Not so long ago, girls only monitored the pages of nail salons, admiring the design of nails with a pattern. By 2023, complex artistic techniques in manicure have already become the norm, but there is still much to inspire. We have collected 100 ideas for spectacular nail art

Trends 2023 in manicure with a pattern: a seasonal approach

2023 has already arrived, and we are ready to talk about emerging trends and offer you photo examples of manicure with drawings on nails.


What do you want in anticipation of spring? To make it come sooner. To bring closer the feeling of warmth at the beginning of the season will help a beautiful manicure with drawings of butterflies. Among fashionistas, variations on this theme have been seen more than once. You can create on both long and short nails, which is easy to see by looking at the fresh manicure ideas with a pattern that have already gained popularity on the net.

Korean nail art looks very spring-like.

Fashionable designs on nails stand out with delicate colors - pastel shades look childishly touching.Different design of nails within the same concept is another feature characteristic of Asian nail design.

Flowers, hearts, abstract drawings and cartoon characters - all these fashion ideas "with a Korean accent" you can see in the photo below.


Summer opens up endless spaces for experiments. In the warm season, you want to leave the house more often, and, accordingly, dress up. However, even the textbook "duo" of blue jeans and a white T-shirt is combined with a great variety of ideas.

How can a beautiful manicure with a pattern look like in summer?

We recommend trying to depict daisies or daisies on your nails. There are so many variations of this design: discreet, with sparkles, and matte, and even a jacket!

The only thing I want to warn against is the temptation to combine such a manicure with a pattern and a dress with a floral print. The image may turn out to be overloaded, so it is better to choose a more concise solid color outfit.

Do you like unusual designs on your nails? Then you will like another option that is organic for summer - a rainbow manicure. It can be a gradient, muted rainbow colors, or a drawing over a color base.

Since we touched on the jacket above, let's dwell on this technique in a little more detail. If a classic French manicure is getting a little boring, why not go for bolder shades of nail polish and show off your artistic inclinations?

For those who are planning a vacation on the sea coast, we have put together a separate selection with starfish, fish and waves. You don't have to invent a color palette - nature itself will suggest harmonious combinations.


In autumn, you can experiment with minimalist design. Believe me, even a manicure with a pattern can be discreet. For a stylistically verified result, use varnishes in soft neutral shades and complement the drawings with a maximum of one or two nails.


Cold season nail design rhymes well with glitter. In social networks, there were magical examples of manicure with reflective shimmer. This effect looks very attractive, don't you agree?

We think that many people will like this design of nails with a pattern. Take a look at our selection.

In December, masters traditionally paint snowflakes on their nails! Why not try making it yourself at home? If you think about it, it's not that hard.

And yes, we are boring, but we can't help but mention the main trend of all seasons: he althy nails and well-groomed hand skin.

Perhaps you will like the special cosmetics that we are happy to recommend to you. The effectiveness of care is guaranteed by a competent choice of products (taking into account the needs of the skin and nails) plus a systematic approach.

Photo nail design ideas with drawings

Too lazy to come up with a nail design with a pattern on your own? Agree, it's easier to look at the photo and find the right reference. Well, we have collected the most interesting, in our opinion, photo novelties for you online - get inspired!

Nail art: geometry

Geometric abstractions were once brought into fashion by artists. The baton was picked up by designers, and today both make-up artists and nail masters are already demonstrating their skills in this genre. Intricate nail designs look really artistic.

If you want to decorate such a manicure with a pair of rhinestones, do not give in to this temptation. Keep genre purity!

In 2023, we focus on minimalism, even when it comes to choosing nail designs.

Nail art: abstract

Abstract design is another trend that has made a strong transition from 2023 to 2024.

The examples below will be appreciated by those who know what epoxy is, or rather abstract paintings of this fashion trend.

We found a lot of interesting ideas with randomly drawn lines.

Manicure with drawings: favorite characters

Out-of-fashion cartoon nail design. This direction cannot be called a trend as such, but this does not affect its popularity in any way. The explanation is simple: the result looks very nice.

The most sought after characters loved by all generations.

But there are also less common heroes. These options are quite worthy to be presented at the exhibition of "children's" nail design.

Examples of manicure with pictures based on the shape of nails

Of course, the choice of manicure largely depends on the shape of your nails. Consider the most common options and offer design ideas.

Square nails

Let's start our selection with a photo of a luxurious manicure with a designer pattern. Only an experienced master with excellent taste can do this.

Look how beautifully delicate petals lay on soft square nails. Potal in combination with dark blue varnish looks bewitching.

In just a few minutes, we found three examples of design with natural motifs at once.

It is quite logical to place the design with butterflies next. This topic has been in great favor with celebrities lately.

Sharp nails

Sharp nails attract attention by themselves, so we suggest choosing a laconic design.

You can depict the starry sky on your nails in a dark color palette.

Or draw lilies of the valley on the matte finish by writing an inspirational message on one of the nails.

Oval nails

We noticed that oval-shaped nails somehow especially motivate artists to experiment with art.

In this manicure, all the elements harmoniously complement each other: girlish romantic flowers, and a pink coating, and an oval shape of nails.

Holiday desserts are another popular theme in nail design. Take a look at the cute gingerbread man example. However, you probably have your own preferences - do not deny yourself anything!

Finally, catch a whole series of photos of New Year's manicure with a pattern.

Beautiful manicure with pictures considering the length of the nails

Beautiful drawings, as you saw in the photo examples above, are found on both short nails and long ones. But we still decided to approach the choice systematically and offer design options for specific cases.

Short nails

Rainbow works best on short lengths, while combining such a color palette with long “claws” would be overkill. We found three interesting examples for the soft square shape at once. Make bookmarks for the summer!

Flower ornaments should also be kept as spring/summer references. Memorize the outline of the drawing, and make the choice of shades according to your mood!


Design options with winter motifs, gold leaf and geometric shapes fit perfectly on long nails. We found all these photos among the new products of the network.

Look at these star drawings. Romantic, isn't it?

How to make a beautiful manicure with pictures: video tutorial

Of course, it's easier to apply a ready-made application on your nails (you can buy a variety of options for every taste) and fix the result with a transparent varnish.

But if you are not looking for easy ways, catch the step-by-step instructions for creating a beautiful New Year's manicure with your own hands.

  1. Let's start with preparation. It makes no sense to depict complex patterns on the nails if you have problems with the cuticle, and the skin of the hands looks unkempt. Therefore, we introduce nourishing hand cream and nail care products into the daily beauty routine. If everything is in order with the introductory, go to the second paragraph.

  2. Give your nails the desired shape. Degrease the surface with nail polish remover. Apply the base - it evens out the surface of the nails and protects against the penetration of colored pigments.Let the base coat dry and apply red polish. After a few minutes, take a gold-colored transfer foil and press it firmly against your little finger. After removing the base, fantasy contours resembling a precious patina will remain on the surface.

  3. Now let's move on to the design of the nail on the ring finger. We suggest drawing dots that will imitate the lights of the garland. To do this, put dots on the red coating with the help of dots - their size can be different, but it is desirable to choose a golden color, to match the foil.

    If you are afraid that the varnish will spread, you can use small round confetti by planting them on a transparent varnish.

We are attaching a video instruction with three types of New Year's manicure at once!