We don't know how it works, but light blond hair color makes the look more inviting. Let's discuss who should turn to light colors

Who suits light blond hair color?

Any woman can choose a suitable light blond color, regardless of the original shade of hair. Yes, yes, do not hesitate - there are so many options that we could devote a separate photo album to them, but we will try to talk about this palette briefly and succinctly.

Light blond shade looks soothing. If you want to "smooth corners" in your communication with the outside world, then why not choose this diplomatic color?

True, the range of presented colors of a light blond hue can be discouraging with variety, but now we have a virtual color fitting service.

For example, on the Garnier and L'Oréal Paris sites, you can upload your photo and "recolor" your hair online until your heart rests on the optimal choice.

It will be easier to decide if skin tone and eye color are taken into account from the very beginning.
For girls with warm skin tones and green eyes, we recommend trying on a light blond hair color with a golden finish.

If you have light skin, but dark eyes (the specific color in this case is of secondary importance), the shade of paint should be chosen in the cold spectrum.For example, a light ash or natural light brown shade is suitable. Your task is to get a beautiful light blond color without yellowness.

But the combination of light skin and light eyes will perfectly complement the warm light blond hair color, as in the photo.

Such shades are usually unpretentious in care, since the yellowish pigment in a warm formula, unlike a cold one, is perceived very naturally and even pretty.

Trendy shades of light blonde

As we already understood, the natural light blond color has a lot of variations. The question naturally arises: how does light blond differ, say, from a dark blond? Indeed, the border is very shaky. But still, light brown does not imply that pallor and even some transparency that is characteristic of a blond.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierDark blonde is considered lighter than light brown hair, and their difference is mainly in the depth of color.

Let's see what this popular hue looks like based on color characteristics such as intensity and "temperature" .

Ash light blonde

Many girls with light strands dream of a perfect ash shade without yellowness, redness and other color impurities.

The desired color is really capricious and often requires careful preparation for dyeing and special care after the procedure . But these difficulties stop few people, ash light blond is a participant in many interesting coloring experiments.

Working in such complex techniques as balayage, shatush, California highlights and ombre, colorists rarely deny themselves the pleasure of using ash-colored paint.

Look at the photo, how beautifully this color lay on short hair.

Yes, and those who wear medium length also often choose a beautiful light blond hair color, preferring paints with technology to reduce the risk of unwanted yellowness. Yes, there are! And we will dwell on them a little later.


Don't want the world to know you dye your hair? The name of this shade suggests that your desire is easy to fulfill. Experts note that the natural shade is in harmony with any image. By the way, natural light blond hair color can also be obtained as a result of toning using complex techniques.

But it is important to remember that a natural effect is easy to achieve with a Slavic appearance. If you have dark skin and brown eyes, it is unlikely that you will be able to give the result of staining as a natural color.

Alla MimikinaIf you're dreaming of salon-quality color at home, go for Préférence, a 3D dye molecule that delivers radiant, iridescent color.


Our love is light blond hair with golden pigment. A gentle sheen of paint harmoniously emphasizes green eyes and warm skin tone, making the appearance softer and more inviting. This color will decorate both straight hair and naturally wavy hair.

Mother of Pearl

Beautiful light blond hair color can also have a pearly finish. If you are familiar with the theory of color types, then you understand that this shade is suitable for girls of a “cold” appearance, that is, representatives of “summer” and “winter”.

But many experts today are not inclined to this kind of restriction. Even if you classify yourself as a different color type, you have every right to check for yourself how light blond hair color with mother of pearl looks before you start dyeing, using the already mentioned virtual color try-on.

Complete harmony in the image will help to achieve good makeup and the right choice of clothes.

With purple undertones

Hi experiment lovers! Light blond hair in the modern world can also be with a purple tint. Of course, the choice of colors of this color cannot be called wide, but there are not so many who want to achieve such an unusual tone.

If you want to, but prickly, we recommend that you first color in a classic light blond shade, and when the color "sits down" (this may take 5-7 days) - use short-term staining products.

Suitable, for example, Colorista washable hair balm in the shade "Purple Hair" . To get a barely noticeable purple tone, you need to keep the funds on the curls less than the time stated in the instructions.

Coloring in light blond

It is quite possible to get a beautiful light blond hair color at home. Catch step by step instructions.

  1. First of all, it is important to understand whether you need preparation for a color change. We say right away: applying light ash-colored paint to dark hair is a bad idea. Surely you have heard scary stories about yellowish-greenish strands that appear some time after staining. If you do not want to repeat the sad experience, pre-lighten or bleach your hair.It is worth choosing one or another procedure depending on the initial color and condition of the hair.

  2. Another thing to do before dyeing is to test for potential allergic reactions. Even if you paint curls not for the first time, experts insist on this stage, because different colors, even within the same collection, differ in composition. So, the reaction can be different. L'Oréal Paris even made a video showing how to take the test. Here it is:

  3. If all the preliminary steps are completed, you can start coloring. Put on clothes that you don't mind getting dirty, dilute the paint in a suitable container according to the instructions and apply it from roots to ends. At the end, we recommend lightly massaging the curls to distribute the product more thoroughly through the hair. To do this, of course, you need to wear gloves.

  4. Wait the time indicated in the instructions and wash off the paint. After you need to fix the result with a balm for colored hair (usually it comes with paint).

What makeup goes with light brown hair?

Since girls often choose light blond hair color, let's go through the basic makeup that will match it.

For blue eyes, you can even out your tone with foundation or BB cream, apply brown mascara to your lashes, and apply a tinted balm to your lips.

We advise you to look after the latter at Lancôme. I want to buy L’Absolu Mademoiselle Balm for just one package.

For girls with brown eyes, we recommend emphasizing the look with a brown-beige eyeshadow palette and mascara.

Among the new products is the great Naked3 palette from Urban Decay, one of our editors' favorite brands. The shadows passed our test drive perfectly and have received a permanent residence in our beauty arsenal.

Green-eyed girls who have opted for a warm blond shade, I would like to suggest using a peach-colored blush.

Eyes can be highlighted with a pencil, carefully shading the lines, and lips with a transparent gloss.

By the way, for those who constantly lose their makeup brushes, we found a convenient option at Maybelline NY. Cream blush is easiest to spread with your fingers.

Of course, with light blond hair, formal makeup also looks beautiful. In the photo, we share attractive ideas with a bright shade of lips and rich eye makeup. We don't even know which one is better!

How to care for hair after coloring?

When at least a few hours have been spent on coloring, and before that a few more hours on finding the perfect shade of paint, I want the color to remain saturated for as long as possible, and the curls look well-groomed and shiny. Catch five life hacks that will help you achieve this.

  1. Wash your hair with color-treated shampoo only. The composition of these funds, as a rule, add components that protect the color. Let’s name two straight off the bat: from the Garnier Fructis range “Goji. Lasting Color" and Elseve "Color and Shine" .

  2. Take care of your hair. Make sure that the curls are not confused. Gently comb them several times a day, use a moisturizing conditioner. For color-treated hair, Kiehl's is the right choice.

  3. Protect your curls while styling. It is easier to prevent damage than to "treat" the hair later. Before using hot tools - hair dryers and stylers - apply thermal protection to curls. We recommend Anti-Breakage Cream Checked by Comb from the Elseve range.

  4. Turn up the power. No, we are not talking about green salads and other he althy snacks, although they can also positively affect the condition of the hair. Revitalizing masks are what is shown to hair that has gone through dyeing.Apply this product to damp wrung out curls and leave for the time indicated on the package.

  5. Watch the "temperature" of the color. Those who have chosen a cold or ashy blond should get a shampoo and a mask with purple pigments. They will help neutralize unwanted yellowness if it suddenly appears on the curls some time after staining.

Stylist Tips

Do you have any questions? You might find the answer below!

Light blond hair in girls with dark skin - a rarity?

Actually, yes. But this does not mean that such a duet will be a misalliance. We found photo examples, which show that the owners of light blond strands clearly spent a lot of time in the sun.In our opinion, everything looks pretty organic. And California highlighting in this case will only emphasize the effect of sun-bleached hair.



What does light blond color look like on long hair?

Very beautiful! Hair styled using the brushing technique looks especially impressive. In this case, the beauty of the shade is more complete and multifaceted than on straight hair.


Do all light blonde shades require pre-lightening hair?

Not at all! If you are a blonde or light brown-haired woman, you can dye your hair without complicated preliminary preparation in the form of lightening or bleaching. And if you want to achieve a light blond shade on the initially dark strands, then the “base” will have to be prepared, yes.


Share a photo of very light blonde hair color, is it the same blonde?

Catch several at once. We tried to find examples with different hair lengths. Is the shade more like a blonde? Well, there are enough controversial points in coloring - how to call this color, you can decide for yourself.



Natural light blond hair color is moody?

We wouldn't say that. It is more predictable than a classic blonde, but unpleasant moments also happen. For example, strands may become slightly yellowish or reddish. Violet pigments can neutralize these unwanted shades. For example, purple shampoo and mask from the Elseve range.


Can you show in the photo what natural light blond hair color looks like on a brunette?

Of course! Before and after photos are the most popular genre. Just pay attention: here light blond looks especially advantageous as part of a complex coloring, it is very in harmony with light eyes. By the way, we recommend that you take a photo before coloring, so that in the future it will be easier to decide whether to choose the same shade, return to the original or try a new one.