According to the Eastern calendar, 2023 is considered the year of the Black Water Tiger, so New Year's manicure can be made themed. Curious to see?

Tiger nail color for New Year

A New Year's manicure with a tiger does not require a realistic image of a predator. But stripes and spots imitating the pattern of the precious fur of a giant cat are welcome in a variety of variations.

When doing a manicure with a tiger, it is quite acceptable to go beyond the classic palette. Varnishes or gel polishes (whoever is closer) can be of any contrasting shades, and the coating will be relevant with both a matte and glossy finish.

There are quite a few craftsmen who manage to combine different types of design, such as a jacket and a fashionable animal pattern.

In this article we will try to cover the most popular options. And you yourself decide what manicure to meet 2023 with - the main thing is that it pleases the eye and cheers you up.

Red manicure

In our opinion, the red lacquer sets off the bright black and white drawing with a tiger very well. This combination of colors can be called classic. Let's add that red should prevail in this union, since it is directly associated with holidays.

It's rare to see a red tiger manicure on short nails. This solution is more popular with owners of long almond-shaped nails or pointed a la claws.

It would seem that the last option is simply created for a "predatory" print, and yet we advise you to give preference to a soft square shape and a short length. Everything should be in moderation.

Black manicure with gold foil

Let's make a reservation right away: under the name "foil" in manicure, often goes potal.

This is a thin and fragile material that has proven itself in nail design - and not only to imitate the pattern on the skin of a tiger.

When choosing a nail color for the New Year, keep in mind that potal can equally advantageously decorate a monochromatic coating, a marble manicure, and a French one.

But back to the discussion of "tiger" options.

Black and gold are another popular holiday duo. Many bet on this tandem, because it goes well with most New Year's outfits.

Manicure in the form of a picture

How about painting a tiger over a plain manicure and celebrating 2023 with this nail art? Here, of course, much depends on the talent and skills of the master: not everyone is capable of creating complex drawings. You can't do without relevant experience. In order not to waste time in the salon, ask the master to show examples of his work.

And at the same time, describe your vision of the result. We found more than five suitable references - catch!

Tiger manicure and decorations

It will be interesting to see how animal manicure rhymes with different decorative accessories.

We found photos of gold and silver jewelry paired with tiger nail designs.

We hope these examples will help you get an idea of the most winning duos and you won't have to pick a manicure at random on the eve of 2023.

And for those who just love animals and do not think that the Black Water Tiger should push all the diversity of the fauna into the background, we advise you to make a fashionable manicure with a variety of animal prints by the meeting in 2023. And we will support you!

Trendy Shades 2023

The Pantone Color Institute, which annually chooses the color of the year, has chosen the favorites for next season.

The top 20 selection includes several shades of pink, pale blue, coffee, orange and turquoise.

It's easy to find trendy nail polishes. We have selected examples that will tell you what kind of manicure to do for the New Year so that the tiger design gets a fashionable color embodiment.

Let's start with the natural orange-brown version. If a tiger is destined to be on your nails, then why not in a natural palette?

However, the naturalist should by no means suppress the artist in you. Remember: only your own imagination can limit the choice of colors and ideas.

Here, for example, is a pink manicure with a tiger - this design will perfectly complement a delicate outfit for the New Year.

And this bright purple version will be in harmony with the image in black, and with multi-colored festive clothes.

Year of the Black Water Tiger Nail Design Ideas

New Year's manicure 2023 should not be limited to straight-line tiger prints. We suggest that you approach the design of nails more creatively and choose, for example, a cat-eye design or use additional decorative elements, such as rhinestones or special foil. Let's talk about these solutions in more detail.

Cat's eye

If you are looking for a beautiful and at the same time practical solution and cannot decide which manicure with a tiger to do on New Year's Eve, so that you can also calmly walk to the office with it, then consider the cat-eye design options - not the brightest not to argue with the office dress code.

This technique was mega-popular in the early 2010s, but we are sure that in 2023 a New Year's manicure with an imitation of a tiger's eye will be most appropriate. Please note that to work with this technique, you will need special varnishes and magnets to create a special iridescent effect.

We really like this deep blue shade, which is especially good for the cold season. As you can see, it is not necessary to grow long "claws" to fully express this idea.

Do not forget that the basis of a beautiful manicure is well-groomed cuticles and hand skin. In winter, we advise you to enhance hand care through the use of serums and nutrients. Then you definitely won't have to meet the coming year with your hands under the table.

With sequins and rhinestones

Can't imagine a festive manicure without sparkles and are looking online for a suitable reference for the meeting of 2023? We have done everything for you! The main thing in this case is a sense of proportion.

Yes, on New Year's Eve, glitter is more appropriate than ever, but still we must try not to compete with Christmas tree tinsel, so as not to literally dazzle others.

We did not find any options with rhinestones. But there is a manicure with shiny varnish.

Flickering can be the base, on top of which animalistic stripes are applied. It is not so difficult to repeat this option at home - there is every chance to cope the first time.

Here's another creative solution. It is up to you to choose which nails to paint with gold, which ones with red varnish, and which ones to apply a tiger print. We only advise not to exceed the suggested number of shades. Four is probably the maximum.

With foil

When thinking about what manicure with a tiger to do before the new year, 2023, the potal will come to the rescue. We have already managed to use it in thinking about the variations of the tiger manicure at the beginning of the article.Recall that this is a thin foil resembling gold leaf. By the way, it is used not only in manicure, but also to achieve various artistic effects in contemporary art, and for furniture decoration.

What kind of tiger designs to make on nails with potali depends only on your imagination, artistic inclinations and the style in which you plan to dress up.

For example, stripes can be “drawn” with potal, complementing a similar print in clothes. Or you can carefully cut out small pieces of foil that will create a shimmering spotted design on your nails.

How to make a beautiful manicure with foil: photo instruction (video instruction)

Signing up for a nail salon before the holidays is a task for the stubborn and persistent.If you did not do this in November, most likely it will not be so easy to break through to your favorite master. Missed chance? No problem! It remains to cast aside all fears and try to make a manicure with a tiger yourself.

Let's start with preparation. For work, ordinary nail polishes and thin foil, which can be found in specialized stores, will come in handy. Don't confuse it with sweat fabric - we need a material with a denser and more uniform texture.

First, give your nails the desired shape and work with the cuticles. We vote for an unedged manicure and advise you to push back the cuticle (of course, after softening it) not with an orange tree stick, but with the help of a special accessory made of soft rubber. This is a less traumatic way, which, with some skill, allows you to achieve good results.

And now let's get creative. Have you already chosen the right idea? Recall that you definitely shouldn’t limit yourself to decisions dictated by the Eastern calendar.

Manicure for the new, 2023 year can be very different. Yes, above we have collected about 100 interesting references for you, but your version can become the 101st.

In conclusion, we offer step-by-step instructions for performing a manicure using foil.

  1. We cover the nails with varnish (color - at your discretion). We are waiting for the coating to set (2-3 minutes), but not completely harden.

  2. Cut off a piece of foil and press it to one of the nails (for example, on the ring finger), and after a couple of seconds we tear it off sharply. The effect of aged gilding (or other material depending on the color of the foil) will remain on the surface. In this case, it is not necessary to cover the nails with a top. Yes, without a top coat, the result will not be as durable, but otherwise it will lose its zest.

  3. There is another design option. Can be applied on top of the base coat stripes imitating an animal print. To facilitate the process, you can take tweezers. You need to work quickly: without waiting for the varnish to dry, put a small piece of foil on the nail with tweezers (blanks must be made in advance) and press it lightly. An example, as always, is in the photo.

What other foil manicure options you can do yourself is shown in our video: