Back to no, not to school. To the office! The telecommuting era hasn't gone away, of course, but many are already moving to full-time jobs away from home. We remember how we looked at business meetings 2 years ago, and at the same time get acquainted with the new products that will support us from Monday to Friday

Lancôme Effacernes Long Tenue Concealer

Well, of course, in the first place we have a concealer. It can be difficult to wake up on an alarm clock, but you don’t want to go out into society with bruises. Effacernes Long Tenue concealer gave me a rested look in a couple of minutes.

Apply the product conveniently with your fingers with light driving movements.How does the tool differ from many of its "relatives" ? Firstly, the presence of SPF 30 in the composition: in early autumn, and in principle on sunny days, protection from ultraviolet rays is necessary. Secondly, it is comfortable to wear. I have come across similar products that are noticeable on the face due to the fact that they dry the skin. Lancôme added chamomile and cornflower extracts to the formula, which have softening properties. And the cherry on the cake is an excellent concealment ability: a high concentration of pigments helps to effectively hide redness and inflammation.

NYX Lip Lingerie XXL Liquid Lipstick

I love it when cosmetics not only work as intended, but also bring pleasure to use ( although, perhaps, this is also its purpose). I really enjoyed NYX's new Lip Lingerie XXL liquid lipstick.

Beauty therapy started from the moment I opened the product: its smell is like a sweet and delicious dessert! During application, the pleasant moments did not end, because the lipstick melts on the lips like wax.Very nice! And most importantly - after some time you can forget about it: it does not smear, like classic liquid lipsticks. The line has a large range of shades, but for the office I would choose a powdery pink tone called Maxx Out.

Idôle Aura by Lancôme

Many people think that the office is not a place for perfumes, but this is not so. The main thing is to choose and apply the fragrance correctly. You should not choose those that consist of heavy notes: most of your colleagues will obviously not appreciate it. But flower compositions in very small doses (for example, you can apply fragrance to paper, and then lightly touch it first with your finger, and then the skin), which are felt only by you and those who are very close, will help complete the image. One of the contenders for this position is the new Eau de Parfum Idôle Aura from Lancôme.

It seemed to me that this is a fragrance of flowers and freshness, and I am close to the real composition: inside notes of rose, jasmine and vanilla.I advise you to apply it not before entering the office, but in advance so that it has time to settle on the skin and not appear too brightly. By the way, the fragrance is easy to take with you: the bottle, resembling a smartphone in shape, fits easily in your purse.

Lash Sensational Mascara by Maybelline NY

Agree, in the morning you don't want to choose between breakfast and makeup. Find balance with Lash Sensational Mascara.

Usually I wear it with a liner, but recently, together with a makeup artist, I discovered her new abilities! If you distribute mascara, starting from the very roots and not focusing on lengthening, you can perfectly emphasize the look with one product.

By the way, mascara is presented in a large number of shades, including dusty pink, and vintage grey.

And recently a new product has been released that will suit owners of green eyes - Lash Sensational mascara in a shade of burgundy.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Fluid Foundation

It has been proven by girls: foundation makes you feel more confident. From myself I will add - a high-quality foundation. I trust Giorgio Armani fluid for several reasons.

First - the product is quickly and easily distributed without leaving lines. The second - medium density allows you to hide imperfections without a mask effect. Thirdly, the velvet finish looks, in my opinion, more natural compared to, for example, matte. In general, we can say that Luminous Silk is my reliable business "partner" . I also like that it is not picky: it can be blended with both fingers and a dense brush.

By the way, we analyzed one of the options for office makeup on video. Share!

L'Oréal Paris Elie Saab Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette

I need to have a mirror at my workplace, because there is not always time to run to the ladies' room to make sure everything is in order with makeup.In my opinion, it’s more pleasant to take out a beautiful accessory from your purse, for example, the L’Oréal Paris eyeshadow palette, created in collaboration with the Elie Saab brand.

By the way, inside are shades that are suitable for meetings with colleagues and for evening outings. So after 18:00, you can easily and quickly transform neutral makeup into a festive one - I do this when I run to my friend's birthday party right from the office after work.

So the office is an office, and no one canceled plans for the evening!