With the wide variety that modern coloring offers us, it can be difficult to choose the right tool. To better navigate this world, consider as an example a rich palette of hair colors Garnier

The main advantages of Garnier paints

Garnier hair dyes are created taking into account the needs and desires of users. Different people have different preferences, so the French brand offers options for every taste: it has in its arsenal both ammonia-resistant compounds, and dyes based on flower oils, and delicate light tones, and rich dark shades.

The manufacturers also thought about lovers of bright colors and bold experiments.

When developing the composition of each Garnier paint, experts pursue two goals: color fastness and respect for the hair during the dyeing process.

The quality of Garnier paints is improving every year, and the history of the brand goes back more than 60 years. Testimonials from women around the world show that experts are working for a reason.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierThe distinctive quality of Garnier paints is that they include ingredients of natural origin.

Popular Garnier paint lines

Garnier hair dyes are available in several series, each of which is represented by a large palette of colors.

Resistant colors include Garnier Color Naturals and Garnier Color Sensation, while Garnier Olia is milder on hair because it does not contain ammonia.Below, we will tell you more about all the lines and find out , how do they differ.

Ammonia free

Ammonium hydroxide-free paints are for those who want to refresh their natural shade. They color the light base well and are gentle on the hair.

Thanks to the appearance of paints without ammonia, Garnier expanded its already large-scale zone of influence - after all, soft, delicate effects are suitable even for those who cannot boast of strong hair. After the procedure of dyeing or toning with the help of such paints, the strands retain their natural shine.

At the same time, you should not think that without ammonia, curls cannot get a bright color.Garnier Olia paint is saturated with intense pigments, which, due to the oils in the composition, penetrate into the hair shaft and are securely fixed there. Oils and other beneficial ingredients are gentle on the hair, while a light floral scent turns the coloring process into an aromatherapy session.

Resistant paints (ammonia)

The stability of the result of dyeing is ensured by the content of ammonia in the composition of the product, due to which the scales of the hair cuticle open and the pigment is fixed in the fiber core. It is traditionally believed that persistent ammonia paints are more effective in painting over gray hair. But modern technologies allow already ammonia-free paints to give a lasting result and paint over gray hair well.

To minimize the aggressive effects of ammonia, natural oils of avocado, olive and rose flower are added to the balm after staining with Garnier Color Sensation and Garnier Color Naturals.Hair looks well-groomed, they are distinguished by a he althy shine, and the color does not fade and does not wash out for a long time.

Garnier hair dye: a palette of colors and deciphering the tone number

In order to guess the color, it is not enough just to choose the shade and its name on the package. There are special numbers, the meaning of which many can only guess. But it is on them that the desired result of staining largely depends. Let's figure out why the tone number is indicated on the Garnier paints and what it means.

  • The first number on the package (before the dot) indicates the main shade. There are 11 shades in the Garnier palette, from deep black to ultra-blonde.

  • The second digit, which comes right after the dot, is responsible for the subtone. The gradation starts from neutral, and then goes up in "temperature" from a cold purple tone to a warm red.

  • The third and fourth numbers indicate how the tide will be - from ashy to brown.

Let's consider concrete examples. If you're looking for a beautiful sun-kissed blonde with warm undertones, Garnier Olia Platinum Gold 10.32 is the perfect shade.

Garnier Color Sensation No. 5.21 Amethyst Purple will help you get a chestnut color with a noble cold tint.

There are Garnier paints, in the name of which there is only one number or 0 immediately after the dot. This is a pure color without impurities and nuances. It has a neutral "temperature" . This includes, for example, shade No. 6.0 "Luxury dark blond" from Garnier Color Sensation.

If you correctly navigate the Garnier paint palette by numbers, then the coloring result will almost always be predictable.

Garnier Olia hair colors: palette

The main feature of this Garnier line is that the paints are 60% oils.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierThanks to the innovative Oil Delivery System, the brand was able to move away from the use of ammonia in hair coloring technologies, because this system transports pigments into each hair using oil technology.
Many accolades about Garnier Oliya paint confirm that permanent coloring without ammonia is possible. The palette of shades of colors "Garnier Olia" pleases with variety.


Dazzling and memorable No. 112 "Diamond Ultra Blonde" and No. 110 "Natural Ultra Blonde" are ready to effectively transform blond hair.

For those who are looking for more delicate options, we recommend No. 10.21 Pearly Blonde and No. 9.30 Caramel Blonde. Soft cream curls will be the basis of a romantic look.

Hollywood chic - the impression of staining with paint 10.32 Platinum Gold.

Dark Blonde

7.0 "Blond" - a pure color without tint nuances for those who want to add gloss to their natural blond strands.

Honey and caramel overflows will decorate your hair if you use paints No. 8.13 "Pearl Gold" and No. 7.13 "Golden Blonde" .

Noble "Dark Blonde" No. 6.0 was created for connoisseurs of a natural and calm range.


Sensual appeal is a key characteristic of Garnier Olia's chestnut colours.If you like complex dark colors, choose 4.0 Brown and 4.15 Frosted Chocolate.

5.0 "Light Brown" and 5.3 "Chestnut Gold" - warm and tender.

Redheads and Reds

" Flaming Red" No. 6.60 will easily recolor blond and even brown hair into a memorable shade.

Red hair has always been magnetic. No. 7.40 "Sparkling Copper" will help to dye your hair in this attractive color.


Mesmerizing black shades No. 3.0 "Dark Chestnut" and No. 1.0 "Deep Black" give strands rich color and incredible shine.

" Cold Sapphire" No. 1.10 is designed for girls who are not afraid to attract the attention of others with catchy accents.

Bright colors

This line of Garnier hair colors pleases with an unusual palette.No. 9.2 Neon Pink and No. 7.22 Metallic Pink were created to create a romantic and delicate look.

9.11 Smoky Silver will add a cool shine to the curls.

Garnier Color naturals Crème hair dyes: palette

In 2023, Garnier reimagines everyone's favorite Color Naturals Crème:

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierThanks to the renovation, there are more oils in the formula of the care balm, and the combination of all components as a result provides deep nutrition, rich color.

The care balm, which is applied after coloring, has even more caring oils: avocado, olive, cranberry and argan tree.

After staining with permanent Garnier Color Naturals Crème paints, you will get not only a rich color, but also strong shiny curls that retain the brightness of the shade for as long as 8 weeks.

Let's show on specific photos what colors are in the Garnier Color Naturals Cream color palette.

Brightening colors and blond

Get a transparent and well-groomed blond with No. 111 Super Lightening Platinum Blonde.

With bleaching hair up to six tones and creating a good base for coloring, E0 "Decolorant" will cope.

If you're looking for natural blonde shades, check out 10 Sun White and 110 Super Lightening Natural Blonde.

Dark Blonde

Warm and sunny variations of light brown are represented by paints No. 7 Cappuccino and No. 8.132 Natural Light Brown.

8.1 "Sandy Beach" and 7.1 "Alder" promise to give hair a discreet blond color.


The chestnut range in the Garnier Color Naturals palette is simply beautiful.Achieving luxurious dark strands is easy with paints No. 3.23 Dark Chocolate or 4.12 Cold Brown.

Caramel No. 6.34 and No. 4.3 Golden Chestnut are shades associated with comfort and gentle warmth.


No. 7.40 Captivating Copper and No. 7.4 Golden Copper can provide a truly fiery red color.

6.41 "Passionate Amber" will add spicy notes to curls.


Black color has a special, almost mystical appeal. A win-win classic is No. 2.0 "Elegant Black" and No. 3.12 "Ice Dark Brown" .

1.10 "Cool Black" and 2.10 "Blue Black" will give your hair a charm that is typical only for cool dark shades.

Garnier Color Sensation hair dyes: palette

Garnier Color Sensation's bright palette of colors will definitely find the right option for every girl.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierGarnier Color Sensation contains a range of floral oils, including rose essence, to condition hair and make the coloring process even more comfortable.


Dazzling blonde shades with a steely sheen await you at 910 Ash Platinum Blonde and 111 Ultra Blonde Platinum


Ruby shades are truly multifaceted. No. 6.15 "Cold Ruby" and No. 5.51 "Ruby Marsala" will give strands a bewitching mother-of-pearl glow.

Brown hairs

Sparkling Cold Mocha No. 6.12 and Cold Diamond Brown No. 4.12 are shades without the slightest hint of red.

Amber redheads

Effective No. 7.40 "Amber Red" and No. 6.45 "Amber Dark Red" will not disappoint lovers of the fiery spectrum.


The Vivids series is four bright and daring shades: Delicate Lavender, Platinum Metallic, Pastel Pink and Smokey Blue. Such interesting shades are a great way to make the image memorable.

We tried to describe the diversity of the Garnier color palette. You will find even more shades on the Garnier.ru website, where there is also a great opportunity to try them on online.

After the virtual fitting it will be much easier to make a choice. To use the paint matching service, you just need to upload a photo to the Garnier website or use the camera.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierIn my opinion, all colors of Garnier paints, even the brightest ones, look very natural. This is part of the overall eco-trend of the brand.

Garnier post-color haircare

Any colored hair needs special care and special products. Shampoo and balm Fructis Goji. Lasting Color" are aimed at preserving color and strengthening fine hair.

The Transformation Elixir Oil is designed for those who are faced with the problem of dry and porous strands. It will pacify naughty hair and return the curls to a he althy look.

Botanic Therapy Revitalizing Mask with Royal Jelly and Propolis supports color-damaged hair by moisturizing and nourishing it.