Short haircuts burst into fashion about a hundred years ago and since then have won universal love with their unchanging ease of care and a growing variety of shapes. Among the most popular are squares. What hair color is better for the owners of this haircut?

Kare: fashion color trends 2023

Beautiful natural hair color combined with bob haircut is the main trend of 2023.

At the same time, he does not argue with your desire to refresh the image. It is quite possible to make a coloring that imitates one of the natural tones of a light, dark or red range.

Whatever the length of the hair, this season stylists insist on cold tones - especially among brunettes and owners of blond hair.

The current palette is presented at L'Oréal Paris in the Excellence Cool Crème collection.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierIf we are talking about fashion, then the first number is monochromatic coloring - it does not matter if it is in a dark shade or a light one. If you have a bob with bangs, then there is no need to resort to complex coloring techniques (balayazh or, for example, highlighting), since these methods work most advantageously on longer hair. An even, uniform result and rich color can be achieved with Garnier paints. If you are not yet very familiar with the world of fashion, the Garnier website will help you. Come on in to see what amazing shades have arrived in the Color Sensation line.

Natural tones, if we are talking about the rating of fashion trends, are followed by bright unusual colors that can only be obtained with hair dyes. Bright red, lavender and pink blond, according to experts, are not relevant for the first season. We advise you to carry out such experiments in the salon, in the armchair of the master. If you are in the mood for home coloring, then it is better to use temporary dyes - for example, it is easy to choose a fashionable shade in the Colorista range from L'Oréal Paris.

Below you see the results of dyeing with the dyes from this collection for a short-term change in hair color.

Creative coloring on short hair a la bob or bob looks very stylish. We found options that we really want to repeat. It should be noted that complex coloring, designed for short hair, can be implemented at home.Suitable techniques will be discussed in the next chapter.

Top 5 types of fashionable hair coloring 2023

A monochromatic square in a cool shade looks very organic, but balayazh, shatush or other variants of complex coloring techniques will successfully fall on both dark hair and blond hair. Experiments are available to everyone.

Let's tell you more about what types of hair coloring to pay attention to if you have a bob haircut.


Balayage coloring in 2023 looks very stylish on bob hair. Experimentation is welcome, but experts recommend following a few rules. First, try to avoid strong contrasts - the result of staining should visually resemble sun-bleached curls.Secondly, be sure to use the front short strands. The last point, of course, does not apply to girls who wear bob without bangs.

And if you plan to paint using this technique at home, please note that in order to get the most natural result, it is important to apply paint with different indents from the roots. The tips are usually completely dyed ( although there are exceptions here).

Traditionally, we share the options that we liked.


Shatush is a little less popular than the above-described balayazh, although sometimes this technique allows you to achieve an even more natural result.

Often, masters start coloring with highlights from the middle of the length, which makes it possible to later delay the update of the result. Judging by the work of stylists, this coloring fits well both on a short square and on an elongated one.

Air Touch

If you are ready to spend 6-10 hours on coloring, then you should definitely try the air touch technique, which is fashionable in 2023, which we especially recommend for light brown-haired women with squares.

Wo during the procedure, the masters blow the strands with a hairdryer in a special way - so that as a result of dyeing, the color transitions look as natural as possible.

If the hair is not very short, you can count on different effects when coloring air touch: we appreciated the "broken" curls and strands elongated by the iron.

3D coloring

The method has proven itself in a narrow circle of lovers of the effect of volumetric coloring.

For 3D coloring, you will need two colors of different shades, close to the base color of your hair.

Girls with squares can afford such a choice. We advise you to pay attention to blondes who are worried that their hair looks somehow “flat”.


If you have bob hair and have planned to lighten your hair at home, it is highly likely that you will choose the ombre technique. This procedure among all of the above is the easiest to carry out on your own. All you need is to color the bottom of the strands in a lighter shade, as in the photo below.

L'Oréal Paris, by the way, has a paint with a special comb in the kit - for coloring in the ombre technique.

Kare: we select a palette for fashionable coloring

Let's move on to practical matters. We will choose specific shades for fashionable hair coloring, designed for a bob haircut, in 2023. We advise you to build on the base color of the curls.

Dark hair

For both solid and complex coloring, we recommend a blond shade from the new Excellence Cool Crème collection from L'Oréal Paris for brunettes with a cold undertone of hair. Not only do we love the stylish color that comes out of it, but also features such as the ability to completely cover gray hair, as well as protect hair during coloring thanks to pro-keratin and a special serum in the cream paint

And below you can watch the video with Eva Longoria and find out her opinion about the new product:

For girls with warm chestnut hair color, we picked up the paint of the French brand Garnier. The Olia line has a luxurious Chestnut Gold shade that can be used to work with any complex coloring technique.

But the main feature of this product is the composition. Brand experts use flower oils as conductors of pigments, which provide brightness, durability and at the same time gently affect the strands.

Red hair

Shangrila in the Préférence collection by L'Oréal Paris looks bright and elegant at the same time. This paint is a good choice for ombre and other complex coloring techniques. But he is also capable of an outstanding solo career.

No wonder, because the brand's specialists created the palette of shades together with professional colorist Christophe Robin. And yes, this dye is designed to cover gray hair.


Beautifully refresh the color of blond hair paint in the shade "Crème brulee" from the Casting Crème Gloss line from L'Oréal Paris. The formula of the product does not contain ammonium hydroxide, but at the same time, according to the brand, it can withstand up to 28 washing procedures, which means that a hair color with a dessert name will probably please you for at least a month even if you wash your hair every day.

For those who prefer cooler colors, we recommend Garnier's Super Lightening Platinum Blonde from the Color Naturals collection. The peculiarity of this paint is that it allows you to lighten hair up to four tones, which means it opens up new horizons for experiments.

Photo ideas for stylish coloring for squares of different lengths

It's no secret that squares can be different. Let's talk about its most popular forms and give examples of coloring depending on the length of the hair.

Long bob

This haircut was wildly popular in the early 2000s. One of the trendsetters for an elongated square was Victoria Beckham. We do not urge to repeat her image of twenty years ago, but you can borrow a couple of tricks.

For example, dye only the top layer of strands.Firstly, it is a more gentle option for hair coloring. Secondly, the result resembles the effect of sun-bleached strands - provided that the shade of paint is correctly selected (it should not differ from the base hair color by more than one and a half tones).

Short bob

Bright hair coloring rhymes perfectly with a short bob. In this case, even the contrast can be chosen at your discretion, despite the general trend towards natural color transitions.


It is believed that the bob is a haircut that has absorbed all the best. But stylists will confirm that this haircut also has variations (for example, there is an elongated bob-car, there is a leg). When choosing fashionable hair coloring for brunettes with a bob haircut, we recommend paying attention to golden chestnut shades.And for blondes, we recommend ash tones.

Kare with bangs

Our favorite bob variant is with bangs. Haircut with straight bangs looks stylish and natural at the same time.

The best solution in this case would be a monochromatic coloring. But oblique strands near the face are already a reason for experimenting with complex coloring.

Hair care after dyeing

Many, having cut off 5–10 centimeters and made a square, remember this wonderful feeling when you realize that the curls feel thicker and look he althier.

Of course, because the split ends were left on the floor, around the stylist's chair. We will tell you how to maintain the beauty of your hair in such a way as to maintain the status of a “fresh” haircut for as long as possible.

Shampoo for colored hair Fructis Goji. Lasting Color by Garnier

Many girls who dyed their hair for the first time continue to use their usual shampoo, unaware that their strands need a product with a different functionality in a new quality.

Suitable, for example, Garnier's version of the Fructis line, which contains a complex of B vitamins and protects colored hair. In addition, the shampoo contains lemon proteins that strengthen curls and give them a natural shine.

Expert Color Express Conditioner by L'Oréal Paris

Sometimes girls with bob do not use conditioners because they are afraid to get too close to the roots of the hair and ruin the styling, bring down the volume.

In such cases, the Expert Color express conditioner with flax oil in the composition will help out. The product is applied to the strands after washing and is not washed off. Sprayed onto the hair, the product pacifies the strands, making them more manageable and easier to comb.

Elseve Hair Oil by L'Oréal Paris

Agree, it's beautiful when the strands shine, and the color is perceived as voluminous. Hair oil contributes to this effect, especially if you opted for a solid color.

We commended L'Oréal Paris for its versatility. This oil can be applied to the strands before washing the hair (as a restorative therapy), or after, lightly touching the hair with the palms of your hands.

Answering questions about hair coloring with bob haircut

Which hair color should I choose for the second half of 2023 if I wear bob with bangs?

We love solid colors. At home, a beautiful result is easy to achieve with Color Sensation by Garnier.


Which shade of blond to choose for a blue-eyed girl with an elongated bob in 2023?

To be honest, for a bob with elongation - almost any, but at the peak of fashion in 2023, cold ashy tones.


Recommend options for fashionable hair coloring for autumn if I wear a bob with straight bangs.

You can try coloring the tips using the balayage technique or choose a shatush. The main thing is to apply paint around the entire perimeter, including strands framing the face.

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What trends in choosing haircuts and hair coloring should I pay attention to if I wear a bob?

This is a personal matter for everyone. If you are comfortable wearing an unusual bob - colored - you can show courage - trends-2021 allow. A win-win - a classic. She is out of time. We are happy to share the successful, in our opinion, options below.