What is rubbing and why is it good? Not everyone knows about this decorative element in nail design, so we decided to tell you more about it - especially since in 2023 you can make the coating on your nails trendy with the help of rubbing

Rubbing for nail art

Rubbing is a finely ground powder that is used to create an unusual design on nails. Typically, powder is a glittery "dust" of polyester that comes in a variety of colors, particle sizes, and application methods. Judging by social networks, rubbed manicure is more popular than it seems.Looking at the photo below, you will understand that you have seen a fashionable effect on the nails of different girls more than once.

By the way, no special tool is needed to obtain such a result, so you can carry out the procedure at home. The powder itself is sold in small volumes, and it can be applied both on top of gel polish and on a classic coating.

We offer to consider different types of manicure with rubbing. Let's present the brightest, in our opinion, ideas.

Pearl powder

It's easy to guess that the shimmering rub on the nails, which you can see in the photo, resembles the discreet glow of pearls. They say that working with pearl rub is not so difficult, so catch manicure ideas that you can implement on your own or with your master. By the way, the combination of such a nail design and an elegant dress is a ready-made festive look.

As you can see, pearl rubbing fits perfectly on both short and long nails, which makes it one of the universal solutions when choosing a festive manicure option.

Mirror rub

Manicure with a mirror rub (as in the photo) is done less often than with pearl.This is understandable: the metallic effect looks rather bold, which is not always permissible in terms of, say, an office dress code. Therefore, a mirror manicure is best done before a vacation or for a themed party.

Chameleon rub

If you need a very unusual manicure, then the chameleon rub is exactly what you need. With any, even a barely noticeable movement of the hands, the coating on the nails will shimmer in different shades, resembling a holographic effect.

No constellations of rhinestones and other types of complex nail art can compare with the chameleon rub in the hypnotic effect that such a manicure has on others - even on short nails, as in the photo below.

Holographic rubbing

Yes, the "chameleon" rub really allows you to get an effect resembling a holographic one, but powder with large sparkles allows you to get as close as possible to this result.

Some people compare the manicure with a holographic rub with sparkles with northern lights, others - with a picture resembling gasoline stains on the water. And for us, this design evokes cosmic associations.

Rubbing Mermaid

If you study the topic of rubbing with immersion, then sooner or later you will discover a beautiful pigment called "mermaid" .

This powder can be with a mirror effect, and pearl. Some masters imitate the effect of scales, working with large strokes, to obtain, for example, a manicure with a blue rubbing.

Rubbed Manicure: Trends 2023

Choosing from the options available online, rubbed nail design worthy of being ranked in 2023.

French with rub

We are surprised: it turns out that French manicure with rubbing was not so common last year. Take note - a great option for those who are looking for unhackneyed options, but are not ready for extreme experiments with nails.

Rubbing is found both in a classic jacket and in work with more original design options - for example, with colored tips or randomly drawn stripes.

Ombre with rub

If you plan to combine these two not the easiest techniques, warn the master in advance: the work will take longer than a classic plain manicure.

And also take photo examples with you for clarity. Maybe one of the ones we picked up will do.

The option above immediately got to us in the "saved" . In this manicure, according to our editors, complete harmony reigns. Literally everything came together: the shape of the nails, and the beautifully selected shades, and the design with a pearl rub. On the one hand, this design of nails does not contradict the office dress code. On the other hand, it is more than appropriate as a beautiful addition even to the image of the bride.

Rubbing with drawings on nails

Combining intricate drawings and rubbing is an asterisk task, but achieving a holographic sheen over small sketches can be achieved with certain skills.

Among the network novelties, we found such a minimalist manicure with a rub, decorated with dots.

Check out this bright New Year's manicure that combines different techniques. We see a French nail design, and a nail with a mirror rub, and large sparkles. This nail art will seriously compete with Christmas decorations!

Glitter and glitter

A nail design with rhinestones and rubbing is perhaps too much, but a variety of sparkles sparkle quite invitingly on the pages of nail masters on social networks. We are stuck for more than one hour - enjoy our selection!

In this photo we see a manicure worthy of girls who believe that modesty adorns those who have no other jewelry. As they say, we sing a song to the madness of the brave! We don’t even know if we would have decided on this.

And here is a more discreet version - with a small amount of kamifubiks and a pearl powder. And gently, and festively.

Rubbing and gold

Manicure with rubbing and gold leaf we will call a solution with a twist.

Let's say that on a daily basis you are satisfied with a monochromatic coating, but for the New Year or another festive event, you want to add a bit of variety to your style. How about these options?


Rubbed Nail Art Photo Ideas

Still haven't found a rub-in manicure that you'd like to repeat? Catch the next batch of photo ideas!

Black manicure with rubbing

Mysterious black manicure with rubbing can give either blue, purple or gray tone.

The black color is self-sufficient, so it doesn't need any painting or large sequins. But to add a little mystical shine over black nails with a rub - that's it!

For those who decide to choose a black nail design, we advise you to choose the shape that is best combined with the rub - this is a soft square or “almond”.

Blue manicure with rubbing

Blue manicure with rubbing gives room for imagination! Let's start with the most common option - a bright-bright blue coating. Perhaps, such a manicure can harmoniously complement either the most concise monophonic image, or, conversely, a fancy dress that will not be lost against the backdrop of chic nails.

Of course, there are more modest options, not without originality. For example, a matte manicure that goes well with classic denim.

Or a more delicate manicure in blue and white with small designs on the ring fingers.

Pink manicure with rubbing

We think pink manicure is cute by definition, but with the help of rubbing, the touching effect can be enhanced.

By the way, it seemed to us that the duet of pink polish and rub is open to "collaborations" with other decorative elements. Potal, rhinestones, and large sequins can also be used. In general, an inspiring duet, apparently.

How to make a beautiful manicure with a rub?

It doesn't matter which rubbed nail design you choose: a simple solid color or an intricate pattern.

For starters, if you plan to do a manicure at home, it's important to just learn how to handle fine powder, and only then think about original design options. Let's look at one of the options for step-by-step instructions.

  1. Start with preparation. Shape your nails and tidy up your cuticles (don't forget to use a special oil regularly to keep your hands looking well-groomed).
    If suddenly there was no special oil at hand, you can rub a nourishing hand cream into the cuticle. We share links to care products that our editors love.

  2. Back to business. On previously degreased nails, apply a base coat in one layer. Wait until it dries.

  3. Then cover your nails with colored polish or gel polish and dry your nails.

  4. Start using the rub. Apply the powder with light strokes either with your fingers or with an applicator (some dispensing tools will do), moving from the base of the nail to the tip and back. It is better to do this over a tray or napkin so that you do not have to spend extra time cleaning.

  5. Apply top for a beautiful finish.