Sometimes the natural color of the hair itself is conducive to experimenting with complex coloring, but this cannot be said about black curls. This is not an easy base, especially for highlighting. However, the stylists got used to it

Black hair: highlighting features

It's time to admit that in 2023, classic highlights on black hair are not designed. Today, stylists prefer to color curls and individual strands of dark hair in other ways. Techniques such as balayazh, ombre, shatush and air touch are popular.To make beautiful black hair highlights (so that it looks relevant, not old-fashioned), you need to have a lot of experience as a colorist.

However, all this does not mean that it is absolutely impossible to try on highlights on black hair. Coloring in this technique is divided into many types. Californian highlighting is still in fashion, Venetian looks stylish. The main thing is to choose the right shades for creativity, no matter in the salon or at home.

In the photo we demonstrate how fashion highlights look on black hair. Note that there are no examples of radical contrast. If there is a color from the blond range, then it is surrounded by various “relatives” that ensure smooth transitions from one shade to another.

Pros and cons

You have black hair and you have already looked at before and after highlighting photos, but can't decide whether you should do this procedure? We offer to weigh the pros and cons.

Let's start with the positives.

  • Highlighting is a good solution for those who want to mask gray hair.

  • Such coloring does not require such frequent updates as monochromatic. Although at home it is not so difficult to tint regrown roots today. Eva Longoria demonstrates this to us in the video:

  • You can choose the right highlighting option for almost any length.

  • This technique allows you to add visual volume to the styling.

Let's talk about the negative sides as well.

  • For highlighting, you may need to lighten or bleach the strands. By the way, sometimes they are limited to them.

  • Sometimes when lightening black hair, you can get a greenish or red tint.

  • The procedure takes longer than coloring in one color.

  • It's very difficult to learn some highlighting methods on your own.

Types of highlighting

If you have black hair and are looking for the right highlight option, you are on the right page. Choose!


This coloring method has been practiced by masters for decades. But if in the 20th century it was believed that a bright platinum blond on a black base looked cool, then today the classic frequent highlighting of black hair should look different - we demonstrate it in the photo.

You can see that the selected strands (usually they are not wider than 5 millimeters) are not dyed blond, but dark chestnut and other shades of brown palette. And these options, of course, meet the trends, the main of which is naturalness.


Dark base is a prerequisite for Venetian highlighting. The roots are not affected by this staining, but otherwise there are no strict rules. Masters select strands of different volumes in a chaotic manner so that the result does not turn out to be graphic and linearly adjusted. And yes, the shades of paint should not differ from the base by more than 2-3 tones.


It's not easy with American highlights. It used to be thought that it needed red shades, but now this technique has more in common with the Californian highlights we know. You can even say that these are twins in the world of color.

In any case, the requirements for them are the same.

The craftsmen work with wide strokes in a random order, trying to imitate the result of the work of the sun's rays. Two or three additional shades related to the base are used. They add texture to the hairstyle.


We do not recommend trying on frequent highlights on long black hair. In the classical performance of this technique, the old-fashioned effect cannot be avoided. But if you really want to, you can slightly transform it by combining it with an ombre. It will not be easy: closer to the roots, it is necessary to perform fine highlighting, which should smoothly turn into uniform coloring at the tips.


Do you want to try highlighting, but are afraid to expose the entire mass of hair to paint? Then choose the veil technique. It is in many ways reminiscent of the current classic highlighting - and the choice of soft shades, and the need to use foil, and the desire for a linear selection of strands at the same intervals.

But there is a difference: only the upper layer of hair is involved in dyeing. Such highlighting will successfully fall on both long and short black hair.

Photo ideas for coloring based on hair length

Many people wonder what highlighting looks like on black hair with bangs. Do I need to color the strands of the face and how to do it right? We offer you to see how highlighting looks on different lengths and different hairstyles.

Long hair

If you plan to try highlighting on straight long hair, we advise you to take care of the quality of the strands by intensifying their care in advance.

On dark hair, especially black, imperfections are more striking.

What hairstyles go well with highlights? The most different, whether it be curls laid using the brushing technique, broken strands or a tousled tail.

Medium length hair

Highlights and medium length black hair is a great combo, in our opinion. On a long length, classic or frequent highlighting can make the image heavier, and shoulder-length hair will present this complex coloring at its best.

At the same time, curls can be of different lengths - with such a combined haircut, we recommend Venetian or California highlights.

Color highlighting, for example, using red paint, will also effectively fall on black hair of medium length.

If you choose a maroon shade, coloring can be "walked" not only at costume parties and parties, but also at work.

Short hair

There is an opinion that highlighting for girls with short haircuts is contraindicated. The photo below is proof that this is not the case. Of course, classic highlighting, which starts from the roots, can be difficult. But more “relaxed” versions of this technique are very much in demand among owners of pixie and bob haircuts. By the way, with short hair, the palette of acceptable colors can be safely expanded.

There is also a brighter contrast between the base hair color and the shades chosen to update the look.

But in this case, re-coloring will also need to be done more often than girls with long and medium hair. As a rule, regrown roots are more noticeable on short hair.

Highlights with bangs

Have you thought not only about highlighting, but also about making bangs? Perhaps it's time to radically change the image. But before embodying our plans, we advise you to weigh everything - at least see how highlighting looks with different options for bangs.


There is a strict rule here: bangs should be dyed the same way as the bulk of the hair. Be ready to update the highlighting after 1.5 months - while it is better to trust a professional, because the work is almost jewelry.


Ragged bangs are usually part of a relaxed loose look. Californian highlighting will support this style concept. Why not look to the 80s for inspiration?


Slanting bangs, fashionable for the last 5–7 years, are more often mixed with coloring using balayage or shatush techniques, but veil highlighting can also emphasize the beauty of a haircut. There is more freedom with side bangs: you can use it in coloring or leave it intact.

How to highlight: black hair coloring technique

Experts recommend highlighting black hair in the salon with an experienced master. There are at least two reasons. Self-wrapping strands in foil, especially at the back of the head, is a more difficult task than home bleaching. In addition, black hair is not an easy “material” to lighten. Let's talk about some of the nuances of highlighting so that you can evaluate whether you can do it or not.

  1. To begin with, it is important to understand whether it is necessary to bleach or lighten the strands. You can skip this step if you plan to try on highlights on black hair using dark chestnut dyes.

  2. But to go light brown or light brown (not to mention blond), the strands will definitely have to be bleached.

  3. If we are talking about highlighting black dyed hair, then decapitation of the strands will be required. Otherwise, the colors may not make friends. For highlighting dyed hair, it’s definitely better to go to the salon.

  4. Having prepared the base, you need to choose a highlighting method. At home, most often they practice dyeing strands with a special cap. In the photo you see how it looks, and we emphasize that the most important thing in this method is to evenly pull out strands of the same volume to lighten.

The method for home highlighting (comb) is recommended by Garnier experts. You will need paint, a comb with medium (closer to fine) teeth, and hair clips. First, divide your hair into zones. Comb each of them in turn, first dipping the comb into the paint so that the product remains between the teeth (it is better to wipe the excess paint on the comb with a napkin).It is not necessary to treat all hair in this way. You can get by with just the top layer, thus making veil highlighting.

In salons, as a rule, highlighting is done with foil. This allows the dye to work optimally on the selected strands and protects the rest of the hair from getting into the coloring composition.

Recommendations for hair care after the procedure

Highlighting successful? Congratulations! To maximize this effect, we advise you to pay special attention to hair care. Let's tell you what means are shown to the curls after staining.

  1. Let's start with the shampoo. It should be marked "For colored hair." For example, Garnier, L’Oréal Paris, Kiehl’s, and other manufacturers of hair care cosmetics have suitable options. The main task of these products is to gently cleanse the hair, protecting the color.Shampoo "Goji. Long Lasting Color”, for example, the goji berry extract in the composition is responsible for this.

  2. Let's move on to the conditioner. For highlighted hair, there is a proven option in the Elseve range. The product has a laminating effect.

    Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierColor trends have been stable for many years. This is definitely a solid color, saturated, bright. And an indispensable condition - the hair must be of excellent quality. Therefore, it is very important to approach responsibly not only the choice of hair dye, but also the choice of care products.
  3. We have already said above that those who plan highlighting should take care of the condition of the strands in advance. There is a universal remedy that can be used both before and after staining. This is hair oil. Lots of ways to use it. You can apply the product to dry strands after styling or, for example, add a couple of drops to a hair mask to enhance its nourishing effect.If you have time, apply the oil to your curls an hour before shampooing, wrapping your hair in a warm towel. Garnier has a suitable candidate - the Transformation oil-elixir. It contains a whole range of oils: avocado, sunflower, olive, coconut and shea, each of which has unique caring properties and enhances the beauty of the hair.