We love warm blonde shades because they create a soft and delicate look. But their abilities are not limited to this. Read about other advantages of the palette, as well as how to get this beautiful color at home, in this article

Who suits warm blonde?

Let's start with the fact that the warm shade of blond is much less capricious than the cold one. Golden and beige hues don't require as much color monitoring as icy platinum blonde, for example.The latter, without special care, is fraught with unpleasant surprises in the form of unwanted yellowness. Owners of a warm blond can relax in this sense: there is nowhere to wait for a dirty trick.

Who needs a warm blonde? We hasten to please: almost everyone will be able to find suitable shades of a warm blond. Firstly, the choice of colors in this range is quite wide, from pink blond to the color of natural pearls. Secondly, the warm tones of the blonde can be considered universal: they are in harmony with both blue eyes and brown eyes.

Girls of the summer color type are recommended strawberry blond - it will make a good pair for green, gray and blue eyes.

Natural golden or wheaten warm blond should be chosen by those who belong to the spring color type.

For the "autumn" color type - brown-eyed and green-eyed girls with a dark skin tone - experts advise blond with golden and reddish highlights.

A powdery blond that fades into blond, to match the appearance of the winter color type.

Popular shades of warm blonde

As we have already said, warm shades of hair for blondes can be devoted to more than one article. There really is plenty to choose from. By the way, some of these dyes work without pre-lightening the hair.


This shade has long been loved by the stars - remember any social event. A beautiful warm blonde with a golden sheen can be found in the Color Naturals Crème range by Garnier (the colors include a mix of caring oils) or in the Excellence Creme collection, L’Oréal Paris, known for its soft natural shades.


The fashion for strawberry blonde is not losing ground. A lot has been written about this warm shade of blonde in a variety of beauty publications. In the photo you can see that the pink pigment, or rather its amount, varies.

Those who strive for a more natural result, choose paint with a minimum amount of this pigment. And girls who are ready for experiments prefer a more pronounced presence of pink. Creative natures mix warm strawberry blonde with light shades of a cold spectrum.


Looking at this shade, it's hard not to dream of a vacation by the sea. The sand color is the coolest in the warm range of blond, it is akin to beige and does not contain a noticeable amount of golden pigments, so after dyeing it makes sense to acquire a product with purple pigments.

L'Oréal Paris has a purple shampoo and mask from the Elseve range that helps neutralize unwanted yellowness on curls. This is especially true for girls with naturally brown or red hair.


Warm ash blonde is a paradoxical color, and it is better to entrust such coloring to professional colorists working in complex techniques. This dusty, powdery shade is great for balayage, highlights or ombre.

But in the solo performance, warm ash blond, as in the photo, is quite common.

It looks great on long curls styled using the brushing technique, and on short hair with textured styling.


Warm pearl blonde is the best choice for coloring strands using the air touch technique. This method allows you to achieve the effect of iridescent hair. The procedure is laborious and very time consuming: work on color can last up to 8 hours, a real test for both the master and the model. But the result, judging by the reviews, is worth it!

At home, we recommend doing a solid coloring using a pearl shade.

After the procedure, you can enhance the beauty of highlights on the hair using oil. Apply it on dry strands, after rubbing a drop of the product in your palms.

Popular warm blonde coloring techniques

Warm blonde is a color that is one hundred percent suitable for girls who love complex coloring.In techniques that require the use of several shades, a warm blonde has a responsible mission - to add attractive highlights to curls. Consider the popular methods of coloring using paints from this range.

California highlights

California highlights go great with a tan. And if self-tanning and bronzer help to achieve the latter (in the absence of the sun), then for highlighting in warm shades of blond, you will need at least 3-4 shades of paint. When choosing a gamma, you need to build on the original hair color, which will need to be “diluted” with related colors of the warm spectrum.


Shades from the warm blonde palette work well in the ombre technique based on light brown hair. As a rule, one package of paint is enough for such coloring, because the agent should be applied only to the lower part of the strands, trying to avoid clear boundaries when moving from one color to another.

Air Touch

Choosing a warm blonde for coloring using the air touch technique is a responsible mission. The expenditure of time (and finances) is obligatory. Of course, the master always builds on the original hair color, but we cannot but note how beautiful ash and pearl tones look in this technique.


There are more than 3 million publications on the hashtag balayage. This speaks volumes about the popularity of this technique. Light warm blond in this context can be used even if you have dark hair - the photo shows how the masters mix several colors based on brown and black hair.

Beautiful warm blonde: instructions

If the stage "Which blonde to choose?" already passed and you have settled on its warm variation, we suggest studying how to get such a shade at home.

  1. The preparatory procedures will not interfere. It is better to prepare for coloring in advance, enhancing the nutrition of the hair. Ideal helpers in this matter are oils and masks.

  2. You need to understand if you need to lighten or bleach your hair. Dark brown or black strands definitely cannot do without this stage - otherwise, instead of a beautiful blond, when dyeing your hair in a light shade, you can get not the prettiest greenish color.

  3. Day X has come? On this day, experts do not advise washing your hair: this way you will keep the natural protective hydrolipidic mantle on the scalp. To avoid spots on the skin of the forehead, you can apply a nourishing cream along the hairline.But before that, or rather two days before the planned staining, you need to check if you are allergic to paint. How to do this is usually written in the instructions. L'Oréal Paris even has a video on this topic - share it!

  4. Start to distribute the dye through the hair. Start from the roots, moving smoothly to the ends. When you're done, note the time indicated in the instructions.

  5. When the time indicated in the instructions is up, rinse the paint thoroughly with warm water. Use shampoo if the manufacturer recommends. After that, fix the result with a conditioner for colored hair.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierIf you want to get a uniform color after home dyeing, keep an eye on two points. Firstly, do not save paint - if you have thick long curls, it is better to take two packs.Secondly, try not to rush, otherwise you can just skip certain areas. Therefore, after you distribute all the paint, I advise you to check whether you did it well.

3 warm blonde colors

There are a lot of warm blond colors on the beauty market. We will talk about those that not only give a beautiful color, but also contain components that care for hair.

Color Naturals Creme (Sunny Beach) by Garnier

We can assume that Color Naturals Creme paints are chosen by practical girls. Firstly, the price-quality ratio attracts. Secondly, the fact that during the color change, the strands receive the necessary nourishment.

This effect is provided by a mix of shea butter, avocado, olive, cranberry and argan as part of the care balm.As for the color, the shade "Sunny Beach" goes well with both light eyes and brown ones. Another fact that Garnier experts confirm: the dye completely paints over gray hair.

L'Oréal Paris Préférence (Cannes) Long Lasting Paint

A golden light blond shade we found in the Préférence line, a rich palette of which was developed by the experts of L'Oréal Paris in collaboration with professional colorist Christophe Robin. To appreciate the scale of his authority, suffice it to say that his clients are all stars, including Natalie Portman, Catherine Deneuve and Tilda Swinton. The Cannes shade fully meets the requirements of a classic warm blonde, which will emphasize both the strict beauty of a radical bob and the soft appeal of long textured curls.

L'Oréal Paris Excellence Creme (" Very Light Blond Golden" ) Long Lasting Cream Color

A caring composition and an attractive shade have come together in this product. Therefore, we will accept it with due honors! The paint, by the way, paints over the gray hair and enhances the shine of the hair. But the main thing is that you will get a shade that mimics the natural hair color.

Paired with this paint, you can pick up the Magic Retouch spray, which is easy and convenient to mask overgrown roots between stains.

Hair Care After Coloring Warm Blonde

Hair tinting with warm shades is not as demanding in terms of subsequent hair care as "transition to the cold side" - there will be no need to control yellowness on the hair. But there are moments that should not be missed. Let's tell you what you need to pay attention to.

  1. Shampoo. It should be for color-treated hair. Such products gently cleanse and help preserve color.

  2. Balm conditioner. In addition to the main function (improving the “behavior” of the hair after washing), this product can enhance the brightness of the color of the curls and give them a natural shine. Look for the label "For colored hair" on the package.

  3. Mask. Hair dye (including a warm shade) can dry out the strands, so an extra care once or twice a week definitely does not hurt. You can alternate moisturizing, regenerating and nourishing masks.

  4. Thermal protection. An essential product for those who use hot styling tools.

  5. Serum. This product is chosen according to individual needs, for example, for hair growth or in order to soothe the scalp.

L'Oréal Paris Dream Smooth Serum

If your hair perceives multi-stage care as a serious load, we have found a 2 in 1 serum.In addition to caring properties, it has a thermal protection function. Keratin and cocoa butter are responsible for the smoothing effect. If your hair is frizzy and you have to use a hot iron regularly, you should definitely look into this product - it will serve you well.

Garnier Transformation Elixir Oil

Warm blonde is a hair color that especially suits shine. But coloring does not always give such a brilliant result in every sense. Get radiant hair in just a couple of minutes with Garnier Caring Oil. Plant extracts and oils in the composition contribute to the desired effect.

Elseve Color Expert Hair Mask by L'Oréal Paris

Fans of restoring hair masks know the feeling when you leave the product on your hair for the time specified in the instructions, wash it off - and you immediately see and feel the result. In the case of colored hair, we advise you to experience these sensations with the Elseve mask in a red bottle.Brand experts promise the effect of silky and shiny hair. We checked: these are not empty promises!

Stylist Tips

It seems that the topic of warm blonde is almost exhausted. Do you have any questions? We will be happy to answer, even if we have to repeat something.

Who suits warm blonde?

Blonding in warm tones can be afforded by girls with both fair and dark skin. Above, we told in detail which shade is better to choose, taking into account the color type. For example, in the photo you see that a blond for a warm color type can be chosen both in the same “temperature regime” and in a cooler one.



Show a photo where you can see warm blonde hair color on a girl with brown eyes.

With pleasure! In one example, the color is stretched. And in another, the master mixed both cold and warm blond for comparison.