In the modern world, naturalness is becoming the dominant trend, and for many women, gray hair is no longer a problem. However, if desired, it is quite possible to return the color to them. Let's talk more about gray hair coloring

Grey hair: nuances in dyeing

To avoid unpleasant surprises, coloring should be carried out according to all the rules. At the same time, it is important to understand why hair becomes gray and how its structure can change with age.

Special pigments are responsible for the natural hair color. Over time, they are produced in the body less and less, and the hair becomes grayish.

Due to the lack of color pigments, the hair fiber becomes porous and quite thick. Thus, gray hair has structural features, and this must be taken into account when dyeing.

It is believed that porous, depigmented hair is best dyed with permanent (and ammonia) dyes.

What color is better to dye gray hair?

Many people think that gray hair is an ideal base for coloring in any color. In fact, this is not so. For example, it is better to dye gray hair in shades of blond with professional colorists, otherwise there is a high risk of getting a purple or green tint on the curls.

So what is the best color to dye gray hair? For coloring at home, it is better to choose soft natural shades, such as chestnut or dark brown.

The colors of the muted copper palette also fit well on gray strands.

When choosing a shade, always start from your skin tone, eye color and age. Remember that some shades can visually age, emphasizing wrinkles. You should not choose very bright and saturated colors to avoid a noticeable contrast with the root zone when hair grows.

How to choose the type of dye for gray hair?

Let's talk in detail about the types of paints that are suitable for dyeing gray hair.

Resistant gray hair dye with ammonia

This option, according to many experts, is the most suitable for gray hair. Thanks to ammonia, the cuticle scales rise, and the pigment freely penetrates the hair shaft, filling structural voids. Even porous "age" hair acquires a rich color that does not fade for a long time.

The colors of the Excellence line from L'Oréal Paris paint over gray hair by 100%, and the mask after dyeing takes care of the hair after the procedure. A variety of palettes allows you to choose a natural shade that is in harmony with your color type.

Toning gray hair

Toning is suitable for masking a small percentage of gray hair. The procedure will also help those who have already dyed curls, but want to update the shade, avoiding re-dyeing with ammonia paints. .

Temporary gray hair colors

Overgrown gray roots do not look very neat, so staining the roots is a procedure that will have to be resorted to from time to time. In between full coloring sessions, you can also use special washable concealers.Magic Retouch spray from L’Oréal Paris is a real salvation in such cases.

The product is sprayed onto the roots from a short distance, and gray hair instantly acquires the desired shade.

Magic Retouch dries instantly and doesn't stain clothes, and stays on hair until the first wash. Thanks to the convenient format, the spray is convenient to use both at home and on the road.

In fact, the owners of gray hair are not limited in color only to the issues of painting over treacherous gray hair. There are no contraindications for experimenting with temporary washable paints of various shades. Just keep in mind that they can look different on gray and pigmented hair.

Preparing for coloring

That's right, gray hair needs to be prepared for dyeing. Below we will talk about what procedures will help your hair get the most beautiful shade.

Pickling, or muzzle

Tightly adjacent scales of gray hair prevent the pigment from getting inside the cortex and securely fixing there. The muzzle technique lifts the cuticle scales and softens thick gray hair. For this purpose, an oxidizing agent is used. It is applied to the hair before the coloring procedure. The oxidizing agent can be of different concentrations, it all depends on the structure of the hair.Usually use 3% or 6%.

To soften the hair, it is enough to hold the product on the strands for about 10-15 minutes immediately before dyeing.


In order for the paint to lay down evenly and without spots on gray hair, a preliminary pigmentation procedure is carried out. Its task is to fill the hair with pigment and achieve a uniform shade. Prepigmentation is especially relevant for those who have a high percentage of gray hair.

How to dye gray hair at home?

Dyeing gray hair is not much different from regular coloring.

  1. For 48 hours before the scheduled procedure, test the paint on a small area of skin. If there is no negative reaction, you can safely proceed to staining.

  2. Protect your skin and clothes from paint: drape an old T-shirt/towel over your shoulders, wear gloves.

  3. Following the instructions, mix the developer and paint in a plastic or glass container (metal will not work).

  4. Comb your hair thoroughly and divide it into several sections. To remove parts that you are not working with yet, use clips.

  5. Begin to apply paint from the roots, moving with gentle brush strokes to the tips. The forehead and temple hairs are the thinnest, so color them last.

  6. Walk through the hair with massaging movements of your fingers - for a more even distribution of paint.

  7. Leave the dye on your hair for the time specified in the instructions, and then rinse it thoroughly with warm water.

  8. Apply conditioner to damp hair for 3-5 minutes.

This tutorial basically answers the question of how to dye gray hair at home. Only a professional colorist can say about the need for preliminary procedures, such as prepigmentation and muzzle.

Trendy techniques for dyeing gray hair in 2023

2023 color trends extend to gray hair.

Classic one color hair coloring

This is the most proven method of choice for coloring gray hair. Full staining is usually done using a color as close as possible to that given by nature. To hide age-related changes in the form of gray hair, this is the best solution.

If you want to change the look, then gray hair coloring opens up wide scope for experimenting with new shades. Find a new original color and see if it suits you with online paint matching services.

When choosing paint, do not forget about your color type: following simple rules for combining shades is the key to the overall harmony of the image.

Classic highlights

The highlighting technique perfectly masks gray hair. It will work most effectively if the percentage of white hair is not higher than 50.

The optimal solution is frequent highlighting, which will hide unwanted gray hair and give your hair a new shade without full coloring.

Air Touch

If the percentage of gray hair is small, then by the way, the air touch technique using ashy shades will be necessary. Smooth transitions between shades will make the native gray color an organic part of the noble palette.


On gray hair, partial coloring techniques are used without indenting from the roots.To achieve a beautiful gradient between the darker crown and lighter tips, colorists play with the saturation of the shades. At the roots, they use a brighter tone, the intensity of which gradually decreases as they move towards the tips.


Grey curls will be successfully transformed by the balayage technique in light shades. Balayazh is suitable for hair with a moderate percentage of gray hair. Light strands will advantageously change the image, adding freshness to it.

How to dye gray hair without dye?

The choice of natural folk remedies for dyeing gray hair can be understood. After all, it seems that the more natural means, the better. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Gray curls can react unpredictably to henna, basma and other popular dyes.

The most harmless consequences are a yellow or greenish tint on the hair. Experienced colorists advise not to tempt fate and use ready-made hair dyes. Their formulas are developed by specialists, and modern technologies make such products safe and easy to use.

Coloring gray hair: answering questions

Do ammonia-free hair dyes work on gray hair?

Eugene Sedoy: “Yes, of course. Moreover, an increasing share of the hair dye market is occupied by ammonia-free formulas that can paint over gray hair. But personally, I still recommend using ammonia dyes when dyeing thin hair with gray hair, because they make them a little denser. And this density allows you to keep styling longer on thin hair. ”


What colors to avoid when dyeing gray hair?

Hair color is selected individually, as it is important to take into account all the features of appearance. Colorists advise not to dye gray hair in a rich black or bright red color. On gray hair, such shades will fall unnaturally, and regrown roots will immediately catch your eye.

How often should you dye your gray hair?

Between full coloring procedures, which should be done every 4-6 months, only regrown roots can be tinted. How often is a matter of personal preference. Someone needs to renew the paint every 3 weeks, and someone will calmly last a couple of months.

How to take care of gray colored hair?

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierCaring for dyed gray hair is almost no different from caring for dyed hair that has its own pigment.You need to determine the type and quality of your hair. For example, normal dyed hair or damaged, dry. Based on this, they make a choice of means. Shampoo is selected according to the type of scalp, and masks, conditioners, leave-in care products are selected according to the type of hair. Gray hair is slightly different in structure from those that have retained their own pigment. To discipline them and restore their shine, you can use more products in your care, including indelible ones.

Let's follow the expert's recommendations and choose products for colored gray hair.

First of all, you need to choose a shampoo and balm, as this is the main component of our daily beauty routine.

For example, for dry and brittle hair, the delicate shampoo Low Shampoo, L’Oréal Paris Elseve “Color Expert” is suitable. The shampoo has a triple action: cleans, detangles and protects the color from washing out.

Garnier Goji line will help strengthen hair and restore its structure. Persistent Color. Shampoo and conditioner add shine and color to hair for up to 10 weeks.

If you need to solve the problem of yellowness in the hair (and this trouble does not bypass gray-colored hair), a special shampoo and mask with purple pigments from L'Oréal Paris Elseve are ready to neutralize the unwanted shade. For this purpose, it is enough to use them once a week.

Masks effectively help maintain color vibrancy and strengthen curls. Try the geranium flower essential oil treatment - this mask nourishes the hair and prevents color loss.

You can use leave-in oils or hair cream to add shine to your hair.