Clarification before coloring is a fairly popular procedure that is carried out both in the salon and at home. Does everyone need it, what products are suitable for it and how to care for hair before and after lightening?

Do I have to lighten my hair before dyeing it?

There is no definite answer to the question of whether it is necessary to lighten hair before dyeing - it all depends on the initial color of the strands, the condition of the hair, the choice of paint and the desired result.

Although there are experts who believe that lightening hair is a must when changing color.

Supporters of this opinion believe that in this way you can get a more uniform shade that will last longer on the hair than in the case of an unlightened base.

Let's consider both options - when you can't do without clarification and when, in our opinion, you can skip it.

You need to lighten your hair if you:

  • plan to tint strands in a bright shade, such as red or turquoise;

  • want to radically change the color - for example, dye your brown hair into a platinum blond (at the same time, you need to understand that it is not always possible to lighten dark hair in one procedure, and sometimes masters offer not to lighten, but to bleach, which is considered more effective, albeit more aggressive - we talked about this in more detail here).

And now we will tell you under what conditions it is possible to carry out staining without clarification:

  1. if you initially have a light shade, and the paint color is dark;

  2. when dyeing in a related shade - for example, it is quite possible to repaint blond to blond without lightening;

  3. if the paint contains brightening components, as, for example, in the Garnier ranges and in the L'Oréal Paris lines; only a caveat is needed here: the concentration of brightening components there is less than in professional products, so it will not work to recolor black and red shades into platinum blond in one go.

Experienced masters know that the brightness of the shade that you get as a result of staining also often depends on whether clarification was carried out or not.

For example, black and red shades, of course, can be repainted directly into red, but the original color will still partially "eat" the saturation of the new tone, and the result without prior clarification will most likely disappoint.

This rule also applies to future blondes. Do you want the new color to be saturated? Take care of a quality base.

Features of lightening hair of different colors

Hair lightening is a procedure that should be carried out exclusively on natural hair.

Special components reduce the level of melanin in the hair, a natural pigment that is responsible for the color of the strands.

Clarified curls look "blonder" natural by 3-6 tones.

Bleaching is often confused with hair bleaching. But the latter procedure is much more aggressive and allows you to work with dyed hair as well.

Bleaching is usually performed when it is necessary to correct an unsuccessful coloring or dye black hair to blond without lightening. How to bleach hair before dyeing, we told here.

And here we will analyze what strands usually lighten.

  1. Hydrogen peroxide. Is it worth it is the big question. Yes, it's inexpensive. But the result is unpredictable, and the risk of "burning" the hair is quite high, so experts do not recommend resorting to this dubious method.

  2. Lightening paint. A proven and much more reliable way is a specialized home lightening product. As a rule, this is a paint with brightening components. You may have noticed the powder that is added to paint kits. It is he who allows you to lighten the shade of hair by 4-6 tones. After such staining-lightening, you can decide whether to stop at the result or repeat the procedure.

  3. Illuminating powder. Experienced colorists know how powdered hair lightener works. Such clarification should occur exclusively in the hands of a professional. With powder, you can achieve maximum hair lightening.Some manufacturers promise changes up to 8 tones.

  4. Shampoo. A non-standard method, but it may be useful to our readers who would like to lighten dyed hair. Often, after dyeing, girls are unhappy with the shade, believing that it turned out to be too dark. Experts recommend using classic deep cleansing shampoos in such cases. They will help to quickly wash off some of the pigment so that the shade becomes lighter and softer.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierIf you dream of a cold color, then keep in mind that you are better off doing decapitation first, that is, bleaching your hair with an E0 shade. This is, for example, in the collections of Color Sensation and Color Naturals. And only after using the paint of a shade of cold blond. This way you will have a better chance of neutralizing the warm background that always appears when lightening dark hair.

And now we will tell you how to lighten hair before dyeing, depending on the original color and condition of the hair.

Natural blonde hair

"Regular customers" of brightening colors are blondes and fair-haired girls. On their hair, such products, as a rule, work the first time at full capacity. Is after-tinting necessary? If coloring is planned, for example, in gray or ash shades - definitely yes. But even without a “support group”, lightening paint may well give a finished result.

Dark hair

The situation is more complicated with dark hair. If you have black or dark brown curls, it makes sense to bleach or lighten them in a beauty salon - with the help of more active products. But this does not mean that home lightening with paint is impossible. It will just take more time and money, since it will not work to lighten the strands at a time, and it is important to take breaks between procedures.

Dyed hair

We found out that classic lightening on dyed hair is not worth it. Lightening components can "argue" with artificial pigments, and the result may disappoint you. If the resulting color is categorically unsatisfactory or it's just time to refresh the look, you can either speed up the washing off of the pigment by applying a deep cleansing shampoo, or resort to bleaching the strands.

Hair with gray hair

Many brunettes who have noticed at least one gray strand in themselves are repainted in blondes. There is logic in their actions, since growing gray hair is not so noticeable on light strands. With such initial data, it makes sense to lighten the hair before dyeing.

How to lighten hair before coloring?

It's practice time. Let's discuss how to lighten your hair before dyeing if you plan to do it at home.

Garnier's Color Naturals Super Lightening Platinum Blonde

This paint is chosen by those who, firstly, want to get rid of the yellow undertone on the strands and, secondly, dream of lightening curls up to 4 tones. This paint will help to “knock out” dark pigments even for girls with dark blond hair.

Despite its "offensive" properties, the product also contains ingredients that are good for hair. The balm-care formula includes a mix of oils that take care of the strands after the color change procedure, keeping them soft and shiny.

Colorista (lightening) hair dye by L'Oréal Paris

Designed for girls who want to experiment with their hair: the Colorista range includes a wide range of vibrant color shades. This brightening cream paint is valued for the absence of ammonia in the composition and the ability to “lower” the shade of the hair up to 4 tones. In addition, the product contains components that fight yellowness on the strands.

Colorista Ombre hair dye by L'Oréal Paris

Brightening does not always precede the coloring procedure. If you plan to achieve an ombre effect, you just need to lighten the bottom of the curls. To make this process easier, L'Oréal Paris has created a special dye that allows you to lighten even dark hair.

It is necessary to distribute the product with the comb that comes with the product, and the exposure time of the dye on the hair will depend on how much you want to lighten the strands (but not longer than indicated in the instructions).

How to lighten hair before dyeing at home: step by step instructions

Let's figure out how to lighten your hair before dyeing, if you decide to do these procedures at home yourself.

  1. Let's start with preparation. If you're experiencing scalp irritation, dandruff, oily hair, or other trichological issues, it's important to address them first, experts warn. More to the point, 48 hours before the scheduled lightening/coloring, it is important to test for a possible allergic reaction. How to do this should be indicated in the instructions for the paint.

    It is not recommended to carry out lightening on freshly washed hair - it is better to wait 1-2 days.

  2. Choose clothes you don't mind getting paint stained, or use a special cape (if available). Then carefully comb the strands and divide them into several parts, securing each with clips.

  3. Prepare the coloring composition and start generously distributing it into zones. There is no need to regret the remedy - it is better to let it be in abundance.

  4. Wait the time indicated in the instructions and wash off the paint with warm water, and then apply a balm or mask for colored hair.

Hair care before and after bleaching

We figured out why you should lighten your hair before dyeing.

Now let's discuss another important question - how to care for them after the procedure?

Try to stick to the basic guidelines:

  1. increased hydration and nutrition of strands;

  2. calming scalp treatments;

  3. using thermal protectants;

  4. care for drying and styling;

  5. UV protection;

  6. neutralization of yellowness.

Here is a list of products that will help you care for your hair after the lightening procedure.

Fortifying conditioner Fructis Goji. Lasting Color by Garnier

This balm has several positive properties at once, which are important for those who lightened curls: this is hair strengthening, color and shine protection, hair restoration. Garnier specialists did not stint on he althy ingredients.

The formula includes polyphenols, B vitamins, and fruit extracts. Each component has its own mission. For example, sugar cane extract is needed to moisturize the strands, and goji berry extract is needed to repair damaged hair and maintain color vibrancy.

Kiehl's Nourishing Hair & Scalp Concentrate

The aggressive effect of brightening components, of course, affects the condition of the scalp. If you feel dryness, strengthen the nutrition in this area with the help of concentrated products. Kiehl's has a product that's loaded with nourishing ingredients: it contains aloe extract, as well as avocado, safflower, and rosemary leaf oils. The brand advises applying the concentrate to the scalp and strands 10 minutes before washing. Quite comfortable!

Elseve Color Expert Purple Shampoo by L'Oréal Paris

Purple shampoo, we recommend purchasing in a pair of lightening hair dye right away. The fact is that yellowness can appear both immediately after staining, and after some time. And this tool will help neutralize unwanted pigment.

To enhance the action of the shampoo, use a mask from the same series, which is also characterized by a high concentration of purple pigments.

Q&A section

Requests like "How to dye your hair blonde without bleaching?" in search engines a lot. Therefore, we decided to focus on a topic that worries our readers.

Do I have to lighten my hair in the salon before coloring it?

Not at all. Today, on the shelves of stores, you can find persistent paints that have a brightening effect and are great for home use. However, it all depends on the original color and the desired result, in some cases it may be worth turning to professionals.


Do I have to bleach my hair before dyeing it?

Bleaching is a more aggressive procedure compared to lightening, and it is not always needed. Many dyes, such as those from Garnier and L'Oréal Paris, work great on natural hair and do not require pre-treatment in the form of bleaching strands. This procedure will help out those who have made unsuccessful staining (it will help to “wash it off” faster), and those who are planning a radical color transition - for example, from black to red or to shades of the blond palette.


Why bleach your hair before coloring?

This is done so that the active pigment of your hair or the pigments introduced during the earlier dyeing do not conflict with the new dye. In addition, experts say that on bleached hair, coloring appears brighter.


Can I not lighten my hair before coloring?

Of course! If you are planning to color in a related shade (especially with a “dark” look), you will not need lightening.


Do I need to bleach my hair before dyeing if I'm a brunette, but I want to dye my hair blond and add pink pigment to the tips?

You need to look at the original color. If the hair is very dark, bleaching will come in handy. Lightening may be enough for light brown hair.