thin line at the cuticle and the side of the nail. A yellow reverse jacket will look stylish and sophisticated if you choose nude, milky or pink shades as the main color.