The ombre technique may be of interest to everyone who has finally decided to experiment with complex coloring. In the article we will tell you how to make an ombre at home and in the salon

What is ombre?

The word "ombre" in French means "shadow" . In coloring, ombre is understood as a coloring technique with a smooth transition from a dark shade to a light one.

The beautiful natural gradient that ombre is so famous for is easy to get in a beauty salon from an experienced master.At home, without some experience, it is more difficult to achieve the desired result, but special devices, such as, for example, a comb for performing an ombre, can help.

Pros and cons of technology

Ombre, like other techniques, has its advantages and disadvantages.Let's designate the pros first.

  • Coloring with a subtle transition looks natural.

  • The result does not require frequent updating, as the transition from one color to another just smoothly shifts down as the hair grows.

  • The result looks stylish and relevant.

  • A large selection of shades on the modern beauty market allows you to make an ombre on hair of any color.

  • Not the entire mass of hair is clarified, which means that less paint is required than with full dyeing.

Much less flaws.

  • The technique involves lightening or bleaching the hair, which may affect their quality.
  • Clarified curls require special care and special care: you need to additionally moisturize and nourish the hair, and also make sure that the color does not turn yellow.
  • The wrong shade can create too much contrast, and it looks out of date.

How to choose an ombre color?

Do you want to make an ombre at home on your own so that the coloring turns out like in the salon? The most important thing is to choose a shade of paint, taking into account the original color of your hair. The result depends on this choice.

Each color has its own characteristics, so let's take a closer look at each one.

For blond hair

Fair-haired girls are lucky: they fit the maximum number of shades to create an ombre for themselves. Ash blond and caramel strands with a honey tint will be equally harmoniously combined with such a base.

However, you should not choose contrasting colors for ombre on light brown hair. The maximum difference between dark and light shades should not exceed 3-4 tones.
For color selection, it is convenient to use the services of online trying on shades on the websites of L'Oréal Paris or Garnier. So you can see with your own eyes whether the selected paint is in harmony with your skin tone and eye color.

For dark hair

On dark hair, ash and cold light shades will be associated rather with gray hair, so to get the effect of a beautiful and noble ombre, brunettes and brown-haired women are recommended soft and warm colors that will not conflict with natural ones.

If you plan to do the procedure at home, then copper paints can also be considered as an option for self-coloring using the ombre technique.

For red hair

A gradient in wheaten shades will look very gentle on red hair.

Natural stretching of color can also be achieved with a lighter red shade - it will seem that the strands are a little burnt out in the sun.

For blonde hair

At home, trying on ombre on fair hair is difficult. Most likely, the curls will have to be bleached and then tinted to achieve a beautiful shade.

It is advisable to entrust such a procedure to an experienced colorist - then the hair will not only acquire an updated look, but also remain soft.

Review of homemade ombre paints

Resistant paints will help to make ombre coloring at home. From our selection, you will find out which products will not fail if you decide to dye your own hair using the gradient technique. You choose the scale of transformation yourself.

Colorista Effects Ombre Effect by L'Oréal Paris

Among the colors for doing ombre at home, one cannot fail to mention Colorista Effects "Ombre Effect" from L'Oréal Paris. The advantage of this paint over many others is provided by the expert comb that comes with the kit. As a paint applicator, this tool helps to create a neat and imperceptible transition between shades. It is not difficult to perform an ombre on your own with the help of such a comb, and the coloring process itself will be a pleasure.

Préférence by L'Oréal Paris

Deep and saturated color up to 8 weeks - the result you can safely count on if you use paint from the Préférence line from L'Oréal Paris.

To create an ice ombre on light brown hair, shade No. 11.21 "Ultrablond" is suitable.
Pearl shine "Ultrablond" will make the classic ombre unusual.

Shade No. 01 "Light Light Blonde Natural" will successfully fall on brown hair. It has neither golden nor ash undertones, so for natural dark hair, this will be the most natural transformation.

Garnier Color Naturals Creme

On dark strands, a natural ombre effect will be obtained with paint No. 8.00 "Deep Light Blonde" from Garnier Color Naturals Crème. This shade is suitable for coloring dark brown hair.

If you have red-chestnut or dark red hair, then 7.4 Golden Copper paint will work great in the ombre technique.

Smooth transition from dark red to light shade will make the image attractive and stylish.

Note that there are more oils in the formula of Garnier Color Naturals Crème balm-care: they nourish the hair after dyeing and promote shine and color saturation.

Garnier Color Sensation

Wild rose oil paint will give your hair not only a luxurious color, but also a natural shine, and the floral aroma of the product will make self-coloring using the ombre technique even more pleasant. Garnier Color Sensation Platinum Blonde Shade 101 will give light brown and dark blonde hair a noble cold shine.

901 Silver Blonde is a color for bold experiments with ash ombre.

Colorista Washout by L'Oréal Paris

Hair make-up is a very convenient way to try on a colored ombre without permanent hair coloring. The Colorista Washout palette of washable coloring balms will delight lovers of bright color solutions.

Ombre at home or in the salon: technique

Where do you do ombre - at home or in the salon?

To understand the technology and make a final decision, we will describe the main stages of ombre staining.

  1. The hair is divided into several parts and each is fixed with barrettes or special hairdressing clips.

  2. Then, a brightening mixture is applied to the hair in a row with a brush from top to bottom, starting from the conditional border of the transition of colors; the tips are stained especially intensively.

  3. The composition is kept on the hair for the time specified in the instructions, after which it is washed off with warm water. Next, the strands are thoroughly dried with a hairdryer.

  4. The paint starts to be applied to the hair just above the discoloration line - to get a smoother and more imperceptible transition.

  5. After the time specified in the instructions for the paint, the composition is washed off with warm water.

  6. Finish the procedure with the obligatory application of a balm after staining.

From the step-by-step instructions, it follows that the procedure takes place in two stages: bleaching and actually staining in the desired shade. When performing an ombre on your own, it may be difficult to discolor. The fact is that it is very important to maintain the correct proportions when mixing oxide and clarifying powder.

Skip the bleaching stage may well be those who want to change the shade by just 2-3 tones. Or, on the contrary, you can limit yourself to lightening and not add any pigment.

If you think that bleaching on your own is beyond your power and the procedure seems too complicated in general, it is better not to take risks and turn to professional colorists for a beautiful ombre.

Indeed, it must be admitted that when staining using the complex ombre technique at home, color transitions do not always turn out smooth, while blurry borders are an important condition for a beautiful result.

How to care for hair after coloring?

Despite the fact that the ombre does not involve full coloring, the hair after such a procedure needs special care.

  • Regular care should now include shampoo, conditioner and conditioner for colored hair. They will help keep the color longer and provide the necessary care.

  • Be sure to use heat protection before styling with a flat iron or blow dryer.

  • Clarified ends need intensive nourishment and hydration. Therefore, it is worth using leave-in products, such as tip oil, spray or hair cream.

  • Maintaining color purity is another task that requires special tools. Shades of blond can acquire an unwanted yellow or red tint over time. Products with purple pigments can neutralize redness or yellowness.

To preserve the beauty and he alth of hair after dyeing ombre, the products from our selection will help.

Low Shampoo Elseve Color Expert by L'Oréal Paris

Highlighted hair is prone to dryness and breakage, and daily care should be gentle, restorative. Low Shampoo 3 in 1 is perfect for ombre colored curls. It cleans the hair qualitatively, protects the color and facilitates combing (like a balm). Thus, the shampoo acts in a complex manner, which allows you not to overload your hair with additional care products.

Botanicals Wild Saffron Hair Mask by L'Oréal Paris

The problem of dry hair can be solved by the mask Botanicals “Wild Saffron. Nutrition Extract" . Thanks to soybean, coconut, wild saffron oils, it intensively nourishes and softens curls, which often become stiffer after dyeing. It is worth noting that the mask does not contain parabens, silicones and dyes.

Kiehl's Smoothing Oil-Infused Leave-In Concentrate

Unruly porous hair is ready to be tamed by Kiehl's multifunctional concentrate. It smoothes and adds shine without weighing down the strands thanks to its special light texture.

Garnier Botanic Therapy Royal Jelly & Propolis Repair Cream-Oil

Garnier Botanic Therapy Royal Jelly and Propolis Cream-Butter will protect against high temperatures during hot styling.

It can be applied in three ways:

  1. on wet hair;

  2. on dry hair before styling;

  3. to the tips anytime for extra nutrition.

L'Oréal Paris Elseve purple shampoo and hair mask

Over time, yellow or red pigments often appear on bleached hair. This is due to impurities in tap water, exposure to the sun and other environmental factors. Shampoo and mask with purple pigments from L'Oréal Paris Elseve neutralize yellowness and redness, returning the curls a clean and radiant shade.

Ombre coloring at home: stylist tips

How not to dry out the ends of the hair when dyeing at home using the ombre technique?

Evgeny Sedoy: "In order for the coloring to be safe - not only at home, but also in the salon - it is necessary that you or your master read the instructions for using the dye and follow it clearly."

How often can I update my ombre coloring with my own hands?

We already wrote above that the ombre effect lasts a long time: the blurred border of colors simply shifts down as the hair grows. There is no point in rushing to update the color in such circumstances. It is enough to do this once every 3 months.

Is it possible to periodically tint ombre-dyed hair with different colors at home?

Evgeny Sedoy: “If you are satisfied with the shade and condition of your hair after applying a particular dye, then for the sake of the he alth and good quality of your hair, you should remain faithful to it.”