We decided to discuss this delicate issue together with the experts. Gray hair camouflage may look different, so let's analyze the procedure in detail

What is gray hair camouflage?

You may be surprised, but gray hair camouflage is a procedure that is most popular with men. They do it mainly in beauty salons, using certain types of paints that can withstand a short period of time (5-10 minutes) on the hair.

What are the advantages of gray hair camouflage?

      • This is a quick procedure.

      • As a rule, masters use ammonia-free dyes.

      • Natural result.

      • Availability of the procedure for both men and women.

How is hair camouflage different from dyeing?

The difference between these two procedures is noticeable to the naked eye. Classical staining, as a rule, is carried out with paints containing ammonium hydroxide (ammonia) or some other component that allows you to replace one pigment with another at the structural level.

For camouflage, products that cover only the surface of the hair with color are suitable, thus allowing you to partially (and sometimes completely) hide gray hair.Another advantage is a small time investment. Such coloring takes a maximum of an hour, and complex techniques, such as highlighting, for example, can take 3-4 hours or even more. Hair camouflage can be done in 15 minutes - in the conditions of eternal time pressure of life in a metropolis, this is a big plus.

Who would suit hair camouflage

In general, camouflage is a fairly universal procedure. But depending on the base shade of the hair and the percentage of gray hair, it will vary in performance.

For example, this method works best on light and blond hair. In this case, tinting is easier to do due to the lower contrast between the base shade and gray. You can do this yourself with the help of hair dyes, preferably ammonia-free. For example, Garnier and L'Oréal Paris have home-use products that will help to camouflage gray hair without any problems, especially on blond hair.

But for brunettes and brunettes, especially those who are prone to perfectionism, it is better to choose a classic permanent coloring. To completely hide gray hair on dark hair can only be done with permanent hair dyes. Tinting or camouflaging gray hair with such initial data will, of course, reduce the brightness of the gray-white tint, but it is unlikely to completely hide it. Another working option is to camouflage gray hair using the highlighting technique.

In this case, it is better to entrust the change of color of individual strands to an experienced colorist - and enjoy the salon procedure.

Why is gray hair camouflage considered a procedure for men? Experts and our editors agree on this issue: the exposure time plays a decisive role. Girls are more patient in matters of self-care. They see little problem in spending 30 minutes on a hair mask, waiting for nail polish to dry, or styling for an hour.The stronger sex is less likely to go to beauty salons in general, and a quick hair camouflage for men is the best way to correct their color without significant time costs.

How is gray hair camouflaged?

What is gray hair camouflage, we found out. Now let's move on to practice: how to carry out this procedure at home?

  1. First, find a product that matches your hair color. The final result largely depends on this choice, so approach the task responsibly. Deviations even by a tone are not welcome: we will keep the composition on the hair for no more than 15 minutes, so the bulk of the hair should not change shade. A wide palette of Garnier Olia products, as well as a diverse range of Casting Crème Gloss, L’Oréal Paris will help you not to make a mistake with the color.

  2. Prepare your hair for the procedure. They should not have styling products, while washing your hair is best done a day before camouflage. An important point is a test for an allergy to paint, which is mandatory before staining. More details about this are written in the instructions for the tool.

  3. If gray hair is seen only in the root zone, you can quickly color only this area. It is important to apply the composition carefully, but quickly - in order to avoid the heterogeneity of the final shade. At the end of applying the paint, experts advise to walk through the hair with massaging movements of the hands (with gloves) - for the most even redistribution of the product.

  4. Mark the time and after 15 minutes wash off the product, not forgetting to fix the result with a balm to fix the pigment. Many manufacturers add a tube of this tool to the paint kit - don't forget about this nice bonus.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierGray hair camouflage is a fairly simple procedure. It is carried out on gray hair with the help of special dyes. If we are talking about cold shades, then we mainly use alcohol paints for men. They are applied literally for 5 minutes, contain a lot of blue pigment and differ from conventional dyes in that they do not completely cover gray hair.If you want to camouflage golden hair, take a dye with ammonia in the composition, apply it to wet hair for a maximum of 5-10 minutes and rinse.

Of course, this begs the question, is male gray camouflage different from female? Globally, no, although men's hair is statistically denser - some stylists claim that they need more time to change the shade. But this fact is rather relevant for men who plan to carry out standard staining using resistant (ammonia) paint, and not to camouflage gray hair.

Best products for gray hair camouflage

There are very few special tools with which you can camouflage gray hair at home. And so that the result does not deceive expectations, it is still better to turn to a professional colorist. Nevertheless, in the editorial office we have selected several popular universal products, suitable for men as well.

Olia paint by Garnier

We already mentioned this product in our article a little higher, but it deserves a more detailed description. Over the years, Garnier experts have developed an effective ammonia-free permanent paint formula and achieved the desired result.

They did it in a rather romantic way - with the help of flower oils, which replaced ammonium compounds as pigment conductors. Now the product is gentle on the hair during the dyeing procedure - thanks to the high percentage of oils in the composition, the strands acquire additional shine, and you enjoy a pleasant aroma with notes of patchouli, jasmine and lime. Finding the right color to camouflage gray hair is not a problem, given the wide variety of shades presented in the range.

Casting Crème Gloss by L'Oréal Paris

It doesn't matter if your hair color is blond, red, brown or black. There are 38 shades in the Casting Crème Gloss range, so finding the right one is more than possible.

This paint is perfect for gray hair camouflage for women with long hair: it contains coconut oil that nourishes the curls, making them softer, silkier and more pleasant to the touch. Another plus for those who want to reduce the visibility of gray hair are radiant shades that effectively hide silver hair.

Garnier Color & Shine

Another collection in which you can find a shade for camouflage is Color & Shine.

Manufacturers promise that with the classic use of paint, namely with full exposure in accordance with the instructions, the result of dyeing will last up to 28 shampooing sessions. Of course, after a 15-minute tinting, the effect is likely to be less long-lasting, but for a product without ammonia, the result is still impressive. It should be noted that Garnier could not release a product without caring components.As part of the care that comes with the paint, there is cranberry extract and argan oil. The first is responsible for the radiance of curls, the second is for their nutrition and hydration.

Hair care after camouflage

It doesn't matter if gray hair is planned for women or for men, it is important to take care of the hair after the procedure in a special way. On the example of specific means, we will talk about the rules. Remember!

L'Oréal Paris Elseve Low Shampoo 3 in 1 Care Color Expert

I must say that girls are often more knowledgeable in matters of self-care, so the information is primarily for men: if you have done camouflage to get rid of a large percentage of gray hair, you are advised to change your shampoo. Intensive cleaning products, which are often found in the everyday men's beauty arsenal, should fade into the background for a while.From now on, you need a delicate shampoo for colored hair, which gently cleanses the scalp and washes out the new pigment less, especially since we are not talking about permanent coloring, but about camouflage. Elseve Low Shampoo, which does not contain sulfates (there will be no abundant foam), but contains flax oil, which is useful for hair, is perfect for this role.

Magic Retouch Tinting Spray by L'Oréal Paris

Camouflage does not always hide gray hair completely. If you need to mask residual gray strands or regrown roots before an important event, use the Magic Retouch tinting spray.

First of all, it is advised to use it for those who did not have time to re-stain in time. But even on strands that have been subjected to a camouflage procedure, the tool will work great. The main thing is to choose the right shade.

Elseve Purple Hair Mask by L'Oréal Paris

Sometimes gray hair after dyeing in light colors becomes an unpleasant yellowish tint. You can reduce its activity with the help of special products with purple pigments. A suitable highly concentrated mask is available from L’Oréal Paris in the Elseve range.

Usually it is prescribed for blondes who suffer from the fact that the shade after dyeing has become too warm and gives off unwanted yellowness.

But even after camouflage, this product may become in demand. And if a man with a short haircut needs to lower the level of yellow pigment, it’s enough to use a shampoo from the same line.

Comb Checked Anti-Breakage Cream, Elseve, by L'Oréal Paris

Any coloring, even a 15-minute one, is a signal to intensify hair care. However, when working with hot tools, any curls need to be treated with thermal protection - regardless of whether they are painted or not.Check out L'Oréal Paris Anti-Breakage Cream. It performs all the necessary functions: acts as a protector during styling and cares for curls, nourishing them with biotin and vitamin B5.

Tips from stylists

Camouflage is not an easy topic, so we consider it a crime to skip the Q&A section.

Gray hair camouflage for men - is it just a salon procedure? And do they do camo beards?

The answer to the first question is no. Carrying out this procedure yourself is not as difficult as it might seem. Especially if you have short hair. You need to find a suitable shade of paint for tinting (without ammonia) and strictly follow the instructions, with one caveat: the exposure time of the product on the hair should not exceed 15 minutes. And with a beard they are cleverly managed in proven barbershops.

I did a gray hair camouflage and would like to use a men's styling gel. Will it ruin the result?

Styling products usually do not affect the pigment. But their use does not pass without a trace: in order to completely wash off the gel or foam, intensive cleaning shampoos are sometimes required, which wash out the color faster. Our advice is to strike a balance. If you don't like the way your hair lays without gel, don't limit yourself! It is better to re-camouflage a few days earlier. In this matter, the main thing is inner comfort and satisfaction with one's own appearance.


Please show the result of gray hair camouflage for men in the photo.

Please! But remember that your hair may differ in structure and quality from what you see on the man in the photo. The result is always individual.


Is there an alternative to gray hair camouflage for men or is it the only solution for camouflage?

Far from the only one. You can quickly cover up gray hair with Magic Retouch spray. This will give a quick, but short-term effect: the product is washed off with shampoo, but it will definitely save you when you need to quickly hide the regrown roots. The next option is full hair coloring. For example, Excellence and Préférence colors from L'Oréal Paris are able to cope with the task at 100%, leaving no chance for friends and colleagues to even suspect that you have gray hair.