There is a great way to cheer yourself up at the beginning of autumn: you just need to update your makeup bag. What to add to the wishlist?

Urban Decay Naked3 Mini Eyeshadow Palette

" She'll even fit into a clutch!" I exclaimed as I opened a new Urban Decay mini eyeshadow palette. I must say that the miniature volume did not limit me in the least in experimenting with makeup, but it definitely simplified the process itself (a small palette is much more convenient to hold in my hands).

I already know that I definitely use the matte shade of dusty rose Laced Up to the holes: it will be an excellent base for an evening make-up and perfect for everyday. And the shimmering mauve Stolen is able to transform a calm make-up into one with which it is just right to conquer the dance floor in seconds. By the way, the lack of an applicator in the set is not a problem - I blended the shadows perfectly with my fingers. The formulas are also on top: even shiny textures behave well - the shadows hold well without flaking.

What about futuristic makeup? Masha Tarasova, the face of All Nighter by Urban Decay, gives full instructions - admire and repeat:

The Slim Velvet Radical by YSL Beauty

Instagram post with this novelty caused a stir. One of my friends is delighted with the packaging of lipstick, the other asks to share how she is "in the sock" .

Reporting! The first thing I want to praise the product for is the amount of pigment. The YSL Beauty labs have been generous, so the color goes on smoothly, without the so-called "bald spots" .

The Slim Velvet Radical By Ysl Beauty

Manufacturers managed to create a comfortable coating - you rarely see a matte lipstick with such a plastic creamy formula. Here, of course, there is a nuance: a velvety finish remains on the lips, and not an absolutely “deaf” coating. But for me, this is only a plus, because naturalness is in fashion.

Maybelline NY Eyestudio Hyper Easy Eyeliner

I am an experienced arrow lover - I have been drawing them for over 10 years. And I know that there are no perfect liners: some are more suitable for drawing tips, others for a perfect contour. But with the new Eyestudio Hyper Easy, I manage to get by with one tool.

The eyeliner brush is quite thin to start the line at the inner corner of the eye and draw it close to the lash line. By the way, the width of the arrows can be layered - I do this, starting from the middle of the eye.And for those who are tired of the classics, I advise you to try other shades, such as brown.

Armani Beauty Lip Power

Testing Lip Power lipstick under time pressure - in a hurry to celebrate a wedding anniversary. She did not disappoint! With the sharp tip of the tool, I unmistakably emphasized the contour the first time (I must say that I don’t always succeed perfectly even with a pencil). Finished lip makeup without additional tools (brushes) - it is convenient to apply the product directly from the tube.

By the way, at first it seems that the texture of the lipstick is dense and matte. But upon contact with the skin, it melts, turning into a softer and more plastic. As for durability, I note that the lipstick passed the pistachio dessert test with dignity.

Valentino Beauty Makeup Collection

We thought we were hard to surprise, but the launch of Valentino Beauty color cosmetics exceeded all expectations. Let's start with an absolute hit - a clutch with a gold chain, inside which hides a mini lipstick and powder.

Even if we don't fix our makeup during the evening, it's decided: this accessory will "go" to the party with us! The next shock is the choice of shades of lipsticks. There are 50 of them! Is it legal at all? You will definitely have to choose “the one” in several approaches. Quality, design - everything is above all praise. This is evidenced by the first customer reviews.

NYX and Netflix Collaborative Makeup Collection

Show me a person who hasn't watched a single Netflix series. The company stirs up interest in its film products not only with exciting stories, but also with successful collaborations. For example, by the release of the third season of Sex Education, NYX products appeared on the shelves of beauty stores in limited packages.

The eyeshadow palette, lip gloss, primer, pencils and spray remain of the same excellent quality, but you can hunt for bright packaging - many products have already been sold out on the official website.

Color Naturals Crème by Garnier

Our editorial team's love for Color Naturals cream continues to grow, although much further! But in the Garnier laboratory they are sure that there are no limits to perfection, so they pumped up the formula of the famous paint, at the same time adding the word Crème to the name of the product. And it's clear why!

Shades, fortunately, remained the same. But the formula has been transformed. Now it has even more caring components. For example, cranberry extract and argan oil were added to avocado and olive. According to Evgeny Sedoy, an expert on coloring Garnier, the nutritional properties of the product have definitely increased, which cannot but please those who buy a package of this cream color every month.

Teint Idole Ultra Wear All Over Concealer by Lancôme

I love to delegate things. For example, I gave Teint Idole Ultra Wear All Over Concealer this fall to mask dark circles under the eyes - and it seems to me that it deserves the title of "Employee of the Month" .Firstly, I appreciated the wide and flexible brush - perhaps the most convenient applicator I have ever seen. Secondly, the reflection in the mirror after applying the product to the skin has changed (and with it the mood).

And the tool "promises not to run away" after 18:00, working almost a day. By the way, sometimes I expand the responsibilities of a concealer when I need to hide inflammation or experiment with sculpting. The plastic texture allows you to do this quite imperceptibly, without creating a mask effect on the face. If it were my will, I would give him a bonus!