Foil manicure confidently maintains its position in the trendy nail design charts. We have no doubt that the trend will move from last year to 2023 and glitter appliqué nails will still be relevant. We offer fresh ideas for manicure with foil

Foil Manicure Trends 2023

If you keep up with world fashion even in matters of manicure, then you are probably reviewing fashion shows, including beauty solutions. It is they who become the reference for nail masters in 2023. There are also ideas for manicure with foil.

Foil manicure: autumn-winter

The cold season is not a reason to sink into melancholy. On the contrary, it is an incentive to paint everyday life with beautiful and rich colors. The Viktor&Rolf fashion show for the autumn-winter season confirms this.

The models' nails are painted in rich shades of bright yellow. To bring a sparkling winter mood to the manicure design, you can add a little foil to the nail cuticle.

The combination of any bright colors with foil is a win-win option for creating a spectacular design.

For those who associate autumn and winter with discreet and calm shades, we recommend paying attention to the manicure of models from the Schiaparelli show.Long nails with a silver finish are a ready-made trend for winter 2023. Silver or gold foil designs will look great on white, or milky, or beige-pink nails.

A matte foil manicure remains at the peak of popularity: it will successfully fall on both long and short nails of any shape.

The fashion shows confirmed that autumn and winter manicure with foil can be different - the main thing is that it cheers you up. Rest assured, literally everyone will be able to find an option to their liking.


Judging by the Dolce & Gabbana spring-summer 2023 show, light and romantic shades fade into the background. Dark colors such as burgundy, blue and dark green will rule the roost.

If someone finds this palette too heavy, we offer a counterweight - a nude manicure with foil, especially since it has not lost its popularity at all.

Foil and other shiny design elements should not be taken solely as additions to New Year's and winter manicures. In spring and summer, a light and delicate manicure with foil will look no less appropriate.

By the way, imitation of marble coating on long nails goes well with gold or silver leaf.

Summer and spring manicure with foil can be very different. Want to do it in black and white? Why not?

Foil nail designs

Foil looks great on nails of any shape, be it almond, oval or soft square. There are actual options for everyone.Let's admire how the foil nail design looks on specific photos.

Foil Transfer Manicure

Transfer foil for manicure is very convenient to use at home. As a rule, it is applied on colored gel polish and fixed with a transparent top.

The technology of applying transfer foil cannot be called complicated:

  • a piece of foil is applied to the nail with the matte side;
  • to make the drawing lie evenly, the foil is pressed tightly in the cuticle area with an orange stick;
  • then, the protective film is removed with a sharp movement, and the coating is dried in a lamp;
  • finish with a clear top coat and dry in the lamp again.

For a harmonious design, it is important that the design and shade of the transfer foil are in harmony with the base color of the nails.

Foil Stripe Manicure

A laconic but interesting nail design can be achieved with strips of foil. With their help, you can create a manicure with fancy patterns and geometric shapes.

Strips are carefully cut out from single sheets of transfer foil or purchased ready-made sets with strips of various shapes.

Mirror manicure

Mirror manicure is done with rubbing or foil. It is problematic to use a nail rub without relevant experience: it requires certain skills. It's easier to get a mesmerizing metallic glow and a mirror shine by using a special foil.

The beauty of a mirror manicure with foil is confirmed by our selection of photos.

Broken glass manicure

The "broken glass" design is popular with lovers of the original manicure with foil. The love of girls for such nail art is easy to understand: pieces of foil of various shapes create a beautiful and unusual play of light on the nails, characteristic of broken glass.

For an even more original effect, you can use not only gold or silver foil, but also colored foil.

Tear-off foil manicure

Tear-off foil, or potal, is a very simple and convenient material for self-manicure.

It can be easily found in specialized stores. It is produced in different forms: in whole sheets, in the form of flakes or chips.

Tear-off foil can be used with both regular polishes and gel polishes.

Matte foil manicure

Matte foil manicure looks unusual and very attractive. Against a matte background, the foil is perceived in a completely new way thanks to the emphasized contrast combination with the base.

Stripes or decals will look especially impressive on a matte finish.

French manicure with foil

Foil tip nails are a stylish solution for those who want to refresh their French manicure.

No one limits you in choosing a foil - a French manicure will make great friends with tear-off, mirror, and transfer foil.

Foil moon manicure

Someone will say that the colored holes in the nails are no longer relevant. What if you fill them with foil? We think that a new reading can make the once popular moon manicure trendy again.

Foil manicure and short nails

In 2023, there are a lot of ideas for foil manicures that you can “try on” on short nails. Expressive and beautiful design is possible not only on long nails.

Foil is a material that allows you to create an interesting design on a small nail plate.

Foil manicure and long nails

Intricate and complex design options designed for long nails are a thing of the past. In 2023, foil manicure should be harmonious, and complexity is an additional option.

Choose a couple of noble base shades, decorate a few nails with foil - and the most relevant manicure is ready.

Marble foil manicure

Popular in 2023, marble design with tear-off foil accents can decorate nails of any length.

Nail masters are increasingly choosing non-standard shades to imitate the artistic surface of the stone: emerald, gray or yellow.

Gloss foil manicure

Classic glossy finish and foil is a win-win nail design option in 2023.

To diversify the monochromatic background, you can apply foil with "gasoline" stains on the nails of the ring fingers.

Foil animal print

Tiger stripes, zebra or leopard are the choice of brave girls. And the foil will only enhance the wow effect of such a zoo manicure.

Vegetable foil manicure

Plant motifs are popular at any time of the year. The foil will successfully complement the summer and spring manicure in all its cheerful variety, and will also decorate the elegiac variants of the autumn nail design and the festive versions of the winter one.

Nude foil manicure

Often, girls choose delicate peach or pink shades for everyday manicure.

As an experiment, you can dilute this nude range on your nails with gold or silver foil.

How to make a beautiful foil manicure: video tutorial

Inspired by foil manicure ideas and ready to make it yourself? We wish you good luck and insure you with the help of step-by-step instructions.

  1. Paint your nails with regular polish in the color you want.

  2. Wait for the polish to dry a bit. Attention! If the varnish dries completely, then the moment will be missed: the foil may not set.

  3. Press a piece of gold foil with the matte side to the nail, then remove it with a sharp movement. A beautiful print will remain on the nail.

  4. This procedure can be done with foil of different colors - foil prints form unusual chaotic patterns.

  5. Cover your nails with a matte or glossy top coat and wait until dry. Gold foil manicure design is ready!

Performing a manicure with tear-off foil is a little different. Pieces of foil are immediately laid out with tweezers on varnished nails. When this combined coat dries, the nails are covered with a top coat.

It is quite difficult to create a print that will completely cover the nail using ordinary transfer foil. For such purposes, it is better to use foil with the effect of moonstone or gasoline stains.

The original solution is to cut the foil into strips and use them on the nails as decorative elements. Fix the strip on a fresh coating, press firmly and cut off the excess, and then cover the nail with a top coat. Interestingly, when removing the varnish, the foil will remain in place - you can create a new manicure by simply painting your nails in a different shade.

As you can see, there are a lot of ideas for manicure with foil, and this material is great for independent experiments with nail design. If you are taking your first steps in the art of manicure, foil will be a great helper for you in embodying creative ideas.