The skin of a girl's face is always given the most attention. Therefore, cosmetics for this area is very diverse. Today we will talk about a product that gives the face a he althy glow (and this is not a highlighter). Let's analyze what a luminizer is and what appearance upgrade it is capable of

What is the luminizer used for?

Luminizer is a cosmetic product that allows you to visually illuminate the face, creating a moist glow effect on the skin. It is often used as part of strobing or sculpting, in order to visually narrow the face or, for example, highlight the cheekbones due to the play of light and shadow.

Besides, make-up artists often use a luminizer (it is also called an illuminizer) on set: the shimmer “catches” the camera flash, thereby diverting attention from areas not allocated to it. In ordinary life, the luminizer, unlike other products from this category, can be applied to the entire face. But not at all in order to shine like a Christmas tree.

His task is to reduce age spots, dark circles under the eyes and traces of post-acne, without resorting to foundation.

True, in this case it is desirable to have the skills of a professional makeup artist - otherwise the risk is high, on the contrary, to emphasize what you wanted to hide.

What is the difference between highlighter and luminizer?

What is the difference between a highlighter and a luminizer, few people know. At first glance, these beauty products are practically indistinguishable from each other. But there are at least three differences. The first is the concentration of sparkles.There are twice as many of them in the highlighter. The second is in the application methods.

The field of activity of the luminizer is much larger (it is used both on the face and on the body), and the highlighter is distributed on specific areas (usually the cheekbones, certain areas on the eyelids, the back of the nose).

Third - in colors. Highlighters often add colored sparkles (for example, blue), and in a luminizer they are usually natural shades.

But this is all in theory, and practice shows that highlighters are often called products with the properties of a luminizer - and vice versa. The conclusion suggests itself: the boundaries between these categories of decorative cosmetics are gradually blurring.

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What foundation do you use?

  • Foundation
  • BB or CC cream
  • Compact powder
  • I don't use foundation at all

Which foundation effect do you prefer?

  • Matte
  • Wet
  • Shiny
  • Depending on occasion and mood

What blush do you use?

  • Cream or Liquid
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Which beauty trend do you like the most?

  • Contouring
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Types of luminizers

Choosing the "same" luminizer is a real quest! After all, there are at least three types of them, if we talk about texture: liquid, creamy and powdery. Let's talk about the properties of each in more detail.

Liquid luminizer

In our opinion, liquid luminizer can be called as friendly as possible. It goes well with both classic day cream and foundation. Mix a couple of drops of the luminizer with one of these products in the palm of your hand and blend thoroughly on the face with your fingertips or with a dense brush. And do not forget about the neck area, otherwise there is a risk of getting visible borders.

Cream luminizer

Cream luminizer is usually more pigmented, so you need to work with it very carefully. In terms of reflective properties, such a product is comparable to a highlighter.

The only difference is that the highlighter tends to have large sparkles, and you most likely will not find them in a face luminizer.

But there are exceptions, so before buying we advise you to use the product tester or study the swatches in the online store.

Powder luminizer

With a powder highlighter, everything is simple. Apply it by analogy with blush, and almost everyone has this skill. The concentration of such a product on the face is easy to regulate and, if overdone, it will not be difficult to remove the excess.

In the video we show how to use different highlighter textures:

How to choose a luminizer?

Experts advise first of all to take into account two criteria: complexion and skin type.

For example, for girls with a fat type, it is better to get a luminizer in a solid format. There are several reasons for this.

  • Powdery texture reduces the appearance of oily shine on the face.

  • Makeup will last longer. Liquid texture products are trying to "escape" oily skin ahead of schedule.

  • Cosmetics with a powdery texture clogs pores to a lesser extent, and the latter in owners of oily skin is a weak point.

Owners of normal skin can choose any luminizer, and for those whose skin suffers from dryness, it is better not to get carried away with powder texture: such products will only emphasize dryness and flaking.

By color, luminizers are most often divided into:

  1. golden - as a rule, they are suitable for girls with an olive skin tone;

  2. silver - microparticles of "cold" porcelain mica look good on owners of pale skin;

  3. peach - their target audience includes girls with olive and dark skin;

  4. with a pink undertone is a universal category. For light skin, it is better to take a mix of pink and silver shimmer, for dark skin - pink and gold.

Where is the face luminizer applied?

There is plenty of room for creativity. We tell you exactly where and why to apply a face luminizer.

  • If you distribute the luminizer all over your face, after mixing it with a moisturizer or foundation, you will get the effect of a light filter, as if you had a good rest or just a good night's sleep.

  • We recommend applying the luminizer on the cheekbones over the foundation, after waiting until it is absorbed.

  • A luminizer is applied to the area under the eyebrows to visually lift them.

  • Above the upper lip - to emphasize the contour. If you use bright lipstick, then it is better not to apply the product on this area.

  • The bridge of the nose is highlighted with a luminizer to optically narrow this area.

  • In the area around the eyes, the luminizer will hide signs of fatigue. But in its pure form, applying such a radiant product to this area is not worth it. Tip on how to use a face luminizer in this case: mix it in a ratio of 1 to 3 with concealer and apply in layers - this will allow you not to overdo it with the amount of sparkles in this area. Less is better.

Best Skin Radiance Review

  1. Illuminator Stick Bright Idea, NYX

Perfect for travel. Firstly, you can take the product with you on board the aircraft, so that after a long flight, before landing, you can refresh your makeup. Secondly, the creamy texture, unlike the liquid one, practically eliminates the involuntary spillage of the product. And one more important detail: the tool is available in a wide palette of shades - for any color type.

  1. Highlighter Glow Mon Amour, L'Oréal Paris

L'Oréal Paris offers a multifunctional tool. During the day, the product will “illuminate” the skin, working in tandem with a day cream. And in the evening it will help to effectively emphasize the cheekbones, eyebrows or lip contour.

  1. Maybelline NY Chrome Face Studio Highlighter

And here is an option for beginners. Powder texture, as we said above, is much easier to apply properly, even without experience. But this does not mean that the tool is not respected by professional makeup artists. This highlighter really deserves the recognition of experts. Let's start with the fact that he has a rather small shimmer, and for a natural make-up, this is a plus. The pigmented formula says that the product will be spent sparingly and it will last for a long time. Plus a wide range of colors. Have you already chosen yours?

  1. YSL Beauty Touche Éclat Highlighter Brush

Touche Éclat by YSL Beauty

One of the brand's most popular products, and it's not hard to see why. Fact number one: just a few drops reduce the severity of dark circles under the eyes and neutralize the appearance of uneven tone in general. Fact number two: the composition of the product contains caring components - hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, and this is a rarity in the case of luminizers. Fact number three: the brush is built into the bottle, which is super convenient.

Kirill Shabalin National makeup artist for YSL Beauté in Russia @kirillshabalinFirst, apply foundation with a glossy finish to your face - it will help even out the tone and give the skin a slight glow - and then work on imperfections with YSL concealer.