Do you think that a multi-colored manicure is not serious? We are trying to convince you otherwise. Colored nails will be among the most trendy solutions in 2023

Colorful Manicure 2023: Seasonal Trends

In the modern nail industry, there are no strict seasonal prohibitions regarding the choice of shades. But if you think that the seasons cannot but affect the color of nails, then we will share with you our vision of winter, spring, summer and autumn design and give specific photo examples of colored manicure.

Winter color manicure

You can support the New Year theme with a combination of red, white, green shades on the nails.

Colored manicure, embodied in blue and blue, will be a wonderful and quite logical option for everyday winter nail art.

Silver rhinestones and sparkles will add a festive mood to the winter colored nail design.

Colorful manicure for spring

Delicate and transparent shades are especially good on nails in spring. Fashionable combinations of pink, lilac and blue colors look fresh, but what else do we expect from spring manicure if not freshness?

Watercolor-like streaks of color give a feeling of lightness after rich and dark winter designs.

Colored jacket or holes of different shades will support the joyful mood of the first spring days.

Colorful summer manicure ideas

Summer is the time for the brightest solutions in manicure. We boldly introduce a juicy palette of yellows, pinks and bright greens.Fruit or plant designs are an organic choice for the hot season.

Neon colorful nails will be relevant in summer. Do not be afraid of such a bright design - in the sun such a manicure looks very beautiful.

Rainbow nails are another real summer nail art option. An unusual embodiment in the "marble" technique will appeal to the most sophisticated fashionistas.

Autumn color manicure

Deep saturated shades such as navy blue, emerald and burgundy remain favorites in autumn manicure.

You can create a warm-feeling manicure with different shades of brown. It is in autumn that you often want to choose chocolate and coffee colors.

Restrained gray and marsh motifs are just what we need in the period of "the lush nature of withering" .

Matte multi-colored nails of calm shades in autumn are perceived especially stylishly. This manicure looks both bohemian and aristocratic.

Colorful nail art photo ideas

Colorful nails allow for a variety of designs. Take a look at our photo selection.

Multicolor glitter manicure

Glitter is a familiar attribute of festive design. Multi-colored nails in muted shades will become a harmonious basis for shining decor elements.

Colored nails and foil

For colored nails, it is best to use potal. With its help, you can create bizarre chaotic patterns. Foil goes well with both calm and nude shades, as well as with rich colors.


Glitter sequin nails (also known as kamifubuki) are a way to make colorful manicure even more interesting.

Kamifubuki can be arranged on the nail at your own discretion. Abstract design or realistic drawing - the choice is yours.

Drawings and patterns on colored nails

Images on nails are a great opportunity to show your artistic inclinations.

Color manicure does not impose any restrictions in this sense. On the contrary, any drawings and patterns only become more interesting.


Stamping was invented for those who are not friends with a brush, but really want to create an unusual design on multi-colored nails as well.

The varnish is applied to a special stamp plate with a finished pattern, which is then imprinted on the nail. Agree, very convenient!

Different manicure for right and left hands

Why limit yourself to choosing one nail design when you can make two different versions of a color design at the same time? Both hands deserve customization.

Even a simple monochromatic coating of different colors will arouse the genuine interest of others.

Matte colorful nails

Agree, a matte finish can make any manicure more stylish and noble. Colored nails with a matte finish are one of the most winning solutions for a multi-colored manicure.

Color French

If you feel uncomfortable wearing a bright multi-colored manicure, try a compromise - a colored jacket.

Colored rubbing

For a dazzling manicure for a party, a colored rub will serve you well: a special powder will give your nails a pearly glow.

Leopard print and colored nails

Multicolor design and leopard print is a rather eccentric combination. Colored manicure with predatory patterns speaks of courage and unwillingness to remain in the shadows.

Multi-colored manicure taking into account the shape of the nails

I wonder what a multi-colored manicure should be, depending on the shape of the nails? We made a selection of photos with different designs.

Colorful manicure for square nails

A sharp square (without rounded corners) rhymes perfectly with a colored corner jacket.

The soft square shape is usually chosen for short nails. In this case, a color manicure in pastel and delicate shades will be optimal.

Matte finish is a win-win choice for nails in the shape of the so-called narrowed square.

Sharp nails

It's not easy to find a good design for long sharp nails. It is too easy to achieve the effect of "too much" with such inputs. The best solution for such nails is a combination of several shades of the same color scheme.

Colorful oval nails

Oval nails are versatile in terms of design choices, and colored designs are also welcome. The palette can be both bright and restrained.

Try the trendy quail egg manicure. Black blotches on a colored background look unusual and original.

Almond nails

Perhaps, "almond" is the most elegant and feminine form of nails. Her nobility will be advantageously emphasized by a colored marble manicure.

Nude gamma is another good option in the design of "almond" nails.

If you like a colored jacket, try to make it not very bright. This option will fall on almond-shaped nails as well as possible. Use muted hues like marsh or grey.

Colorful nail length manicure

The main advantage of colored manicure is that it successfully rhymes with any length of nails.

Colorful Manicure Designs for Long Nails

The choice of a multi-colored manicure design for long nails depends only on your preferences.Someone can get bored of bright colored nails quickly.In this case, we advise you to do a manicure in pastel colors. Beige, pale blue and cream shades are well combined with each other.

Colored holes promise to be the highlight of a gentle manicure in nude tones.

Well, girls who like a bold manicure have the right to try the most unusual design options. Why not try on an ombre manicure on long nails? At a long length, the gradient looks as impressive as possible.

Drawings and patterns on long colored nails are also appropriate. A decent length allows the use of sliders and stamping - the scope for creativity is almost endless.

Multi-colored designs for short nails

Short nails are the most practical in everyday life. And do not think that such a length greatly limits you in choosing a nail design. In any case, a colored manicure is an option open for short nails as well.

To perform an original manicure on a short length, a large selection of available shades will help.

Why not use the most unexpected color combinations? This will make the colored manicure on short nails unbanal.For lovers of minimalism, we advise you to try on a geometric design on colored short nails.

How to make a beautiful multi-colored manicure: photo instruction

Decided to make a multi-colored manicure yourself? With the help of our instructions, you can easily cope with this task.

To create bright colored nails you will need:

  • nail file to give the desired shape to nails;
  • orange stick or metal cuticle pusher;
  • remover or oily cream to soften cuticles;
  • tippers for deburring and processing side rollers;
  • nail polish remover;
  • base coat;
  • nail polish in several matching shades;
  • oil or nourishing hand cream.
  1. Choose a well-lit area for your manicure. It is desirable to have an additional light source above the work surface.

  2. Give your nails the desired shape. Wipe them with nail polish remover: it will not only remove the old coating, but also degrease the surface of the nail plate, which is important.

  3. Use an orange stick or cuticle pusher and apply remover or oily cream on it and wait a few minutes.

  4. Without strong pressure, push back the cuticle with an orange stick.

  5. Don't forget to remove the remover or cream from the nail plate with nail polish remover.

  6. Apply a base coat that will prepare the nails for applying varnish (the base not only levels the microrelief of the nail plate, but also protects it from the penetration of colored pigments).

  7. After the base is dry, start applying the color coat. Put a drop of varnish almost at the base of the nail, and then stretch the varnish over the entire nail plate.

  8. Don't forget about the second coat of varnish - for a more even and rich result.

  9. At the end of the process, you can cover your nails with a glossy or matte top.

After the coating is completely dry, use a nourishing or moisturizing cream, as nail polish remover can cause dry hands. Well, in general, hands need moisturizing with cream several times a day, especially in the cold season.

Enjoy your new colorful manicure and start thinking about palette and design for next time.