An event in the world of fashion and beauty industry that we simply cannot pass by: Valentino created their own line of cosmetics. In the summer she appeared in Europe, and in September she came to Russia: the first pop-up space Valentino Beauty opened in the Moscow Central Department Store


If you think this is news for a narrow circle of connoisseurs of elite products, then no! Indeed, everything created by Valentino is excellent, but this luxury is for everyone who is looking for inspiration and self-expression. It is no coincidence that one of the slogans of Valentino Beauty is “Beauty starts with you”. And the beauty of haute couture as well.


Valentino's journey into cosmetics has been long enough. The history of the brand began in the 1960s with the famous chic bright red dresses of Valentino Garavani (the founder of the brand), followed by bags with a laconic V sign. However, the Valentino collections were not limited to this. Quite democratic things were also produced (for example, from denim).

Among the first clients of Valentino there were many stars of the rank of Elizabeth Taylor and Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis. For Jacqueline, Garavani even sewed a wedding dress, and later she clearly preferred the clothes of his brand. , please send the bill to Mr. Onassis, he will understand why.”

In 1975, the first Valentino boutique was opened in Paris - and this was already an entry into the elite club of world fashion. The boutique is still open at number 8 on Place Vendôme.

In 2008, Valentino Garavani handed over the affairs to Pierpaolo Piccioli. He became the company's new creative director and breathed new life into the Valentino tradition. And at the heart of the traditions and philosophy of the brand, which are directly related to the created line of cosmetics, is self-acceptance, respect for one's roots, the right to search for oneself and self-expression. So is the new haute couture makeup.

Pierpaolo Piccioli: “Beauty is a difficult task that only love can solve. Beauty is democratic. I look at the individuality of each person, at his uniqueness and versatility. Beauty is grace. Grace cannot be described, it is perception. Beauty gives emotions. It's a connection.”

Lights of Rome, pearls and dreamy red: Valentino Beauty cosmetics

The new collection features 18 shades of foundation, 50 shades of lipstick, all for eye makeup. The peculiarity of this unique collection can be described as "the best of both worlds" : from the realm of high fashion and the world of independent artists, bright ideas, original and unique solutions, the art of self-expression.Let's talk about all the steps of the new haute couture makeup Valentino Beauty.

V-Lighter Makeup Base

This liquid multi-tasker has skincare benefits as well, containing glycerin and a generous dose of hyaluronic acid for hydrating and anti-aging benefits. Moisturizing action combined with a radiant finish.

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The secret of radiance is Valentino Beauty's special pearl technology. Pearl, in the truest sense of the word (the product contains pearls). And she is inspired by the lights and warm glow of Rome, the hometown of Pierpaolo Piccioli. The complex that provides this delicate shine is called Roma Light Complex. The technology involves a multilayer pearl coating that repeatedly reflects light, which provides a natural glow effect that cannot be ignored.

You can choose V-Lighter for a specific undertone - warm (Ambra) or cold (Rosa). Or you can mix it with foundation for even more radiance and light coverage. In addition, V-Lighter perfectly copes with the tasks of both a make-up base and a highlighter, which is applied over makeup for light contouring: on the areas under the eyes, above the upper lip, on the upper part of the cheekbones, at the wings of the nose. Signature effect of radiance is a special advantage of Valentino Beauty.

Very Valentino Lightweight foundation

Why is she very Valentino (Very Valentino)? Because the shades are created in such a way that it is impossible not to choose the right one. They were developed by L'Oréal experts based on a study of skin tones of 5,000 people on all continents.

The most interesting thing is that the shades of the Valentino Beauty collection also take into account the skin tone - cold (Rosa), warm (Ambra) or neutral (Neutra).

Everything is done to ensure that the semi-matte finish blends perfectly with the skin, perfecting its tone and adding radiance. That is, almost every shade is available in two versions: for warm and cold skin undertones. How to find out your undertone? Look at the color of the veins that show through the skin on the wrist: if they are more bluish, then the undertone is cold, if greenish, the undertone is warm.

With all the weightlessness of the texture, the foundation is resistant and lasts up to 24 hours. And the density of the coating itself can be adjusted, applying layer after layer if necessary, without fear of the mask effect.

Eye2Cheek blush

As you might guess, this is also a multifunctional product - blush and shadows two in one. Ten expressive nude shades with an incredible cream-powder texture. In the production, a technology is really used, following which the creamy substance is poured into molds, where, when it hardens, it turns into powder.Therefore, the blush is so comfortable in application and perfectly shaded. By the way, in a miniature package there was a place for a convenient brush for shading. It is convenient to apply Eye2Cheek to the eyelids with your fingers, adjusting the intensity of the coating. The effect of radiant he althy skin is provided by the same Roma Light Complex.

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Color Flip eyeshadow palette

There are eight original and, at first glance, unexpected shades in the palette, which are located “on two floors”: satin pink and dark brown, shimmering bronze and matte shades of red clay are on the top “floor”, and saturated with shimmer pearl and gold, powder black and nude are located below. All of them are easily mixed with each other, making it possible to create new shades, and are easily shaded. They are also suitable for wet coating, which allows you to get the maximum color saturation.The versatility of the palette will be appreciated by true freelance artists. With such shadows, any look is available, from a light shining nude to burning smoky. There are two brushes in the Color Flip palette - for soft shading and for graphic make-up.

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Magnificent Mascara

The "magic" of this mascara is an instant increase in the volume of eyelashes by 15 (!) times. Classic ultra-black color and outrageous volume. Magnificent Mascara has a very plastic texture and is easy to layer. For the best effect, it is applied directly from the roots of the eyelashes, as if rolling the brush up and down the hairs in zigzag movements. The mascara does not roll down and lasts 24 hours, enveloping every hair.

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Dreamdust Eye Glitter

The final touch in eye makeup is for the most dreamy and daring. The twinkling of these sparkles evokes associations with star dust. The collection includes silver, silver-blue and emerald shades. Interestingly, Dreamdust can be applied to more than just the eyelids. Sequins do not crumble due to the unique gel texture of the product. We all miss a little fairy dust sometimes

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Rosso Valentino lipstick

Since red is the signature color of Valentino and the brand's calling card, red lipstick is, of course, in the spotlight. Moreover, this is Valentino's signature red color, created by Pierpaolo Piccioli - "Dreamy Red" No. 22. By the way, like everything from Valentino, the number 22 is not accidental here: this is the address of the Valentino House in Rome - Piazza Minagnelli, 22.

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Of course, the palette is not limited to red.Among the 50 shades there are coral, and plum, and nude, and pink. Moreover, the same shade is offered both with a matte finish Rosso Valentino Matte, and with satin - Rosso Valentino Satin. You can buy one lipstick, and to it - as many interchangeable blocks as you like. Replacement is done with one click.

Another surprise from Valentino - the number of each shade includes the letters R already known to us (for a cold undertone - Rosso) and A (for a warm undertone - Ambra), so as not to make a mistake in choosing and the color was always to face.

The durability and brightness of the color is provided by a unique formula that includes the same Roma Light complex. The transparent top layer of the coating reveals the true color and at the same time protects it. The base of the lipstick is slightly oily and very comfortable on the lips. Even the matte version does not give a drying effect and does not emphasize, but, on the contrary, hides wrinkles on the lips, creating the effect of soft defocus.


Very original and incredibly cute solution. A small classic beauty set Go-Clutch, which includes powder and lipstick (exactly what should always be at hand), is designed as a fashion accessory - a miniature clutch. An enviable gift


It remains to be added that a proprietary technology has been developed for the production of powder - Light-lasting. Reflective properties provide the effect of smooth and radiant skin. The compact set also includes a convenient, fairly wide brush for applying powder, which is designed not only for classic use, but also for use as a strobing agent. Refills are available in different shades for optimal sculpting.

It seems to us that it is simply impossible not to fall in love with the new Valentino Beauty cosmetics. It looks so elegant, thought out with such attention and love - from shades and textures to eco-friendly refills. And each remedy has its own "biography" .