There are moods when you want to change something. For example, make your hair darker at least a few tones. If that's what you're experiencing right now, you're on the right page!

How and how to darken hair without paint at home?

Make your hair darker without dye - the task, it seems to us, is not so difficult, even at home. The main thing is to choose a tool that suits you in all respects, and use it correctly.

Girls do blackouts for a variety of reasons. Some people just need a change. Others were advised dark shades to emphasize the eyes. Still others are tired of fighting yellowness, which is often found after lightening.

Of course, most often toning in a dark color is carried out with the help of hair dye. Making hair a tone or two darker is not a problem at home. But many darken the strands with other means, such as henna or tonic. Let's consider what else can be used for these purposes, and then we will return to traditional coloring.

Tinted Shampoos

Stylists recommend tinting shampoos mainly to those who like frequent experiments with hair. This is a great opportunity to slightly adjust the color of the curls without affecting the original pigment. Just do not confuse with tinted purple shampoos, which are designed to neutralize yellowness after dyeing in blond or discoloration.


These products work more actively than the above shampoos. Their action can last up to 8 weeks, the packaging, as a rule, indicates the duration of the effect expected by the manufacturer. However, surprises are possible if the instructions for use are not followed exactly.


The spray format gained popularity, as far as we remember, with the launch of Magic Retouch by L'Oréal Paris.

This product has revolutionized girls who dye their hair a shade that is very different from their natural color. It is understandable: 2–3 weeks after staining, the roots grow back and the contrasting base color appears treacherously. Staining too often is not recommended, and there is not always enough time for this. In such a case, L’Oréal Paris experts recommend keeping a spray of the right shade on hand to mask natural roots in a couple of minutes. And in the evening, the product can be washed off with your usual shampoo.

How to make hair darker in a beauty salon?

How to darken hair, many experienced colorists know. In the salon, you can afford more experiments - for example, darken only part of the hair, correcting complex coloring or imitating it.

As a rule, masters use several schemes to darken hair.

If the hair is dyed, or there is a significant percentage of gray hair, or a color change of more than 3 tones is planned, the stylist may offer to prepigmentation.

During this procedure, the hair is saturated with pigments, which they lack for a more uniform shade. And then a decision is made whether to color the curls or tint. If you plan to dye your hair one color, you will most likely spend no more than 3 hours in the salon.

You can make your hair color darker both with the help of persistent ammonia paint and with a product without ammonia in the composition. The choice largely depends on the original hair color and the desired shade.

We'll talk more about this below.

Sometimes the blackout procedure also includes shampooing. But the shampoo will not be classic, but specialized - for washing. This product is designed for colored hair and helps to fix the new pigment.

Feel free to ask the master how to make hair darker without dye. An experienced stylist will advise a solution depending on the condition and shade of the strands.

How to darken hair depending on the base shade?

So you want to get darker. Well, it's much easier than repainting in one of the shades of blond. Let's see how to make hair darker at home, starting from their natural color.

Blonde hair

How lucky in this case, the owners of blond hair - making them darker is easy! Paint for home coloring, including without ammonia, will perfectly cope with this task.For example, a tool from the Olia collection. The palette has dark blond shades, and chestnut, and black.

Although blondes can also consider the light range of the light brown spectrum. The peculiarity of this paint is that it was not ammonium compounds that became the conductor of the pigment, but flower oils, which can make the color brighter and add shine to the strands.

Blonde hair

Make blond hair darker without leaving home, at first glance, no more difficult. Yes, there should not be any special problems, but there are nuances. For example, a brown tint can lie on top of a blond with a "side" in the form of a greenish undertone. This happens more often with those who re-stain without prior bleaching. But there are also positive examples. For example, one of the editors of uses Excellence cream paint for this purpose.

The line features a rich palette of dark shades.In addition, L'Oréal Paris focused on caring for curls during the procedure. The paint contains pro-keratin and protective serum, which work in combination with coloring components, so that as a result you are satisfied not only with beautiful color, but also with hair quality.

Red hair

Girls with red hair are advised to use walnuts to darken. Is it possible to do so? We are not experts in folk recipes, so we vote for proven products.

How to make red hair darker, for example, in the laboratories of Garnier and L’Oréal Paris, they know for sure. These brands have a large selection of dark red and chestnut shades, many of which are trendy in 2023.

Darkening red hair at home without dye is not as easy as it seems. The red pigment is very persistent - it easily breaks through others, so if you want to not only darken your hair, but also neutralize the base color, then tonic or shampoo alone will not achieve the desired result.Our expert suggests another way.

Roman Moiseenko Color Expert L'Oréal ParisWhen going from dark red to brown, I wouldn't bleach my hair. In my opinion, it is enough just to neutralize the red tint with blue pigment. This way we get a neutral brown color.

Pay attention to colors with cold undertones. Excellence Cool Crème is a collection of beautiful cool shades from L'Oréal Paris. However, on red hair, these dyes are still recommended for use after bleaching.

Photo ideas for darkening hair

How to make your hair darker? We have selected photo examples for different types of appearance.

Full coloring

It's always interesting to look at the before and after photos - it doesn't matter if you are working on your figure, training in the art of a makeup artist or a colorist. In the latter case, this allows you to understand which shade looks the most advantageous on your hair.

Garnier has a great service - a virtual color fitting room. You need to upload your photo to the site - and voila, you can see different shades on yourself in just a few minutes. Very convenient!

Coloring strands

More often girls look for ways to lighten strands, but sometimes they come to stylists with a return request. You can make the strands darker, for example, only on the face. This technique is sometimes called hair contouring. Such coloring looks interesting both with straight curls and with hair styled using the brushing technique. But you can also darken half of the strands, achieving the effect of a kind of highlighting or balayage. In this case, it will be difficult to guess whether you lightened or darkened your hair.

Tip coloring

Complex coloring using the ombre technique is also possible in a non-standard design - with darkening of the tips. A smooth transition between colors is more important than ever, otherwise the result will look rough and unprofessional.

You can consider the option of darkening not a third of the length, as is customary in the ombre technique, but a smaller part. But in this case, the quality of the hair will play a significant role: the split ends are more noticeable on dark curls.

After darkening hair care

Even if you decide to "darken" at home without full coloring, you need to take care of your hair after color renewal.

How exactly is described in detail in our scheme.

  1. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo for colored hair.

  2. Use a conditioner with color and shine protection (these are also commonly found in lines for colored hair).

  3. Once a week, apply a nourishing mask to the strands. Any procedure for changing hair color dries curls to one degree or another. The mask helps to restore the moisture level of the hair and provides them with the necessary nutrition.

  4. Thermal Protection! It should be taken into service if you use a hair dryer or other hot styling tools. Many modern products have a thermal protective property, in addition to caring.

  5. Give your strands extra care depending on your needs. Serums and hair lotions, leave-in care can provide an invaluable service in this.

Low Shampoo "Color Expert" by L'Oréal Paris

The main difference between this product and its counterparts is the absence of sulfates. What does it affect? Among other things - and the amount of foam: it is almost non-existent. The quality of cleansing at the same time remains quite high, but the color lasts longer. However, if you use styling products on a regular basis or you have very active sebaceous glands on your scalp, it is worth using a more intense shampoo for color-treated hair from time to time.In other cases, on a daily basis, it is better to use a product that combines the functions of cleansing with the functions of caring for colored strands.

Fortifying conditioner Fructis Goji. Lasting Color by Garnier

It doesn't matter what you decide: to make your hair black, like Kim Kardashian, or slightly darken it a la Jessica Alba, you can't do without a good hair balm. We found a storehouse of vitamins and other ingredients useful for hair in the Goji. Lasting Color by Garnier. To maintain the brightness of the color, it is enough to soak it in the hair for 2-3 minutes in the shower.

Botanicals Coriander Serum by L'Oréal Paris

It doesn't matter how you decide to darken your hair at home, with or without dye - in any case, this procedure will be stressful for the hair. Therefore, after darkening, we recommend focusing on restorative care. For example, add strand serum to your beauty routine.A very attractive product, in our opinion, is in the Botanicals line from L’Oréal Paris. A product with coriander oil in the composition works to strengthen the strands, which is important for many girls, regardless of hair color or color.

Stylist Tips

We have noticed that it is easiest to perceive information in a question-answer format. We will answer questions relevant to girls who want to darken their strands.

How to make hair darker without dye forever?

We're afraid to disappoint you, but permanently making your hair black (or any other shade different from your own), no matter how much you want it, will not work. The roots will grow back to the natural color inherited from mom and dad. However, if you do not always have time to update the coloring in a timely manner, use the Magic Retouch spray, which will help mask the “young shoots”.


How to make hair black without dye at home?

We assume that you can achieve such an effect for several days, for example, using a tonic. But making hair black without dye for at least a couple of weeks is a more difficult task. The action of tonics and tinting shampoos is less resistant than permanent colors with or without ammonia (ammonium hydroxide). There is such an option as basma combined with henna, but it is risky to use natural dyes on dyed hair: the effect is unpredictable.


How to darken hair without dye?

All the same tonics and tinting shampoos that we talked about at the beginning of the article, as well as henna and basma, will help. But be prepared for the fact that these products "enter into a relationship" with the original shade of your hair, and the end result is not always predictable. The use of natural dyes requires some experience in order to choose the optimal proportion and desired shade.However, sometimes, if we talk about minimal correction, it is enough to add shine to the hair, which makes the original color more vivid and pronounced. And for this you need good care and the use of caring oils that create shine on the hair. By the way, it will benefit any hair, regardless of shade.