This noble shade makes the look more restrained and stylish. We will tell you how to get beautiful dark blond curls at home

Features of dark blond hair color

Dark blond color is not limited to one shade. It's more appropriate to talk about the whole palette.

As a rule, a cold undertone is implied, which does not allow this palette to be classified as a chestnut spectrum.

But sometimes there are also warm variations of a dark blond shade - with slightly noticeable golden tints.

What are the advantages of dark blond color?

  • This is an almost universal palette, in which there is a suitable shade for any type of appearance.
  • Dark blond looks very natural. After dyeing, the hair looks like it is their natural shade.
  • Dyeing your hair this color is not difficult on your own. The guarantee of success is a large selection of dark blond colors for home use.

What about the cons? The main problem with a dark blond shade is that it actively gives off pigment over time. This is fraught with the appearance of an unpleasant greenish tint on the hair. And if the hair was dyed golden dark blond, then an unpleasant red or yellow tint may appear on the curls.True, all these disadvantages are easily neutralized with the help of care products with purple pigments.

Who suits dark blond?

There are no strict contraindications for choosing a dark blond hair color. It is important that the shade emphasizes the dignity of appearance, placing the right accents in the image.

Pure cold dark blond color will suit girls with light or peach skin, blue or gray eyes.

If there is redness on the skin, it is important to understand that the ashy variations of this shade will only emphasize them. With such initial data, it is better to choose the most neutral blond shade without any undertone.

Swarty-skinned and dark-eyed girls are recommended to give preference to the golden color of dark blond.

Note that dark blond color is friendly with any length: short, long or medium length - hair will take this shade with a bang.

Trendy shades of dark blonde

Dark blond color looks very natural.

What's more, it keeps your hair looking good, so it never goes out of style.

What dark blond hair color looks like, let's look at specific photo examples.


Cold dark blond color is one of the most desirable in the blond range.

The shade is really incredibly beautiful, it has a magnetic effect on others.

To achieve an even cold color on the curls, the paint of the Excellence Cool Crème line from L’Oréal Paris in shade No. 6.11 “Dark Blonde” will help to achieve an even cold color on the curls.

Ultra-ash pigments provide long-lasting cool color to hair. To maintain the desired temperature, neutralizing unwanted yellowness, purple shampoo and mask are ready, which are recommended to be included in regular care once or twice a week.The tool is suitable for blondes, blond girls and even brunettes.

Warm or golden

How to choose paint to get a warm dark blond color?

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierInitially, in the combination "dark blond" there is the word "blond" . It implies a natural neutral shade. By nature, it has a slight golden sheen, but even it is closer to the cold spectrum, so the dark blond color is still cold. But if the word "golden" is stated in the very name of the paint, then such a dark blond color will really go into a warm range.

Warm dark blond curls will be given by paint No. 7.13 "Golden Blonde" from Garnier Olia. The formula with oils is gentle on the he alth of the hair, giving it a long-lasting and even color. The result will be exactly golden, not yellowish or reddish - you don’t have to worry about this.


This is a neutral shade with no steely sheen or warm undertones. To verify this, take a look at the photo of dark blond natural hair color.

Garnier Color Sensation hair dye in shade No. 6.0 "Luxury dark blond" was created for independent home dyeing. Permanent pigments are evenly distributed throughout the hair, providing them with a rich and vibrant shade.

Today you can try on any shades online using special services, such as on the sites of L’Oréal Paris, Garnier.

Dyeing in dark blond hair color

Dyeing your hair in one color along the entire length is not such a complicated procedure. But proper preparation and compliance with certain rules are very important for obtaining a quality result.

How to get the desired dark blond shade on your hair?

  • The right choice of paint is half the battle. Do not take the first shade you like. Check out several options in your favorite range, study the comparison tables of staining results on paint packages.
  • Take into account the nuances of the original shade of your hair. For example, reddish hair needs a dye with an ashy undertone to achieve a cool dark blond shade. Golden variations of dark blond colors are suitable for those who want blond strands to cast with caramel and honey notes.
  • On previously dyed hair, the shade that was planned may not turn out at all. Preliminary decapitation will help to avoid this.
  • If you are not confident in your abilities, you can consult experienced colorists and sign up for professional coloring in the salon.

How to properly dye dark blond at home? We offer step by step instructions.

  1. A potential allergic reaction must be tested 48 hours before coloring. The instructions for the paint always describe in detail how to do this. If there is no negative reaction, feel free to proceed.

  2. Protect your clothes with a cape, wear gloves.

  3. Mix ink and developer in a glass or plastic container.

  4. Comb your hair, divide it into several parts and secure with clips for convenience.

  5. Apply the coloring composition with a brush in a row, starting from the hair roots.

  6. Run your fingers through your hair for a more even distribution of the coloring composition.

  7. After the time specified in the instructions, wash off the paint with warm water and use a balm after staining.

Important: for even coloring of long hair (below the shoulders), you will need two packs of paint.

What makeup goes with dark blonde hair?

For girls with dark blond hair, a soft natural range of shades is recommended for daily makeup.

When choosing a foundation, first of all, you need to consider skin tone - hair color in this case plays a secondary role.

Dark skin with warm undertones will suit shades without pink or yellow undertones. For example, Maybelline NY Fit Me Foundation in 120 Classic Beige or 129 Dark Sand.

Dark blond hair combined with fair skin dictate their requirements: foundation should be such that the face does not look too pale.

Great choice - variations of beige and peach shades. There are just such ones in the Alliance Perfect foundation palette from L'Oréal Paris - No. 3.5 "Peach" and No. 3 "Golden Beige" .

To emphasize the depth of the dark blond hair color, the blush should not be too bright and cold.

Recommended to pay attention to coral or warm pink shades.

In addition to the classic black mascara, you can experiment with brown, which is in perfect harmony with dark blond curls.

It is desirable to shape the eyebrows in the same range as the hair - one tone lighter or one tone darker.

NYX Professional Makeup's Cosmic Metals Shadow Palette looks like it was designed to harmonize with blonde hair. Golden and soft pink shimmering shades perfectly complement an attractive look.

Nude lip products are a win-win for everyday makeup.

Moisturize lips and give them a magnetic glow with L'Oréal Paris Color Riche Shine lipstick with pearl pigments in shades No. 111 Instarai and No. 112 Only in Paris.

In the evening, you can use L’Absolu Lacquer lip lacquer.

How to care for hair after coloring?

  • Dark blonde hair also needs color protection, no matter how natural it looks. Ordinary shampoos (not for colored hair) are able to wash out the pigment, and the color quickly fades, losing its original brightness.To maintain a rich color and restore radiance to curls, for example, shampoo and balm Botanicals “Geranium. Elixir of Radiance" by L'Oréal Paris.

  • Dyed hair can't be damaged by extra nutrition. The Garnier Botanic Therapy mask will serve them well. It will facilitate combing and make the hair soft and silky.

  • Dry hair after dyeing will help to eliminate the indelible cream Garnier Fructis "Triple Recovery 10 in 1" . The tool has another useful property: it protects against the thermal effects of stylers during hot styling. The cream can be applied to both wet and dry hair.

  • Give your hair a smooth and well-groomed look with L'Oréal Paris Elseve Color Expert Express Conditioner for Colored Hair. The conditioner has a laminating effect, thanks to which the color does not lose its brightness for a long time.

  • It is worth paying attention to the scalp, because it is also exposed to the active composition in the process of hair coloring. Kiehl's Magic Elixir Nourishing Concentrate gently cares for the skin and promotes hair restoration.

Dark blond hair color: stylists answer questions

How to dye your hair dark blonde to cover gray hair?

Resistant paints are required to cover gray hair. The vast majority of them contain ammonia. However, today some ammonia-free formulas are also among the persistent ones - such are presented, for example, in the Garnier Olia series.

How to keep dark blond color cool?

Roman Moiseenko: “Cold tone can be maintained with special products with purple pigments - they neutralize yellowness. It can be shampoo, conditioner or hair mask.”


Can I use hair oils after dyeing dark blonde?

Evgeny Sedoy: “If you want to preserve the color, do not use oil masks on the day of coloring and for the next few days. The color stabilizes no earlier than 72 hours after the procedure. After this time, you can use products with oils. To keep the color more vibrant, try not to use pure oil, but masks with the addition of oils. Such products moisturize and nourish the curls, due to which the color looks more saturated. Even if a lot of time has passed since the moment of dyeing, after the mask with oils, the hair color seems to be renewed and looks bright again.”

Is it true that dark blond hair can make you look older?

There is an opinion that dark or black-blond shades add age. But with a harmonious selection of colors for the type of appearance, such a problem will not arise. To get the expected result, use the online shade try-on service on the websites of hair dye manufacturers.