Warm, deep and addictive - this is how you can describe the trendy coffee hair color. Sharing secrets on how to get it

Who will go for coffee color?

It is believed that the color of coffee suits, first of all, girls with a warm color type. But coffee shades are multifaceted, and finding the right option will not be difficult for everyone.

  • If you have dark or fair skin with warm undertones, you should pay attention to the soft golden shades of coffee for hair coloring.

  • For brown and green eyes, the darkest and richest variations, such as black or bitter coffee, will suit.

  • Blue and gray eyes will sparkle in combination with colder and more neutral varieties of the "coffee menu" - glace and mocha.

Trendy shades of coffee hair color

In 2023, color trends continue to gravitate towards naturalness. And what could be more natural than an incredibly beautiful palette of coffee shades? We are ready to show on specific photos how this hair color looks.

Black coffee

Yes, this is the darkest color in the coffee range, but the owners of this shade of hair cannot be called burning brunettes. Brown or slightly golden notes are read on the curls, which make the color softer.On girls with dark skin, black coffee hair color will look the most organic.

Glace coffee

Delicate and romantic shade that can be diluted with cream strands using the highlighting technique. This is what coffee hair color looks like in the photo:

Ice coffee color

This color solution is suitable for girls with a cold type of appearance. The icy coffee color does not have even a hint of a warm undertone, so it will harmoniously complement the image.

Coffee ash color

This color is essentially a cool dark blond shade. It combines rich coffee and muted ashy notes.

Light coffee color

We associate cappuccino with a light coffee shade. Hair takes on a pleasant caramel color, reminiscent of this drink. Another name for this tone is coffee blond.


Mocha-colored hair attracts with pleasant chocolate tints that add softness and romance to the image.

Coloring in coffee color for hair of different lengths

Let's choose the right shade for your hair length.

Short hair

Bob haircut goes well with light brown coffee shades like cappuccino or glace.

Long hair

Coffee undertones fit well on long hair. The main thing is that the color emphasizes the winning features of the appearance.

An interesting solution would be to dilute the dark coffee color with strands dyed using the balayage technique using warm blonde colors.

Medium length hair

Medium length also allows you to play with color successfully, mixing coffee with lighter shades. You can add visual volume to your hairstyle by lightening a few strands framing your face.

Overview of coffee shades

Coffee hair color and spectacular bronze overflows can be obtained not only with the help of persistent paints with ammonia, but also with the supply of softer paints without ammonia.We are ready to recommend you suitable, in the opinion of the editors, paints and tell you more about the features of each product in our selection.

Casting Crème Gloss by L'Oréal Paris

This range of ammonia-free colors is great for toning hair. Casting Crème Gloss will refresh the base shade and give the curls a natural shine.

The paint is gentle on the hair, and the care balm cares for the hair, smoothes it and protects it along the entire length. The result of staining is a rich and deep color.

For dark hair, shades No. 200 Black Coffee, No. 302 Iced Frappuccino and No. 300 Double Espresso are suitable.

For fair-haired girls, we advise you to opt for paints No. 8304 Caramel Cappuccino or No. 613 Frosty Glace.

Garnier Olia

Olia is a line of colors in which color saturation and durability are achieved thanks to the technology of delivering pigment to the hair with flower oils. They serve as conductors for pigments and caring components at the same time.

Shade No. 5.3 "Chestnut Gold" will provide a warm coffee hair color for both fair-haired girls and brown-haired women.

7.0 "Dark Brown" was created for those who dream of the color of coffee with milk.

Excellence Creme by L'Oréal Paris

If you are planning to change your hair color drastically, long-lasting dyes such as Excellence Creme from L'Oréal Paris will do.

This line has hair dyes in amazing coffee shades.

Light coffee colors are embodied in colors No. 6.00 "Dark Blonde" and No. 5.00 "Light Chestnut" .

Paint No. 4.00 "Chestnut" is a coffee-ashy color that will open on the hair with a frosty sheen.

Garnier Color Sensation

Cold radiant colors of the coffee spectrum can be found in the Garnier Color Sensation line of long-lasting products.

Paints No. 4.12 "Cold Diamond Brown" and No. 6.12 "Sparkling Cold Mocha" - noble shades without redness.

A variety of coffee blonde, paint No. 7.12 "Pearl Ash Blonde" will give your hair mother-of-pearl highlights.

Coffee hair care

Caring for hair after dyeing - in coffee colors or any other - is important, given the changes that have taken place. It is necessary to try to extend the durability of the color as much as possible, as well as intensively nourish and moisturize the strands.The products from our selection will serve you well.

Shampoo and balm Garnier Fructis Goji. Lasting Color"

Special technology protects color and curls from aggressive environmental factors.

Shampoo and conditioner contain grape oil and acai berry extract - these components make hair smooth and shiny. With regular use of shampoo and balm Fructis “Goji. Lasting Colour” coffee shades will delight you with the original brightness for up to 10 weeks.

L'Oréal Paris Elseve Color Expert Hair Mask

Specially formulated for color-treated hair, the mask literally seals in the color. The tool has the effect of lamination. Curls become soft and silky, look well-groomed.

Expert Color Express Conditioner by L'Oréal Paris Elseve

Express conditioner can instantly give your hair a gloss. It smoothes the hair and makes it easier to comb. Colored curls get a he althy glow.

How to dye your hair coffee: tips from stylists

Do I need to lighten my hair before dyeing it coffee?

If the original color is lighter than the tone of the dye, then you can immediately dye your hair in a coffee shade. Brunettes who want light coffee curls will need to lighten their hair first.


How do I get coffee tones on previously dyed hair?

In this case, we do not recommend choosing home coloring. We advise you to contact the salon to a professional master. In order for the new color to lie evenly and beautifully, lightening will most likely be required.


How to dye your hair so that the coffee color lays evenly?

Evgeny Sedoy: “The result of dyeing can turn out to be uneven if you save paint and try to stretch it, as it were, when applied so that it is enough for the entire length of the hair. Accordingly, the composition falls unevenly on different parts of the hair, and the coloring may turn out to be uneven. Therefore, it is important to follow our golden rule of generosity: hair should be literally buried in paint.


How to maintain a cool tone in coffee shades of hair?

Roman Moiseenko: Cold tone can and should be maintained with special products with purple pigments that neutralize yellowness. It can be shampoo, conditioner and hair mask.