Cosmetic novelties are always nice. And if they are also cool, I want to prescribe them in my cosmetic bag as soon as possible. Let's talk about what hit us in the heart this month

YSL Beauty Libre Eau de Toilette

Lovers of freedom and lightness, rejoice! These concepts converged in the new Libre eau de toilette from YSL. Perfumers created it on the basis of the perfume water of the same name, but made the composition more airy - just what you need in the height of summer.

What has changed? First, the note of black tea was replaced with an echo of golden white tea. According to the creators of the fragrance, the latter is perceived more delicately and lighter. Secondly, we added a fruity accord of apple and pear, which gives a refreshing effect. Thirdly, in the heart of the composition, instead of lavender, a gentle lily of the valley now sounds. Enjoy!

Lip Lingerie XXL by NYX

They say the best lingerie is the one you don't feel. NYX is confident that the same rule applies to lipstick, so they released a collection of products that literally blend into the lips. We have long been a member of the club of lovers of brand products and we know that even complex matte formulas work out with a bang. What are they ready to surprise this time?

New liquid lipstick won't smudge or fade up to 4pm! Perhaps you should get at least a few shades of Lip Lingerie XXL. Gentle Flaunt It can be applied in the morning, before breakfast in a cafe with a friend, to then go to the office in the same way.And powdery Bust-Ed is appropriate to use in the late afternoon if you are planning a date or a social party.

Garnier Reusable Cleansing Pads for Face, Eyes and Lips

In words, we all care about the environment. But it is not always clear what can be done here and now. Garnier has a great offer - to change ordinary cotton pads, which fly away at a terrible speed for beautyholics, with reusable eco-pads.

They will make a perfect pair with the famous micellar water of the brand and will help not only remove makeup, but also contribute to the care of nature. The discs are made of polyester and will last really long: the claimed durability is up to 1000 machine washes.

L'Oréal Paris Excellence Cool Creme Hair Color

You can feel the pleasant coolness at the equator of summer not only by the pool with lemonade in your hands. Similar "feelings" can be experienced by changing the shade of hair to a colder one.Yes, yes, it is not necessary to radically change the color of your hair in order to bring something new to your image. It is enough to adjust the "temperature" of the color. To make this option available, L’Oréal Paris officially introduced in Russia six new shades of the famous Excellence color collection with the Cool Creme postscript.

This collection has colors for both blondes and brunettes. But the main trump card of these funds is a formula that helps to achieve a lasting effect, neutralize yellowness and paint over gray hair.

Lancôme Comfort Crème Mains Hand Cream

You ask, for whom is hand cream released in the summer? Let's explain now! The sun's rays, s alty sea water and other delights that we enjoy during the holiday season often dry out the skin. And on the hands it is thin and almost always tender and sensitive. Therefore, we encourage you to take care of your brushes all year round. And now we propose to do this with the help of new items from Lancôme.

The cream contains acacia honey, rose water and glycerin. Together, they effectively soothe and moisturize the skin. If you do not neglect such care even in summer, you will be able to strengthen the protective layer of the epidermis enough to be less afraid of the risks that the heating season threatens the skin of the hands.