It is quite possible to make your hair lighter at home. Let's tell you how to walk this bright path on your own

How and how to make hair lighter at home?

Both factory paints and folk remedies can make hair lighter. But ready-made hair products will do the job more efficiently, while "grandmother's" recipes can lighten hair with a variety of side effects.Let's take a closer look at how hair is made lighter using different products.

Hair dyes

These funds are more or less persistent. Less longwear tends to be milder.

Resistant paints most often contain ammonium hydroxide, thanks to which a strong degree of clarification can be achieved. You should not be afraid of ammonia in the composition: modern persistent products are safe for use at home, if you follow the rules for use (mainly do not keep the dye on your hair longer than recommended in the instructions).

Luxury blond will be presented by products from the Préférence line from L'Oréal Paris. If you're dreaming of Hollywood platinum curls, go for Color 09 Hollywood Very Light Blonde.

It cannot be said that paints without ammonia are a priori unstable. Of course, the lightening will not be so intense, but there is no doubt about the durability of the result.

With the help of sparing paints with an ammonia-free formula, tinting is done in lighter shades. The Casting Crème Gloss series from L'Oréal Paris is just designed for such hair tinting. Shades No. 1013 "Light Light Blond Beige" and No. 1010 "Light Light Blond Ash" diversify the blond background with new color nuances.

Folk remedies for lightening hair

How else can you make your hair a tone lighter at home without dye and lightening? There are many folk recipes on the net.Masks made from honey, kefir or lemon, quite possibly, will really make your hair lighter, but no one will guarantee success. In addition, unbalanced formulations (especially with lemon juice) can also harm curls.

The nuances of lightening hair of different shades

You can lighten hair of any shade. If you take into account the peculiarities of the original color, the result will be harmonious and stylish.

Blonde hair

Blonde hair can become lighter and without persistent colors. For this, tinting agents are suitable that can lighten curls by a couple of tones.

Garnier Olia series paints will give strands a beautiful glow. The unique formula of Garnier Olia with natural oils provides the hair with rich color and lasting results, despite the absence of ammonia in the composition. For fair-haired girls, we recommend paint No. 10.21 "Pearl Blonde" . You will get a pleasant and delicate shade with pearl tints.

Dark hair

How to lighten dark hair? For brunettes and brown-haired women, resistant paints that have powerful brightening potential will help in this matter.

To lighten dark hair with a cold undertone, colors with ashy notes are suitable, for example, No. 8.1 “Light Blonde Ash” from Excellence, L’Oréal Paris.

If you have warm brown hair, then you will get a guaranteed winning result with paint No. 9.3 "Very Light Blond Golden" from Excellence L'Oréal Paris.

To become a dazzling blonde, it is better to turn to professional colorists. In one session, you won’t be able to turn from a brunette into a blond beast - first you have to bleach the curls, and then tint. Only an experienced master will be able to choose the right colors for high-quality and safe lightening of dark hair.

Red hair

Red hair is optimally lightened in copper or caramel tones. Here, too, one cannot do without persistent paints: only they can force the red pigment to recede.

Paint No. 7.3 "Marseille, golden blond" from Préférence, L'Oréal Paris, will give red curls warm sunny overflows.

Note that the lightest level with a red base can only be successfully achieved in the salon. Self-bleaching of fiery curls can adversely affect the quality of the hair. The fact is that the red pigment is the most persistent by nature, and it is the most difficult to remove it.Therefore, only an experienced master can transform a red-haired girl into a blonde.

Hair lightening photo ideas

You can make your hair color lighter by dyeing the entire mass of hair. But there are techniques that allow you to lighten your hair due to a local change in the shade of selective strands. Let's analyze various ideas for lightening curls using photo examples.

The whole mass of hair

Dyeing your entire length is the easiest way to lighten your curls. Full coloring is easy to do on your own, especially if you properly prepare for the procedure.

  • Before you color your curls, use the virtual color try-on service. This can be done on the websites of L'Oréal Paris and Garnier.
  • Before coloring, you should refrain from using styling products, and also do not apply balms and conditioners.
  • If there is a choice between two shades, it is better to choose a shade lighter.

Full length hair color advice from our expert:

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierIt must be remembered that in no case can the paint be saved, otherwise the result may turn out to be uneven. It is necessary to follow the golden rule of hair drowning in paint.

Hair, bleached along the entire length, looks very beautiful. For full coverage of long hair, we recommend choosing natural shades in light blond tones, such as No. 8.0 Iridescent Light Blonde and No. 7.0 Exquisite Golden Topaz from Garnier Color Sensation.


Clarification of individual strands has become fashionable for a long time and is not losing ground. The popularity of this approach is explained by the fact that a variety of techniques allows everyone to find interesting solutions, regardless of the original color and hair length.

There are solutions even for those who are not ready for significant changes. By highlighting just a few strands near the face, you will create an interesting accent without violating the “basics” of the image. For this purpose, shade No. 102 "Sparkling iridescence" from Préférence L'Oréal Paris is suitable.

Light highlights throughout the mass of hair will allow you to get balayage. This coloring technique involves a “calculated-chaotic” lightening of the strands with neat brush strokes. The result is a natural effect of sun-bleached hair, which adds volume and dynamics to the hairstyle.

Dark and brown hair look stylish with caramel and honey strands. Paint No. 6.32 “Golden Dark Blonde” from Excellence, L’Oréal Paris will help to perform such a “warm” balayage.

Frequent highlighting is another way to lighten hair without coloring it completely. The technique is very interesting: they lighten a large number of very thin strands at short intervals. It turns out almost uniform color with beautiful natural overflows.

A very effective partial lightening option is air-touch coloring. A part of the hair is blown out of each individual strand with a hair dryer, and paint is applied to the remaining part in the grip. Curls clarified in such an “airy” technique are perceived very gently. The air-touch technique works equally well on blond and dark hair.


Dark crown and light tips are a classic combination. This effect is most often achieved using the ombre technique, as it allows you to stretch the color and achieve a smooth transition between shades.

You can lighten only the tips, or you can move the coloring border closer to the roots.

Special devices are designed to facilitate self-coloring. For example, L’Oréal Paris’ Colorista Effects Ombre Effect comes with a specially designed comb to distribute the dye along the length of the hair.With its help, it is very easy to create a smooth transition from a natural own shade to clarified tips.

Tip: The ombre effect will look as natural as possible if the strands near the face are lightened completely, from the roots.

This technique is recommended for hair that is at least shoulder length.

The long bob is already a working version, allowing you to color the tips so that you get a gradient. In this case, the staining border will pass closer to the roots.

Hair care after lightening

Those who decide to lighten their hair should definitely know how to care for dyed hair. The products that you used before dyeing will no longer be good enough for bleached hair, because now they need more care.

How to care for hair after lightening? Here are some simple rules to help keep your curls he althy and vibrant.

  • To keep the color as bright as possible, it is recommended to replace the usual shampoo and balm with products from the lines for colored hair.
  • To maintain the shade between staining procedures, you can do tinting.
  • It is better to choose styling products with a thermal protection function so as not to overload the hair with a layer of different care products.

We have prepared a selection of effective products that will help in the care of bleached hair.

Elseve Extraordinary Split End Oil by L'Oréal Paris

Split ends are a fairly common problem after lightening. This "extraordinary" oil nourishes the hair and prevents split ends. The tool gives the hair shine, does not weigh down the strands and protects them from aggressive environmental factors.

Garnier Fructis Superfood Hair Mask “Aloe. Hydration"

After bleaching, the curls sometimes become stiff and dry.If you do not take care of such hair with special attention, over time they will resemble straw. To prevent this from happening, after staining, it is recommended to use masks once or twice a week, for example, Garnier Fructis Superfood with aloe vera. It will soften the hair, fill it with vitality and eliminate dullness.

How to make hair lighter? Stylist Tips

How to make hair color lighter after dyeing?

Don't evaluate the color immediately after dyeing. The intensity of the shade will change slightly after several shampooing sessions. The final result of staining can be considered about a week later - the shade will become a little lighter. To make the color lighter and colder without paint, special purple shampoo and mask will help. They neutralize unwanted yellowness.

What to look for when caring for bleached hair ends?

Evgeny Sedoy: “If the ends of the hair are lightened, it is necessary to prevent their splitting. To do this, the discolored ends must be trimmed in time and indelible products for the ends of the hair should be used in daily care. ”

How can brunettes make their hair lighter without dye?

Very dark hair cannot be made lighter without dyeing - even a couple of tones. It is better for brunettes not to tempt fate by resorting to folk recipes. One advice is to use safe and high-quality hair dyes and gradually go to the “bright side”.