Blonde, golden or ashy? All these shades fit the definition of "dark blond" . What are the features of this palette and why is it so popular?

Features of the range dark blond

Dark blonde is a very versatile spectrum. It includes many semitones. The dark blonde palette is not limited to light hair shades. It can even include some variations of brown, chestnut colors, not to mention light brown.

Who suits dark blonde?

Hair color "dark blond" , if you decide to try it on yourself, has no contraindications. All recommendations are reduced only to the correct choice of shade, taking into account the individual characteristics of the appearance.

  • If you have dark skin with warm undertones, then the best solution would be light brown shades with a golden sheen.

  • For girls with a cold type of appearance, ash variants of a dark blond are suitable.

  • When choosing a shade, colorists also take into account the color of the eyes of the model: curls of the color of coffee with milk beautifully emphasize brown eyes, and for girls with light eyes, we recommend paying attention to the cream and wheaten tones of the blond.

The so-called dark blonde will appeal to everyone who loves naturalness and prefers the most natural shades, because we live in a world of halftones, where it is sometimes difficult to divide everything strictly into black and white.

Dark Blonde Benefits

Let's reveal the main advantages of coloring in shades of the dark blonde palette.

  • The versatility of this spectrum allows you to find the right shade for everyone, regardless of the color type of appearance.

  • Dark blonde always looks natural.

  • The popularity of this range stimulates manufacturers to expand the range of colors in this range.

Popular dark blonde shades

To determine what kind of dark blonde you like, we suggest taking a look at the photo of trendy variations of this beautiful shade.


Sunshine sparkling blonde with dark undertones is always on trend. Light brown curls with golden tints will suit girls of a warm color type.


Don't like even a hint of warm notes in your hair color? Then choose an ashy dark blond. This noble color will perfectly harmonize with a cool skin tone and bright eyes.

Cold Dark Blonde

The frosty shine of the blonde emphasizes the beauty and severity of chestnut shades. This shade can create a striking contrast with warm skin tones.


Not yet brown, but not blond anymore, this shade is perfect for girls of any color type.


This color sounds simple and forgettable. But the visual effect makes a strong impression. The combination of beige and ashy shades as a result of staining using the balayage technique looks very attractive - a truly trendy solution.

How to dye your hair dark blonde?

Dark blonde can be obtained by full or partial hair coloring. At home, we advise you to give preference to a complete color change, as this procedure is easier to perform on your own.

How to dye your hair in shades of dark blonde at home? We will give step-by-step instructions.

  1. For 48 hours before dyeing, do a test for a possible allergic reaction: apply a little paint on a small area of skin - in the absence of any negative answers, you can safely dye your hair.

  2. Prepare everything you need: paint, gloves, brush, comb, plastic or glass container for paint, cape to protect clothes from paint.

  3. Comb the hair into several equal parts: two - on the sides of the head, the back of the head and the crown area.

  4. Dye your hair in strands, moving from the roots to the ends.

  5. Massaging your fingers again, go through the hair, distributing the paint evenly over the entire surface.

  6. Leave the dye on your hair for the required time (specified in the instructions), then rinse it thoroughly without using shampoo (if it was not included with the dye in the kit).

  7. Apply balm to damp hair, wait a few minutes and rinse.

Home coloring tips from our expert:

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierHair should literally be buried in paint - only in this way the pigments will be distributed evenly over the entire surface and the coloring will turn out beautiful, the hair will shine and retain color for a long time.

Dark Blonde Hair Coloring Techniques

More complex types of staining, allowing you to achieve a complex play of light and shadow, are available in salons. The result will not disappoint if you entrust your curls to professional colorists.What techniques are good for working in shades of dark blonde?


Highlighting is an umbrella term for many partial lightening techniques. In fact, this is the coloring of individual strands.

Dark blond can be effectively highlighted by highlighting strands near the face.

Highlights in shades of golden dark blond will fit well on brown or light brown hair.


The use of several shades in coloring allows the bronzing technique to give the most natural result. Smooth and imperceptible transitions between colors are achieved due to a kind of “stretching” of the paint.

For armoring in dark blond, it is better to choose paints that are close in "temperature" of shades. Combine golden tones with copper, and beige with ash-blond.


Balayage in the range of dark blond looks especially impressive on brown-haired women and dark blond girls. Random light strands make the image softer and more delicate.


When it comes to blonde, you can't go wrong with ombre. Gradient coloring always attracts attention with the artistic beauty of a smooth transition between shades.

Brunettes can use a dark blonde palette - so the border between the shades will be the least contrasting. Do not forget that the leading fashion trend is naturalness. Warm caramel shades will be the most winning choice.

4 dark blonde hair dyes

Knowing your color type will help you choose the right shade. But the most convenient and easy way to find the right paint is to try on shades online, as, for example, on the websites of L'Oréal Paris and Garnier.To make it easier for you to decide, we have prepared an excellent, in our opinion, selection of colors for dyeing hair in dark blond.

Excellence Creme by L'Oréal Paris

Resistant colors of the Excellence Creme line give hair radiant shades that will not fade for a long time. Note that the kit includes a shampoo with a mild pH, designed specifically for washing your hair immediately after dyeing. It gently removes dye residue from skin and hair, while maintaining color saturation.

Dark blonde colors are 7.3 Golden Blonde and 8.13 Light Blond Beige.

Warmer and richer variations of this spectrum include No. 6.32 Golden Dark Blonde and No. 7.1 Ash Blonde.

Préférence by L'Oréal Paris

Frost motifs are embodied in the Préférence line from L'Oréal Paris. Here are stunningly cold shades for those who dream of discreet noble shine on their hair.

8.1 "Copenhagen" and 8.12 "Alaska" - two possibilities to appear in a shade of ash dark blond.

Garnier Color Naturals Creme

The natural palette of this line will appeal to those who, following trends or the call of the heart, prefer natural shades.Paint No. 9.132 "Natural Blonde" will lie on the curls with an elegant beige veil.

8 "Wheat" and 8.00 "Deep Light Blond" are suitable for natural dark blonde coloring for brunettes and brown-haired women.

7 Cappuccino is an example of a warm shade with coffee notes.

Ashy variations of natural blonde will give your hair colors No. 7.1 Alder and No. 7.00 Deep Blonde.

Garnier Color Sensation

The paints of this series are also good, in our opinion, for home coloring.Thanks to its enveloping creamy texture, the products are easy to apply and do not spread.
Permanent pigments are responsible for deep and even color, and the essence of rose in the care cream cares for curls.Pearl dark blonde in shade No. 8.12 "Pink Pearl" is a paint that will give your hair not only an interesting color, but also an attractive shine.

7.12 Pearl Ash Blonde is an icy coffee shade that can magically transform dull curls.

Warm golden dark blonde with shade 8.0 Iridescent Light Blonde.

Hair care after dyeing

Coloring is not only the joy of transformation, but also an occasion to slightly change the usual hair care.

What should be considered when choosing care products after dyeing in shades of dark blond?
  • Caring about color is probably the first priority. Choose shampoos, conditioners and masks designed specifically for color-treated hair.

  • If you haven't used heat protection before heat styling, it's time to fix that. Using a heat protection spray or cream is an important step in caring for color-treated hair.

  • Curls after dyeing can become porous and naughty. To tame them, we recommend using special oils, masks and conditioners that give your hair a well-groomed look.

Let's look at specific products that will help maintain the he althy look of dyed hair.

L'Oréal Paris Elseve L'Oréal Paris Elseve Laminating Care Shampoo & Balm

Shampoo and balm "seal" the color, so that the shade retains its original brightness for up to 10 weeks. The products have a laminating effect: after their application, the hair becomes elastic and shiny.

Low Shampoo Elseve Color Expert by L'Oréal Paris

Fine bleached hair needs delicate care and gentle cleansing. Sulfate-free shampoo Low Shampoo will cope with these tasks - a real salvation for dry and brittle hair. It protects the color from washing out and makes combing easier.

Garnier Fructis SuperFood Goji Mask for Colored Hair

Restoring the hair structure after dyeing in shades of dark blond is the main task of the mask with goji berry extract. Note that the product can also be used as a leave-in treatment to moisturize the ends of the hair.

Garnier Botanic Therapy Repair Oil Cream

Cream-butter with royal jelly and propolis nourishes and moisturizes curls. The tool increases the density of hair and makes them silky. The product can be used on damp hair after shampooing, and on dry hair for protection from high temperatures before hot styling.

Oil Elixir "Transformation" , Garnier Fructis

The oil was created specifically to intensively nourish curls and protect them from aggressive environmental factors. It facilitates combing and prevents hair breakage.

Dyeing hair dark blonde: stylist tips

What's the difference between dark blonde hair and blonde hair?

Roman Moiseenko: "Blond is always a cold color (due to the presence of green pigment), and dark blond can be both warm and cold."

How to keep dark blonde hair color?

To maintain the shade of dark blonde, you need to follow the recommendations that we gave above - this way you will improve the condition of the hair and prolong the durability of the color. To maintain the saturation of a dark blond, you can periodically tint with soft colors without ammonia.

How to maintain cool notes in a dark blonde?

There are special purple masks and shampoos that neutralize the yellowness on the strands. You can use them once a week to keep your hair cool.

Do I need any special products if I want a warmer shade of dark blonde?

Warm pigments (yellow and red) are good because they are the most persistent. You don't need any colored care products. It is enough just to initially choose a warm shade of paint, and after the procedure, use care products for colored hair.

Who needs to pre-lighten their hair to get a dark blonde?

There is no single answer to this question - only a professional colorist can assess the need for lightening or bleaching. Usually bleaching is required if there is a drastic change in shade, for example, the transformation from red or brunette to blonde, even dark. In these cases, it is better to entrust the coloring to professionals in the salon.