When it comes to the beauty of nails, girls in Russia are very demanding: a manicure must be not only neat, but also beautiful. We offer to consider the trend options for 2023

Beautiful manicure: trends - 2023

Fashion trends in 2023 are declared not only at fashion weeks, but also online. Manicure is no exception in this regard. We used to look for the best ideas for a beautiful manicure using hashtags and on the pages of our favorite masters. In this article, we decided to collect all the most interesting things so that every girl finds a solution for herself on how to beautifully paint her nails this season.

Gorgeous french

Experientially, we found out that French is the most beautiful manicure, according to the male part of the population. The classic version looks both gentle and impressive. In addition, French manicure goes with most looks for both everyday and special occasions.

If we talk about fashion trends, then the jacket is constantly evolving, and in 2023 we are seeing a beautiful version of this nail design using bright colors among trendsetters. By the way, varnish can be both glossy and matte - it all depends on your imagination and the skill of a specialist, after all, a jacket is not the easiest manicure technique.

Chic cat-eye

The result obtained using the "cat's eye" technique is sometimes not just a chic manicure, but a work of art.

The coating magically shimmers in the light and, with high-quality performance, really resembles a cat's eye.

I must say that this technique was not at the forefront of fashion, but girls continue to choose a "cat" manicure because of its attractiveness and beauty. Therefore, we share photos of new products that have appeared on the network relatively recently.

Amazing manicure with painting

To call this design trendy would also be some exaggeration - it requires too high a level of skill, but we are talking about beautiful manicure in this material, and the painted options definitely belong to this category.There are examples worthy of decorating the windows of nail salons, and some patterns on nails collect more than 70 thousand likes on social networks.

Green manicure

This season, nail experts highlight green shades of varnishes and gels. Neon colors are optional. In our opinion, deep dark green, pistachio and herbal shades look stylish.

Beautiful and unusual nail design with shades of green you can see in the photo.

We love how the artist combined different shades and created an unusual design by dividing each nail into two parts.

Red but not quite

Obviously, red nail polish is a classic. But in 2023, we invite you to choose more calm and restrained shades.

Beautiful and fashionable manicure can be terracotta or wine.

In general, all shades of autumn with a drop of red are relevant.

New beautiful manicure

In terms of ideas, the world of manicure is limitless, although it seems to many that it is already problematic to come up with something fundamentally new. Well, we offer a look at the latest in nail design in 2023. Such a manicure, in our opinion, unconditionally deserves the epithet "beautiful" .

Rhinestones and sparkles

Rhinestones themselves, of course, have been used in the design of nails for a long time - in cases where a chic manicure is required for going out or for a themed party.

We only note that today excessive brilliance is not welcome - everything should be in moderation. Relevant options for point design, when there are a minimum number of iridescent elements on the nail plates.

Look how interesting the jacket looks when the free edge of the nail is lined with small rhinestones: both elegant and restrained.

No less beautiful manicure, only with a moon design, can be seen in the photo below. And the shape of the girl's nails is fashionable - the oval does not lose ground.

Childish design

Of course, there were references to cute children's drawings until 2023.

But this summer, the fashion for beaded necklaces, which began to be worn by many trendsetters, migrated to the nails. Just look at what a beautiful manicure the girl in the photo below did in 2023.

All that is needed for such a result is to buy the appropriate applications and do not forget about the colorless varnish, on which cute hearts and stars will be fixed.

Easy photo ideas for a beautiful manicure

We believe that the most beautiful manicure in 2023 is simple and unpretentious. The geometry on the nails, of course, looks original, but a high-quality manicure combined with a solid nude coating is grace itself. Both short and long nails in this design look as neat as possible.

Well-groomed hand skin is another condition for such an impression of a manicure. Even a very beautiful nail design will not save the situation if there is visible peeling on the hands.

Get in the habit of using nourishing hand cream and cuticle oil daily, especially during the cold season.

And now let's move on to the beautiful manicure options that we found on the net.


It's not without reason that princesses and other representatives of royal families choose pale beige nail polish.

The effect of noble modesty is facilitated by the small length of nails and shapes such as a soft square or oval. We assume that royal people are afraid to even think about sharp nails.

Solid manicure

The most beautiful manicure is the one that you like not only in the photo, but also in real life. At home, a manicure with varnishes of bright colors is easier.

Pale nude shades are subject to those who paint their own nails for more than a year - for beginners, such products can lie in stripes, so you will have to work out to get the desired result.

A beautiful trendy manicure in 2023 can be dark blue, burgundy, and even black. The main thing is to choose a color that will not argue with your wardrobe, otherwise both the outfit and the beautiful nail design will lose out.

Manicure options with decor

There are girls on whom plain nails without additional decor are boring. If you can't stand monotony, take a look at our selection of photos of the original manicure and vote at the end for the most beautiful design of the season - 2023!

Rhinestones and stones

Let's start this chapter with what not to do. Nail design with large crystals is going into the shadows today, and there is not much point in bringing it to the fore.

Perhaps this is a consequence of the fact that beautifully executed nail art with stones is a rarity. But we tried and found interesting options for everyone whose soul asks for a festive sparkle. Enjoy!

Feathers or flowers

Beautiful manicure - 2023 allows the image of flowers, leaves and even feathers on the nails, but it is better if such a pattern is quite abstract. You should not draw roses or daisies in their natural form. Choose one of the options below and show it as a reference to an experienced craftsman.

Kamifubiki on medium length nails

By learning beautiful novelties in nail design, beginner nail artists can expand their vocabulary. Remember: kamifubiki. These are sequins made of foil and polymers with different finishes (matte, glossy or even holographic). There are a lot of options for their use on nails. But we are most impressed with kamifubiki with a colorless coating. Still, you should not overload an already difficult design.

And by tradition, we share new products from the network: take a look at the beautiful sequin manicure, which received likes in 2023.

Rainbow Manicure

You can see a beautiful nail design that is relevant in 2023 in the fresh photos below - among the new products, we also found fashionable rainbow manicure options.

For example, here he looks gentle and touching.

And the next photo is quite bright and bold.

We highly appreciated the French version of the rainbow manicure - trendy and fresh!

Of course, all the colors of the rainbow are best applied to nails in the summer. But if the dullness outside the window evokes sadness, why not add bright colors to the image and make a chic colored manicure?