Almost every brunette at least once imagined how she would look if she changed her hair color to blonde. There are, however, resolute persons who, from fantasies, immediately go to business. Let's tell you what is the complexity of the transformation from a brunette to a blonde and why such coloring is not recommended at home

From brunette to blonde: transition difficulties

The reasons for dyeing your hair blonde for owners of dark hair can be different, from banal curiosity to the desire to hide the gray hair that has appeared.

The desire to look trendy should not be discounted either, especially since the cold blonde is in trend this season. In this case, the transformation does not have to be carried out using one shade. The staining technique can be complex, with the use of several colors, as in the photo below.

Girls with long hair (and those who wear medium-length bob hair) have long appreciated the merits of such coloring methods as air touch, balayage and shatush.

And we mentioned gray hair no coincidence: the ash blond really allows you to make gray hair less noticeable against the background of dark strands.

It often happens that a girl decides to go from brunette to blonde in order to just try complex coloring.

The transition from dark to blonde is a serious step that can drastically change the look.If you don't like to take risks, take advantage of the excellent service from Garnier - virtual color fitting. On the site you can turn into a blonde and a red-haired beast. In order to try on different shades of hair, just upload your photo.

It's important to note that going from brunette to blonde will bring other changes as well. With the departure from the dark color, you will need to make some changes in the cosmetic bag, but this, of course, is a pleasant chore. You can update your cosmetic arsenal competently and without unnecessary movements and expenses with the help of virtual makeup services. There are, for example, Armani Beauty and YSL Beauty.

How to go from natural brunette to blonde?

Let's not lie: it's hard to go from brunette to blonde. You will have to take into account many factors and provide for a lot if you do not want to run into problems such as, for example, unpleasant yellowness, which often appears on the strands after a color change.It is almost impossible to get the desired result without lightening or discoloration, so the color change will be divided into at least two stages.

Experts do not advise to dye your hair from brunette to blonde at home: there is a high risk of getting a dubious result, and even not without harm to the hair. But we do not exclude that with a competent and attentive approach, it is still possible for a brunette to dye her hair blond on her own. The only question is: is it worth taking such risks?

How can a dyed brunette become a blonde?

Things are a little different with those who do not stain for the first time. From a dyed brunette to a blond is also not easy, and this process also has its own characteristics. The master in the salon will offer to first get rid of the old pigment, and only then proceed to dyeing it in blond.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierIf you are a dyed brunette, then you should not use the light color of hair dye directly, since you will not get the same light result that you most likely dream of. You must first go through the intermediate stage of discoloration, and after that use paint from the blond range.

Proper flushing is half the battle. It is important to carry it out competently and delicately so that the hair does not suffer much. Sometimes lightening brunettes takes place in several stages, and, according to many experts, this is the most gentle solution, especially if the dark pigment is quite active.

Why shouldn't you dye your hair blonde at home?

As we said, dyeing from brunette to blonde at home is a dubious plan. Do you need arguments? Here they are.

  • High risk of damaging hair.

  • It is possible to get yellowish and greenish curls as an intermediate result.

  • Multi-stage staining.

  • Risk of uneven light color.

All these reasons make us opt for professional coloring. Although if you have a light brown hair color, and you plan to dye your hair dark golden blonde, the chances of doing it well without professional help increase. At home, you can also successfully repaint from brunette to light brown. The main thing is not to forget about systematic hair care before and after dyeing. We will tell you how to do this towards the end of the article.

By the way, if you decide to dye your hair blonde from a natural brunette, keep in mind that you will regularly have to tint your regrown hair if you will be uncomfortable walking with dark roots. This is also not the easiest procedure, because dark strands must be discolored in the same way before subsequent dyeing.

Methods of dyeing blonde from brunette: gradually or immediately?

The number of stages depends on the original hair color. According to colorists, if you are a natural brunette, you can get the final result in one go, after spending 4-5 hours in the colorist's chair. The master may advise not to lighten all the strands. Should I agree to this option? Certainly! After all, the result may look even more impressive than with a single-color dyeing of the entire head of hair, despite the fact that not all hair, but only part of it, will be exposed to the aggressive effects of paint.And growing roots will not be so conspicuous.

But if you are a dyed brunette, the process of going blonde can be delayed. Much will depend on the dye used, as well as the amount of pigment in the hair. We advise you to tune in to the fact that you will have to come to the salon at least twice. With a break of about a week.
In the meantime, let's look at the photo, what options are available to those who plan to dye their hair from brunette to blonde.

Classic coloring

Speaking of monochromatic coloring, it is always interesting to evaluate the contrast before and after in the photo, because the transition from dark to light hair color drastically changes the image.

On the one hand, the appearance can become brighter, but, on the other hand, the natural balance can be disturbed. It used to be that girls of certain types should not even look in the direction of the blond. But Kim Kardashian broke this stereotype and seems to be pleased with the result.


Interesting and trendy balayage for brunettes who want to try blonde is a great idea! First, you do not need to lighten the roots of the hair. Secondly, it will be possible to wait about 2 months with re-coloring, because growing hair with dark roots will not greatly affect the aesthetic perception of the changing image. For our part, we advise you not to make large contrasts between the base shade of the hair and the selected paint options. Ideally, the difference should not exceed 1-3 tones.


How to dye your hair from brunette to blonde without touching the hair roots? Another great way out is ombre. Yes, you will not become a 100% blonde, but you will definitely stop being a brunette or a brown-haired woman. In our opinion, this is one of the easiest complex staining techniques. The very case when you can try to change the color of your hair (even if only a third of them) at home.


We are sure you are already confused whether highlighting is in trend or not. Let's put it this way: it all depends on the skill of execution. If the result of coloring is similar to what we present in the photo below, you look at least stylish, which is more important than fashion.

5 blonde hair colors

Are you ready to take a chance and dye your hair from brunette to blonde on your own? Let's talk about paints that will help with this. Some of them will work solo, and some will require prior bleaching of the strands (and it's better if a professional does it).

L'Oréal Paris Colorista brightening hair dye with ombre effect

This invention of the French brand L'Oréal Paris probably relieved hair stylists in salons somewhat, because with the cream paint from the Colorista collection, it became easier to make complex coloring using the ombre technique on your own.

The secret is in the special comb that comes with the paint. It helps to apply the paint, on the one hand, evenly, and on the other, rather chaotically for a more natural result.

Garnier Super Blonde E0 Bleach Cream Hair Color

It's hard to believe, but Garnier experts confirm that this dye can bleach hair up to 6 tones. Thus, you can not only change your hair from brown-haired to blond - owners of dark chestnut curls also have a chance to see themselves as fair-haired.

Aggressive effect on the hair is significantly mitigated by the caring complex of oils in the care after coloring Garnier Color Naturals.

L'Oréal Paris Excellence Pure Blonde Long Lasting Super Lightening Natural Blonde Cream Color

Brunettes will need to pre-lighten. But on lighter strands, the paint works quite effectively, allowing you to get shades in a fairly wide range, from golden blond to ashy.

In addition, the product protects the hair during coloring, and the light nourishing mask is enriched with ceramide for intensive care.

Cream paint brightening Colorista Bleach from L'Oréal Paris

The unusual thing about this product is that it lightens hair up to 4 tones without the help of ammonium compounds (that is, in a more conventional sense, the paint does not contain ammonia). The tool is used to lighten the strands.

This can be a self-sufficient procedure that does not require subsequent hair coloring. But you can go further and test temporary paints from the same Colorista collection.

Garnier Olia Natural Ultra Blonde Cream Color

We found a classic light shade in the Olia color series. These funds have several advantages. Firstly, it does not contain ammonia (ammonium hydroxide) - a complex of flower oils serves as a pigment conductor. Secondly, the tool gives the curls shine - and again thanks to the oils. And thirdly, the shades themselves deserve special mention.

Virtually the entire Olia range provides a natural, close-to-natural result.

Hair care after transformation from brunette to blonde

To quickly become a blonde, as we found out, does not mean a long-term guarantee of a quality result. With coloring, the story of reincarnation does not end - there are pleasant chores associated with hair care ahead. So, if you're on the bright side, here's the to-do list.

    • Get a shampoo and conditioner for colored hair. They tend to be protective and maintain color saturation.

    • Take care of the additional nutrition of the strands. Coloring in blond can dry out hair, so the mask will definitely not be superfluous.

    • Buy a shampoo or mask with purple pigments. Better yet, both. When switching from a dark color to a light one, there is a risk of one day finding an unpleasant yellowness on the hair. Violet pigment helps neutralize unwanted undertones.

    • Don't forget about thermal protection. Yes, sometimes laziness and not always want to bother. But the impact of high-temperature tools is no joke. It is unfavorable both for the hair itself and for the color: thermal exposure in itself can contribute to the appearance of yellowness on dyed hair.Find a product that suits you and your hair. There are enough offers on the beauty market.

Goji Firming Shampoo. Lasting Color by Garnier

And here is one of the representatives of products for colored hair. We call it "rich inner world" shampoo. It also contains grape seed extract, which has nutritional properties, and, of course, those same goji berries, and other plant extracts. Almost a vitamin cocktail for curls!

L'Oréal Paris Wild Saffron Hair Cream

Of course, I want the updated image to please not only with amazing hair color, but also with their quality. To quickly soften your hair, use the leave-in cream from the Botanicals line from L'Oréal Paris. This nourishing treatment is specially formulated for dry hair that has been damaged by styling, coloring or overexposure to the sun.

Expert Color Laminating Mask for Colored Hair by L'Oréal Paris

What are the duties of a hair mask? If we are talking about the one that is intended for dyed hair, then it has a lot of tasks. Firstly, the tool should seal the cuticle scales along the entire length - for a well-groomed appearance and color retention. Secondly, to maintain the brightness of the color and give the curls shine and shine. And thirdly, make your hair softer thanks to the nourishing formula. All this, according to L'Oréal Paris experts, is within the power of the Elseve laminating mask.

Stylist Tips

At the end of the material, we will be happy to answer frequently asked questions on the topic. Let's go!

Can I change my hair from brunette to blonde without pre-lightening and bleaching?

Oh, you can, of course. But not just in one go. Plus, the paint must contain lightening or bleaching components.


How to go from brunette to blonde and not touch up the roots every 2 weeks?

Choose a complex coloring technique that does not affect the roots. Ombre, balayazh or shatush do not require such frequent color updates.


Is it possible to go from a burning brunette to a platinum blonde?

Today there is almost nothing impossible in the field of image change. However, with such a dark pigment, we recommend starting with bleaching your hair in the salon. This procedure should be carried out by a professional colorist.