Ash brown, or, as it is also called, chocolate-ash, hair color looks both natural and aristocratic. We decided to take a closer look at the shades of this spectrum. Are you with us?

Features of ash brown hair color

Deep and cold brown tone is about him. Compared to other shades, ash brown hair color has an impeccable reputation. With the right choice of paint, it will suit many. Why is he so praised? Does he have any flaws at all?


  • Natural effect.

  • The ability to hide gray hair in the early stages of its appearance.

  • Versatility: Most can choose the right tone.

  • Large selection of shades (due to the popularity of brown-ash hair color).


  • Difficulty in maintaining a cool tone.

  • Need to touch up the roots regularly.

  • Ash brown hair color can accentuate redness and inflammation on the skin.

Who suits ash brown hair?

Appearance doesn't matter for this shade. And it would be too boring if the ash-brown spectrum was limited to one shade. Fortunately, this is not the case, and almost everyone will be able to choose the “same” color, taking into account eye color and skin tone.

Easiest for fair skin with an even tone. Almost the entire chocolate-ash palette is at their disposal.

By the way, imperfections are not a reason to abandon the ash-brown shade. In the video below, we tell you how to mask inflammation.

Girls with snow-white-porcelain skin, according to experts, it makes sense to look at the dark options for ash-brown colors.

If you have dark skin or have recently returned from a vacation by the warm sea, then you should not repaint in an ash brown shade. But this does not mean at all that the path to it is ordered for you. We just advise using it to start with complex coloring - in techniques such as balayage or shatush.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierHighlights on the hair can be achieved using complex dyeing techniques. For example, it can be balayage or highlighting. Highlighting differs from balayazh and shatush in that the lightening of the strands takes place in closed conditions, usually in foil. And with most other techniques, clarification takes place in the open air.
And now a small spoiler: ash-brown hair goes well with any eye color.

For girls with brown eyes, the most winning choice will be lighter versions of this range, closer to light brown.

Those who want to emphasize the color of blue eyes are advised to choose a darker paint.

Ash-brown palette with a copper tint seems to be made for green-eyed people.

A deep chocolate color with an ashy tone is what you need to emphasize the beauty of gray eyes.

All shades of ash brown with photo examples

You already realized that there are many varieties of ash brown. An experienced colorist, in order to regularly get a successful result, must navigate in all shades.

In any case, before doing coloring, you should carefully study the palette.

Ash Blonde

Delicate ash-blond hair color is a frequent association with the image of a young student. In our opinion, it looks good on long straight hair, but it looks no less advantageous with styling using the brushing technique.

Dark ash

This shade rhymes perfectly with more relaxed images. Why not opt for a bob or any length with tattered bangs? In our opinion, a dark brown hair color with an ashy tint, as in the photo, will successfully complement complex dyeing techniques on hair of any length.

Light Ash Blonde

This shade of brown pigment is quite small, so it is considered borderline with the classic light blond color. It gives a lightness to the look - especially when combined with medium-length curly strands.

Medium Blonde

If we talk about the most natural shades, it's hard not to mention the medium blond hair color. It embodies the natural beauty of Russian nature and looks great on girls with light blue or gray eyes. The length of the hair does not play a special role, although various kinds of weaving will only add charm to the image.

Ash blonde

You may be surprised, but our list also includes ash blonde. Of course, we are talking about its dark variation. This color will bring out the beauty of long hair that has been dried naturally (or so it looks).

Copper sheen

Chestnut shimmer in ash-brown colors is rare, but it makes sense for girls with green eyes to hunt for it. This shade looks interesting on medium length hair.


"Chocolate" is good on hair of any length. This color looks very stylish on girls with a pixie haircut, but classic long curls also look relevant in this design.

Purple ash shimmer

Experts say that a brown shade with a purple-ash tint will make friends with any length on one condition: the haircut must be fashionable. It can be a straight elongated bob or a haircut with an unusual bang.

Trendy Ash Brown Hair Color Ideas

We know you love visual examples, so we've rounded up the latest and trendy ash brown color options.

The woman in the photo has natural ash brown hair. And she extremely successfully diluted it with light blond highlights.

The photo above demonstrates that in order to get highlights that play in the light, it is not necessary to clearly emphasize that you used complex staining techniques - a slight predominance of ash pigment over brown already allows you to achieve beautiful color transitions.

We really liked this strict and at the same time festive serving of deep chocolate color. By the way, it is quite possible to repeat it at home - you just need to make a couple of trial approaches. If there is a celebration ahead (for example, a friend's wedding), then after some training you have every chance to save on a stylist.

Ash-brown classic is exactly how we present it. A great option for a first date - gentle and flirty.

Ash brown hair color: color palette

Finally, we got to the key point of the practical side of things - to hair dyes. We share our opinion on which brand to prefer and where to find beautiful shades of ash-brown palette.

L'Oréal Paris Excellence Cool Crème (shade dark blonde)

A lot of people are talking about the new L'Oréal Paris. We also could not pass by six new trendy cool shades. One of them, dark blond, fits perfectly into our selection. It's hard to describe him immediately. There is in it some kind of French mystery, an inexplicable charm. But the composition, on the contrary, does not hide anything.The care products that come with the paint take care of the curls and make them more dense. Resistant paint perfectly hides gray hair.

Garnier Color Naturals (Ice Dark Brown shade) by Garnier

Another tool that will not only paint over gray strands, but also give them a noble ash-brown shade. A deep dark color can be achieved with a long-lasting formula with a high concentration of pigments. As part of the care that comes with the paint, there is a mix of three oils: shea, avocado and olive - such a “cocktail” is good for curls.

L'Oréal Paris Préférence Permanent Hair Color (Brazil)

Become a spectacular brunette with a slight ash sheen will be easy with the paint from the Préférence line. We drew attention to it precisely because of the shade: it was created by the brand's experts together with professional colorist Christophe Robin. The peculiarity of the color is also that it is the result of the effect on the hair of voluminous coloring pigments developed using a special technology.By the way, the brand's specialists have taken care of those who are not indifferent to the smells of coloring agents. Ambery and sweet notes turn the coloring procedure almost into an aromatherapy session.

Garnier Olia Color (Frosted Chocolate)

Finish our selection with an ammonia-free version of ash brown paint. Garnier's experts focus on taking care of the hair of users during the hair coloring procedure. The formula is based on oils that make strands softer and shinier. They also act as conductors of pigments, replacing the popular ammonia in this role.

How to dye your hair ash brown at home?

When asked what paint to choose, we answered. Now let's explain step by step how to color without leaving home.

  1. First, test for a possible allergic reaction. How to do this is written in the instructions for the paint. The main thing is to do it in advance, 48 hours before the scheduled coloring.

  2. If there is no negative reaction, start coloring.

  3. Comb your hair, divide the entire mass of hair into several zones and start distributing the paint in a row, moving from zone to zone. Pay special attention to staining the root area.

  4. Keep the coloring composition on the hair for the time specified in the instructions, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Don't forget to use hair conditioner. A special balm or mask, as a rule, comes with paint.

Popular Ash Brown Color Questions

Together with experts, we answer popular questions about dyeing in trendy ash brown.

I decided to dye my hair ash brown, but I don't know which dye to choose - with ammonia or not. Help me decide!

The presence of ammonia in the formula provides effective gray coverage and lasting color. You get a rich and deep shade. The advantage of ammonia-free paints is a softer effect on the hair, while some of them also cope with gray hair. But special care will be required in any case, no matter what paint you choose.


Show in the photo how brown hair color looks in combination with ashy after dyeing using the balayage technique.

With pleasure! Brown and ash work great together when it comes to complex coloring.


I have blue eyes. Will light brown hair with ash streaks suit me?

To be completely clear, it would be nice to know your skin tone and natural hair tone, but in most cases we will vote for this combination.


Who would suit dark brown hair color with an ash tint?

First of all, blue-eyed girls with peach or porcelain skin tone. But owners of gray eyes can try on a dark range of ash-brown tones.


Tell me which hair color to choose - light blond or brown-ash? I have brown eyes and a beige skin tone.

For girls with brown eyes, experts recommend taking a closer look at the light palette of ash-brown colors. In general, the shades you are talking about are similar to each other, but in the light blond spectrum there can be paints with golden pigments, and by the way, they should work great in your case.


Post Color Care

Agree, I want to keep the result of staining in a beautiful ash-brown shade for a long time. We tell you how to competently approach hair care if you have recently updated your color.

  1. The first thing to do is to get a shampoo for colored hair. For example, the Elseve laminating effect from L'Oréal Paris.

    It contains flax oil, which, in combination with other ingredients, helps to preserve color, nourishes hair and gives it shine.
  2. If you notice that the shade is not cold enough, it gives off yellowness, you can use Elseve purple shampoo from L’Oréal Paris once a week.

    The high concentration of pigments is aimed at combating unwanted yellow undertones and maintaining a clean cool shade.
  3. On dark hair, split ends are usually more noticeable, so we suggest taking up the prevention of this problem. First, update your haircut every 2-3 months.

    And secondly, after washing, apply a leave-in care product to the tips. For example, complex care cream "Growth in full force 10 in 1" from Garnier. It contains glycerin and apple extract - to protect curls from damage and brittleness.