Want to freshen up your look by changing your hair color? Well, we are for it! It is not necessary to resort to full coloring. There is a great alternative - lightening the tips of the hair. Let's tell you how to do it right

Techniques for lightening the ends of hair

There are several tip lightening techniques that are practiced both in salons and at home.


Ombre is a lightening technique that creates a smooth transition from a darker shade to a lighter one.

Both the root zone and the area closer to the tips can become lighter.

But from a practical point of view, doing an ombre at the ends of the hair is more profitable: the hair will grow back imperceptibly, without requiring an early re-coloring, as it would be if the color changed at the roots.


Balayage coloring can be done not only along the entire length. If you randomly lighten the very tips, then the hairstyle will visually add volume, and the curls will play beautifully in the light. In addition, on light ends it is not so noticeable if the hair splits.

Balayage differs from other techniques of lightening the ends of hair in that light strands look like chaotic artistic strokes on canvas or play of light on the bulk of the hair.

Air Touch

Hair dyed using this technique looks as natural as possible. The master uses a hair dryer to blow through the captured strand and lightens only the hair remaining in the hand.

It is difficult to do air touch coloring on your own, so it is better to turn to a professional colorist for tips clarified in this technique.

Dip Dye

Dip dye is a hit among Instagram stars and influencers. The name itself can be translated as "dip in paint." The hair really looks like it was accidentally dipped in dye.

The border of coloration is usually clear and noticeable. In the dip dye technique, bright colors are more often used: pinks, reds, emeralds and blues.

How to lighten the ends of your hair at home?

At first glance, lightening the ends of your hair at home seems like a simple task. But to get the best result, it is important to study all the nuances of the procedure in advance and proceed with self-coloring after thorough preparation. How to lighten the ends of the hair, we will tell below.

What to cook to lighten the ends of your hair?

To color the tips you will need:

  1. hair dye of the desired shade;

  2. ink and developer container (plastic or glass);

  3. gloves to protect hands from paint;

  4. special coloring brush;

  5. comb or comb with rare teeth;

  6. shoulder cape;

  7. balm-care after staining.

How to make an ombre at home?

Let's move on to the main stages of ombre on the ends of the hair.

  1. For ease of use, hair should be divided into several sectors.

  2. Using a brush, start applying paint to the hair from the middle of the length. The closer to the tips, the more paint should be applied and the harder the brush should be pressed.

  3. To create a smooth gradient, comb your hair with a comb, "stretching" the paint so that there are no clear boundaries.

  4. Leave the dye on your hair for the time indicated in the instructions, then wash it off with a mild shampoo.

  5. To achieve the most natural result, you can do toning.

Some paints come with a special comb that allows you to create an ombre effect without much effort. These tools include, for example, Colorista Effects "Ombre Effect" from L'Oréal Paris.

Using an expert comb, lightening the ends of your hair is easy, and the transition between shades will be very smooth.


Balayage is another open staining technique (no foil is used when lightening).

Let's tell you how to perform balayage on the ends of your hair.
  1. For dyeing, separate the strands one by one parallel to the parting with an interval of 2-3 centimeters.

  2. The paint is applied to the surface of the strand without pressure.

  3. After the time required for exposure, you need to wash off the paint with warm water and spread the balm through your hair. After 3 minutes (the exact exposure time is indicated in the instructions for a specific product), it is also washed off.

Lightening the ends of the hair is quite suitable for home use. The main thing is to choose the right shade of paint and, after dyeing, provide the hair with proper care. However, the second point does not lose its relevance in the case of salon lighting.

Important! Before any home staining, be sure to test for a possible allergic reaction. 48 hours before the procedure, apply a little paint to the skin. If there is no negative reaction, you can safely dye your hair.

Color palette to lighten ends of hair

Of course, lightening the tips does not change the appearance as drastically as full coloring, but you still need to approach the choice of shade responsibly. It is unlikely that someone will want to do an unplanned haircut due to unsuccessful coloring. What color would be the most harmonious choice for your base hair color?

Blonde hair

Almost all shades of blond are perfectly combined with light brown curls.

Caramel, golden ends will decorate dark blond curls, and cool ash accents are a winning option for dark blondes.

Toning and dyeing the tips of light brown hair in light shades will perfectly cope with ammonia-free paints - such are in the Casting Crème Gloss lines from L'Oréal Paris or Garnier Olia.
Tips on dark blond curls, stylists recommend lightening with persistent paints, such as Excellence from L'Oréal Paris. And you can limit yourself to just lightening or bleaching paint (E0).

Dark hair

Lightening the tips on dark hair is a good color solution. To make the transition between the base and new colors as smooth as possible, we advise you to avoid shades of bright ash blonde.

For chestnut hair, colors of wheat scale and warm blond spectrum are suitable. Pay attention to the Garnier Color Naturals Crème line.

Cold shades of light brown look great on dark curls, for example No. 8.11 Light Blonde Excellence Cool Crème from L'Oréal Paris.

Red hair

The beauty of the fiery strands will be emphasized by the tips of caramel color or copper shades.

For a more durable result, you may need to pre-bleach your hair. This procedure is best left to professionals in the salon.

It's easy and simple to decide on the choice of paint with the help of online try-on services for shades on the websites of L'Oréal Paris and Garnier.

Photo ideas for lightening the ends of hair for haircuts of different lengths

The length of the hair largely determines the choice of dyeing technique. We offer you photo examples of lightening the tips, taking into account different lengths.

Short hair

Gradient coloring is not designed for such haircuts. But feather lightening of the tips will only decorate short hair.

If you have an asymmetrical haircut with an elongated bang, then on the bang itself you can achieve a spectacular transition from light ends to a dark crown.

Long hair

Highlighted ends on long hair look beautiful regardless of the coloring technique.

Balayage, ombre or air touch - choose to your taste. The length allows you to create beautiful transitions and highlights on your hair.

Colored tips are another interesting option that will work effectively on long hair.

Medium length hair

The dip dye technique is a bold decision that can be implemented on medium length hair as well.

As an experiment, try washable dyes first, such as Colorista balm, spray or coloring jelly from L'Oréal Paris.Balayage technique is also great for lightening the tips on medium hair.

6 Home Colors for Lightening Tips

From the huge variety of hair colors it is difficult to choose one. We have compiled a selection of the best, according to the editors, products for lightening the tips at home.

Colorista Effects Ombre Effect by L'Oréal Paris

With this long-lasting hair dye, it's easy to do your own coloring, even if you've never done it before. Suitable for lightening the ends of dark hair for a long-lasting effect (contains ammonium hydroxide).

Excellence Creme by L'Oréal Paris

Shade No. 01 "Super Light Blonde Natural" is designed to lighten ash-blond hair with a cold undertone.A special serum that is applied before dyeing protects the hair from the aggressive effects of the dye.

Préférence by L'Oréal Paris

Another line of permanent colors that can lighten the ends of dark hair. Shades No. 8.3 "Cannes, golden light blond" and No. 7.3 "Marseille, golden blond" will give curls warm and sunny highlights.

Garnier Color Naturals Creme

The Color Naturals Crème palette will appeal to those who want a natural effect of sun-bleached hair. No. 9.1 "Sunny Beach" and No. 10 "White Sun" - soft and natural shades without yellowness.

Note that the Color Naturals Crème balm-care now contains more natural oils that provide intense hydration and nutrition to the hair.

Garnier Olia

Can ammonia-free hair dye give your curls rich and long-lasting color? Yes, try, for example, Garnier Olia.

Shades suitable for lightening or toning the ends of the hair are No. 10.21 "Pearl Blonde" and No. 110 "Natural Ultra Blonde" .

Casting Crème Gloss by L'Oréal Paris

How to lighten the tips at home without harming the hair? Entrust this task to Casting Crème Gloss, which contains a complex of caring ingredients and does not include ammonia. Shimmer shades will make curls attractively shining.

Paints 8031 "Light Blonde Golden Ash" and 1013 "Light Light Blonde Beige" are simply made to work in ombre or balayage techniques on light brown hair.

Hair care after bleaching ends

After bleaching, hair needs special care. Colored tips need additional nutrition and color protection from fading. The ends are the most vulnerable part of the hair, and without lightening are more prone to dryness.What to look for when choosing hair care products?

  • Basic products such as shampoo, conditioner and mask should be marked "For color-treated hair" . They will intensively moisturize the hair and help maintain color.

  • Make sure that in your beauty arsenal there are indelible hair care products: spray, oil or cream. They will protect the curls from the effects of aggressive environmental factors and give them a well-groomed appearance. There are special oils and creams for tips.

  • Don't skimp on heat protection: color-treated hair is more vulnerable to the high heat styling tools we use.

Catch a selection of products, indispensable, in our opinion, in the care of bleached hair ends.

Shampoo and balm Garnier Fructis Goji. Lasting Color"

These Garnier products will protect your color and help strengthen your hair. Using a shampoo paired with a balm will help maintain the brightness of the shade. Regular use of this duo will keep your hair looking smooth and he althy.

Botanic Therapy Revitalizing Cream-Oil, Garnier

After lightening the ends, the hair can become porous and split ends. Cream-oil with royal jelly and propolis will work to restore the structure of the hair and make it obedient. The tool can also be used as a thermal protection before hot styling.

Purple shampoo and mask from L'Oréal Paris Elseve "Color Expert"

Unfortunately, the newfound blond does not always remain deep and transparent for a long time.Red or yellow tint, which can eventually appear on bleached hair, reduces the impression of the image. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to use special products with purple pigments. For example, L’Oréal Paris Elseve Color Expert Purple Shampoo and Mask.

Lightening the ends of hair at home: tips from stylists

Who better not to lighten the ends of their hair?

There are no “contraindications” for lightening the ends of the hair according to the type of appearance. It is only important to follow the recommendations for color compatibility. The only limitation is that if the hair is badly injured, the ends are uneven and split, it is better to cut them off, and then lighten them. Or do some hair restoration. As we have already said, split ends are less noticeable on blond hair.

What are the features of lightening the ends of gray hair?

If the percentage of gray hair is large, then it is better to sign up for a salon with a professional colorist. Most likely, you will first need to dye your hair to even out the base color, and lighten the ends after painting over the gray hair.

Which techniques for lightening the ends of the hair are already out of fashion?

It can be said that there are no irrelevant techniques for coloring the tips, since they all change over time, adjusting to fashion trends. Remember: everything that makes the image harmonious and emphasizes the dignity of appearance is relevant.