Oh, it's a wonderful feeling of renewal after coloring! I want my hair color to always be so bright and saturated. And for this, the main thing is to choose the right care for dyed hair

Features of dyed hair

No matter how high-quality and good the hair dye is, in any case it has a tangible adverse effect on them. Yes, thanks to the developers: they try to minimize the negative effect of dyes on the hair and even include caring components in the formulas.But this applies mainly to care products (balms and masks), which are intended for use immediately after staining.

For example, Garnier Color Naturals cream paint with a new formula includes a mix of five oils in the post-color care, and L’Oréal Paris Excellence cream paint has pro-keratin and a protective serum.

But in any case, dyeing your hair in a different color, especially from brunette to blonde, you will not be able to keep the quality of the hair at the same level. Damaged tips and dull color are visible problems that can be encountered. True, we tend to call these not so much problems as tasks that can be de alt with if you know how to properly care for dyed hair.

What do you need to prepare for? Since the paint (mainly based on ammonia) lifts the scales and penetrates the hair structure, the curls can become more porous and, as a result, dry and brittle.Optimists see in this not only minuses, but also pluses: such hair often holds styling better. But, you must admit, you want the strands to look he althy and beautiful.

Potential risks associated with dyeing include split ends and loss of shine and elasticity.

No wonder experts recommend preparing for coloring in advance. It is advised to start a course of hair-strengthening procedures a month in advance (and preferably two). But their choice should be taken seriously.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierIf you have recently done lamination, keratin, etc., you should not use resistant paints - only tint ones will do. Dyes with ammonia or other active ingredients that penetrate deep into the hair structure can destroy the long-term effect of the care procedure.

It will also benefit from updating your haircut, and avoiding the use of a hair dryer, irons and curling irons.

By the way, after dyeing you can remain dissatisfied not only with the quality of the hair, but also with its shade.Blondes often notice unwanted yellowness, which appears some time after dyeing in a cold blond. Brunettes can be unpleasantly surprised by a greenish tint. Fortunately, competent care can reduce or neutralize such problems.

How to care for dyed hair at home?

Today, color-treated hair care products are produced by almost every popular brand that produces hair cosmetics. But how to choose the right one among all the variety of products and why should you give up the usual classic shampoo or conditioner? First things first.

Using special tools

Of course, we all want to use the best care products for colored hair. But, firstly, everyone has different tastes and preferences, and secondly, it is important to systematically use such cosmetics, and not from time to time.Let's put together the necessary kit together and tell you what criteria each product must meet.

  • Shampoo

Its task is not only to gently rid the hair of dirt and styling products.

Shampoo for colored hair must protect the pigment from washing out. Additionally, the tool can give shine to curls and have restorative or strengthening properties.

We found such a multifunctional shampoo at Garnier in the Fructis line.

The composition is rich in useful components: it contains goji berry extract, polyphenols, grape seed extract, and B vitamins.

And if you are one of those who washes your hair every 3-4 days, we advise you to try a sulfate-free shampoo. Products from this category are not so common yet - we recommend trying Low Shampoo by L'Oréal Paris.

Because of the absence of sulfates, the shampoo almost does not foam, and the color does not wash out as quickly as it could be with a traditional cleanser.

  • Air conditioner

Proper care for colored hair necessarily includes conditioner or conditioner. The reason is clear: after staining, curls require enhanced nutrition. In addition, the balm seals the scales of the hair cuticle, making its surface smoother. Check out Elseve Laminating Balm for Colored or Highlighted Hair by L’Oréal Paris.

It contains red peony extract and a UV filter and protects curls from aggressive environmental factors, making them soft and silky. Tempting, isn't it?

  • Mask

A girl who dyed her hair blonde cannot do without this remedy. But we recommend regular use of hair masks for anyone who has changed the color of the strands. Moreover, we advise you to resort to the help of different means, because their functionality is also different.Some masks are for color brightness, others are for moisturizing, others are for strengthening strands. Alternate them depending on the immediate needs of the hair.

Dyed hair always needs restoration. Garnier created the Fructis Superfood Goji Mask to help make your curls more elastic and shiny.

The tool is also convenient because it can be used in several ways: as a conditioner, as a mask and as a leave-in care.

  • Oil

In the care of dyed hair, oils have also shown themselves well. But don't take the first one that comes along. With a greasy formula, it is easy to weight the strands, getting the effect of dirty hair. Therefore, we recommend that you choose products designed exclusively for hair and use them in a small amount, without affecting the roots. A suitable option is Botanic Therapy smoothness and radiance oil.

It contains argan oil, which nourishes and moisturizes curls, as well as camellia extract, which has softening properties.

By the way, please note: experts do not recommend applying oil to the scalp unless the product is created specifically for this area - otherwise there is a high risk of unbalancing the scalp and getting greasy hair.

  • Leave Care

How to care for dyed hair if it does not hold styling and does not tolerate products with rich nourishing formulas? Try leave-in products. For example, Elseve Color Expert Express Conditioner by L’Oréal Paris.

It will make curls more attractive in just a few seconds. The ingredients are inspiring. Among the components are flax oil and intensive serum. As a result, the product not only nourishes the hair, but also gives it shine, not to mention the fact that it greatly facilitates combing.

How to wash dyed hair?

What are the rules for color-treated hair care when it comes to shampooing? There is something to talk about.

It would seem that something new can be invented in such a trivial area? However, after staining, there are special requirements even for this basic procedure. Firstly, immediately after dyeing, it is advised, if possible, to refrain from using any means (except for the balm, which is applied immediately after removing the dye from the hair) for 2 days: these 48 hours are needed for the pigment to “shrink”.

In the future, it is also better not to abuse frequent washing, so as not to once again expose the pigment to the risk of washing out. Secondly, you should not apply shampoo along the entire length of the hair - limit yourself to the root zone and scalp. The last rule, by the way, applies to the use of shampoo on any hair: the pollution of the hair on the length is successfully washed off by the foam during washing off the shampoo with warm water.

Heat protection for colored hair

If you plan to use hot tools, you can't do without thermal protection: high temperatures negatively affect not only the quality of the hair, but also the color of the strands. Protection in conditions of temperature exposure up to 230 ° C is ready to provide Elseve Serum "Smoothness of Dreams" . Apply it to dry or damp hair. In our opinion, this is an excellent preventive care.

Professional treatments for colored hair

Professional care for colored hair is, of course, very nice. You don’t need to choose cosmetics yourself ( although for many this is just a minus), there is an opportunity to relax and unwind while beneficial compounds affect the strands.

It is impossible to say that any particular procedure is the best. Even if you apply the same beneficial complex to your hair and your friend's hair, the results will be different.Consider the popular procedures for which girls sign up for beauty salons. Let's make a reservation right away: they will not replace regular care for dyed hair at home.


This procedure is chosen by those who are tired of spending precious morning time straightening their hair with a flat iron. It’s easier to go to the salon, where a special composition will be applied to the strands, which forms a film effect on the hair.

As a result, they become smooth and straight. At home, this treatment for colored hair can be imitated with Elseve Laminating Collection, which includes shampoo, mask and conditioner.

Keratin straightening

There are girls who choose keratin straightening after coloring. But we would advise to carry out this procedure before changing the hair color - and we will explain why. Before straightening, the master thoroughly cleans the hair, and at this stage the pigment can be actively washed out.In addition, after applying the composition based on keratin, the curls are heated, which may be good for straightening the strands, but not very good for the quality of your new color.


Botox for hair is a universal procedure that is carried out to restore and improve strands. As a rule, the composition that is applied to curls during Botox contains intra-silane, an active substance that can penetrate deep into the hair structure.

As additional components, those that the hair needs at the moment are used.

After vacation in hot sunny regions, the strands are restored with amino acids and hyaluronic acid. Not enough glitter? Increase the concentration of oils. Noticed brittleness and dryness? Choose a composition with keratin and collagen.

By the way, there are two ways to hold Botox: hot and cold. At the first curls are heated with an iron. On the advice of professionals, for the care of dyed hair, we choose the second method and do not perform the procedure earlier than 7-10 days after color renewal.

Stylist Tips

We discussed both home care and salon care. It's time to answer the questions.

How do I take care of my dyed hair if I'm blonde and I get yellow?

You can neutralize this undesirable effect with the help of cosmetics with purple pigments. L’Oréal Paris has a suitable duet in the Elseve range. Purple shampoo and mask contain a high concentration of color pigments and work effectively both in pairs and separately. By the way, the products are suitable not only for blondes - these "rescuers" will also come in handy for brunettes with streaked curls.


How to take care of hair after coloring, carried out in a complex technique (balayage)?

There is no difference in hair care after monochromatic and complex coloring. But in the latter case, it makes sense to pay double attention to the tips, since they suffer the most.To help special indelible care (creams and oils for anti-cut ends).


How to properly care for dyed hair if there is no time to wait half an hour for the mask to work?

We hurry to please you: many modern masks work much faster. For example, the reanimating hair mask Garnier Fructis "SOS Recovery" will work in 3 minutes. In extreme cases, you can do with conditioner or balm after washing your hair, and apply indelible care to dry hair. But still, it is better not to exclude the mask from care - it requires application no more than once or twice a week.

How to care for hair after dyeing so that the roots do not grow back so quickly?

Restraining hair growth is not the best idea, and not very realistic either. L’Oréal Paris’ Magic Retouch tinting spray will help stretch the gap between coloring procedures, which will instantly mask the natural color, and, if necessary, gray hair.