It's not just women who want to look stylish. Men began to pay more attention to self-care, and changing the color of their hair has long ceased to be something out of the ordinary for them. We will study the features of men's hair coloring and tell you about the most popular color solutions in 2023

Features of hair coloring for men

Agree, men's coloring is still clearly losing to women's in popularity. Therefore, it is not surprising that men, when trying to change their hair color, make mistakes so often. They at least lack experience and expert opinion in this matter.

One of the main misconceptions is to dye your hair according to instructions for women. And here are the reasons why you should not do it.

    1. Men's hair is harder and denser in structure than women's. This is primarily due to the amount of testosterone, which affects the hair follicles.

    2. It is believed that the sebaceous glands in men work more actively, respectively, and hair loses its freshness faster.

    3. According to statistics, men's hair grows more slowly than women's, which means that recommendations for updating coloring for the stronger and weaker sex will also be different.

Pros and cons of men's hair coloring

The advantages of men's coloring in many respects intersect with the main advantages of women's.This is both an opportunity to hide gray hair and a way to experiment with appearance.

We don't see anything wrong with gray hair and even find it attractive in its own way, but many men are more comfortable without gray hair.

Coloring helps them maintain their confidence.

The disadvantages include the cost of the procedure, which is often higher than for women, as well as the need to more closely monitor regrown roots. A fairly popular concept among guys is hidden staining. The fact is that men more often than women want to keep their hair color change a secret.

Male coloring techniques

Men's hair coloring is not always limited to one color. Young people try complex coloring if it is required by the stage image or a thirst for experimentation. Let's run through the techniques that, according to social networks, men have already mastered.


The dyeing technique, which loudly announced itself in the early 2000s, sometimes works more naturally on men than on women. The secret, as a rule, is in a slight contrast between the main shade of the hair and the dye that is used to lighten the strands.


The bleaching procedure is also necessary for men if a cardinal color change is planned, for example from dark to blond. It will not be possible to get a high-quality staining result the first time for two reasons: the black color is rather difficult to remove, and in the case of male strands, the task becomes more complicated due to the higher hair density.


The effect of burnt strands, which many girls aspire to, men do not appreciate so highly. They will prefer to mask the traces of a vacation under the hot sun with the help of toning. Special paints or light tinting masks and shampoos will help in this matter.


Creative coloring, such as, say, balayage, is also available to men if their hair is at least 10 cm long. We advise you to stick to a slight contrast between shades, using the colors of the same group. In this case, a more or less natural result is almost guaranteed. But mixing black and ash blond in one color is definitely not worth it.


A technique in which one hair color at the roots smoothly turns into another to the tips, men choose less often than the same balayage. And this is logical: ombre needs space, or rather, length. Lightened ends look fashionable on long and medium hair, and men's haircuts are overwhelmingly short.

Popular coloring shades for men

In terms of shades, fashion coloring for men and women has a lot in common. But there are also "masculine" nuances. Consider the popular colors that stylists advise their clients in barbershops.

Ash blonde

The color is not natural, but has become very popular in recent years, so we highlight it in a separate item. Most often, bright ash color is chosen by young guys, but men over 40 began to experiment with "natural" ash shades, which are good for masking gray hair.

Dark hair

As a rule, concealed coloring implies the presence of colored strands that are not visible under the bulk of the hair at rest, but in the context of men's coloring, the meaning of these words is sometimes distorted.

A man may ask for concealed coloring if he has, say, brown hair or dark, but of a different shade, and he wants to quietly hide single gray hairs or add brightness and saturation to the natural color.

Returning to the trends, we note that cool dark shades are now relevant. The desired “temperature” can be achieved even with the help of shampoo. In this case, the expert is Elseve purple shampoo, which helps neutralize yellow and red highlights on the strands.

Blonde hair

Dyeing men's hair from dark to light is more common than vice versa, even though lightening hair and then changing colors requires a lot of effort. Many are ready to go for bleaching to get a trendy light shade.

Guys with platinum dyed strands are becoming more and more common. But we must remember that this color imposes some obligations.

Firstly, regrown roots, especially of dark colors, will be evident if the staining is not renewed in time. Secondly, you need to keep the shade cool, and for this you need to reconsider your usual hair care and, possibly, tint your hair regularly.

Trends 2023: photo ideas for men's haircuts with dyed hair

Men can color their hair with both short and long haircuts. We demonstrate in the photo which options you can choose depending on the length.

Short hair

In the photo we see a highlighting option, which we call natural among ourselves. Not everyone will guess that the highlights on the hair are the result of the work of the master, and not the hot beach sun.

Medium hair

A beautiful chestnut shade looks harmonious on curly hair of medium length.

Long hair

We are used to the fact that short hair for men is the norm. But some prefer to give up scissors in favor of long strands, as in the photo below. Often these are people of creative professions - musicians or artists. On hair of this length, complex coloring can also be carried out, for example, using the balayage technique.

3 colors for men's coloring

Hair colors are rarely divided into male and female. But for convenience, we will offer three shades of hair dyes that are popular in the editors (including men).

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierAs a rule, men's paints do not completely paint over gray hair, unlike similar women's products. Basically, such products have ammonia-free formulas that can only cover the color of the hair, and not change their shade from the inside.

L'Oréal Paris Colorista Permanent Hair Color (Smoky Grey)

Bright and fashionable gray hair coloring is a trend that has not bypassed the male part of the population. A shade that gives a slightly exaggerated effect of gray hair, we found in the Colorista line from L’Oréal Paris. Note that thanks to the gel texture, the product is easy to distribute through the hair, and the coloring pigments give the hair not only a beautiful color, but also shine.

L'Oréal Paris Excellence Cool Crème (Light Chestnut)

We mentioned above that in 2023 cool browns and blacks are valued.And just in time, L’Oréal Paris has released a line of paints (in six shades) that are literally designed to “lower the temperature” of the color, they give beautiful cold tones. The novelties came out in the Excellence line and retained all the previous properties - cream paint is enriched with pro-keratin and serum to protect hair during dyeing.

By the way, if you plan to change the color at home, do not forget to test the paint for allergies. For example, L’Oréal Paris emphasize the importance of this manipulation and even made a separate video with instructions:

Garnier Color Naturals Super Lightening Platinum Blonde

In our opinion, for men, it is not so much the shine of the hair after dyeing that matters, but the depth of the color. We are even ready to recommend more matte, in our opinion, shades, for example, No. 111 from the Color Naturals line. This paint is very popular among women, but men can also use it.On the plus side, we note that it brightens the strands up to four tones, and the balm formula contains avocado, olive and shea oils that take care of the strands.

Caring for colored hair

Colouring men's hair is an unpromoted topic, let alone care after the procedure for changing their color.

But we can't help but raise it: after all, how and with what you wash dyed hair, their he althy appearance, as well as the quality and durability of the new color, largely depend. Catch a little instruction.

  1. Even if you have only lightly tinted your hair, we advise you to purchase a shampoo designed for colored hair. For example, L'Oréal Paris' Elseve "Expert Color" laminating shampoo-care. It contains linseed oil to protect color from fading.

  2. After dyeing, the strands may lack nutrition. You will understand this if the comb clings to the hair or the tactile strands become drier.In any case, we advise you not to neglect the second stage of care and try not to forget to use a balm or conditioner. Garnier has a suitable option - Fructis conditioner balm. It contains goji berries, which restore strands, vitamins B3 and B6, useful for hair, as well as glycerin, which retains moisture.

Male Color Questions

Let's finish our discussion about male coloring with a regular Q&A section.

How to dye bangs when it comes to men's hair coloring? Separate from the mass?

Don't make life so difficult. If you are planning a monochromatic coloring, apply the paint immediately to both the bangs and the bulk of the hair. But if you have a separate plan for the front strands and you have conceived a color option for dyeing bangs, we recommend that you carry out these procedures separately.

What hairstyles do you recommend for men's hair coloring in platinum blond?

We like the short ones the best, like in the photo below. It's easier to show the master an example than to try to explain in words what kind of haircut you want to get.

What hair color do boys (high school students) do?

We do not recommend getting carried away with a cardinal color change. Judging by the photos in social networks, fashionable young people make highlights using shades close in color - this is how they get a stylish natural result.