Conscious consumption and sustainable development is not just a current agenda for endless conversations and media discussions. The leading players in the beauty market are moving from words to deeds. Join now!

Green beauty with Garnier

Of course, it is important to sound the alarm about the dominance of plastic, deforestation and water pollution on our planet, but it is even more important to take concrete measures to combat this evil.

Garnier has launched a massive awareness campaign to inspire millions of people to be sustainable by rethinking their daily habits.

  1. Garnier experts, along with National Geographic representatives, tell and show how each of us can take better care of natural resources and reduce harm to the planet.

  2. There are elementary things available to everyone. For example, it's easy to save water by turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth. Between a bathtub and a shower, it is better to choose the latter: Garnier reminds that it takes an average of 150 to 200 liters of water to fill a bathroom, while taking a shower, you will spend from 30 to 70 liters. See how simple it is!

  3. By 2025, the brand plans to completely abandon the use of primary plastic, using used material to create packages. There are corresponding marks on the packaging of cosmetics, and you and I just have to make a conscious choice by carefully reading the labels.

  4. Changes are taking place in the approach to production.The French brand has embarked on a biodegradable formula. There are already hair products with a biodegradable formula on the market, which are 98% composed of ingredients of natural origin, including organic ones. You can use reusable makeup remover pads and buy face masks in compact packages (reducing the use of plastic). Whether there will be more!

Profitable recycling with Kiehl's

Agree, it's doubly nice when eco-habits are rewarded. This is well understood at Kiehl's. She offers her customers to hand over empty jars from under the brand's products. For this, special collection points are organized in the shops and corners of the brand. For 3 units you can get one of the miniatures of cosmetics, for 5 you can get a lip balm, and for 10 you can get a cosmetic bag.

A great incentive to try Kiehl's bestselling Avocado Eye Cream and Calendula Alcohol Free Toner!

Greater cleansing with L'Oréal Paris

If asked what beauty product you couldn't live without, most people would say: "No shampoo!"

Means of this category are in constant demand. It is logical that L’Oréal Paris decided to put the production of hair products on an environmental footing first - Elseve.

Since 2023, every shampoo and conditioner in this range has been packaged with recyclable plastic, which can continue to be recycled. This is a serious step, because Elseve is a wide range of products not only for cleansing hair, but also for restoring it after dyeing, and for maintaining color, and for special care (for example, the “3 valuable clays” line was created for hair that is oily at the roots and dry at the tips).

Caring for flowers with Lancôme

Lancôme has launched Caring Together for a Happier Tomorrow, an international sustainability program that benefits on multiple fronts. The brand invests in the protection of biodiversity, in particular in the care of roses.

Favorite flower of the French brand makes every product of the brand special. Idôle fragrance with a rose note in the heart of the composition, Absolue Precious Cells face mask with rose petals and Blush Subtil blush with floral engraving on the package are a great set for a first acquaintance with Lancôme.

By 2025, many of the brand's products will be available in recyclable packaging, and some will be available for refills. For the latter, in our opinion, the beauty future.

By the way, refills are used in Giorgio Armani Beauty and Valentino Beauty cosmetics.

attention to detail with YSL Beauty

Who would have thought, but even paper inserts for cosmetics cause questions among environmental activists. And we are glad that brands are heeding this public demand. For example, the YSL Beauty brand no longer includes booklets in product packaging.

And the paper that is still used in packaging is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, confirming that the collection of wood for its production meets the requirements of this international organization.