The popularity of this coloring technique is growing every year, and more and more girls go on independent experiments for the sake of the treasured light overflows on their hair. Is it possible to do balayazh at home or is it better to trust professionals?

What is balayage?

Balayage is a partial hair coloring, which results in the effect of light highlights on the strands. Moreover, the transitions between dyed hair and the base color should be invisible, as natural as possible.

We have already talked about the features of balayage and its advantages over other partial coloring techniques.

Pros and cons of technology

There are certainly many advantages to balayage.

  • Coloring in this technique looks very natural - as if the strands were a little burnt out in the sun.

  • Balayage can be done in different shades of blonde, which allows you to choose the right option for any hair color.

  • Light strands look expressive on girls with any type of appearance, regardless of hair length.

  • Since the boundaries of dyeing are non-linear, hair regrowth occurs imperceptibly to others.

We cannot but mention the disadvantages of technology.

  • Brightening affects the quality of the hair: it can become drier and more brittle.

  • Balayage is quite difficult to perform at home, and the procedure is not cheap in the salon.

How to choose a color for coloring balayage?

The shade of paint should be in harmony with the natural color of your hair. With the right choice, there will be no strong contrast.

For blonde hair

Girls with ash-brown hair are best suited for cool blonde variations. To create natural light highlights, you can choose wheat and sand shades.

If the base hair color has a golden tint, we recommend considering a warm palette. Caramel and cream colors will be the most advantageous.

For dark hair

If you want to try on balayage on dark hair at home, use paints with a warm undertone. It can be honey or copper shades.

Brunettes and brown-haired women are not recommended platinum and ashy colors: the result will be too contrasting, and this, as fashion trends show, is no longer relevant.

For red hair

If you have light red curls, then balayazh can be safely done in shades of warm blond.

Copper or golden blonde colors work great on bright red hair.

For blondes

For girls with very blond hair, it makes no sense to expect a noticeable effect from balayage. To achieve visible overflows between shades, you will have to practically discolor the curls.

Is it worth it to bother, if there are many other, more advantageous possibilities for coloring with such initial data.

Review of homemade balayage paints

How to make a balayage to yourself? We offer a selection of colors with which you will enjoy coloring.

Préférence by L'Oréal Paris

For balayage at home, especially on dark hair, it is best to use permanent colors.The Préférence palette includes beautiful warm shades that are suitable for balayage brunettes and brown-haired women - in particular, No. 7.3 "Marseille, golden blond" and No. 8.3 "Cannes, golden light blond" .

Options for fair-haired girls are also available. Paints No. 9 "Hollywood" or No. 102 "Sparkling overflows" - spectacular shades of classic blond.

Dark blondes can choose scalding-cold "Stockholm" No. 10.21 for creating balayage.

Excellence by L'Oréal Paris

Another series of permanent colors that you can use to do your own balayage.

For red curls, we recommend shades No. 7.43 "Copper Blonde" , as well as No. 7.3 "Golden Blonde" .

The effect of slightly sun-bleached curls will help to achieve paint No. 8.13 "Light Blonde Beige" .

To create lighter accents on very dark hair, use shade No. 6.13 Dark Blonde Beige.

Colorista Effects Ombre Effect

Balayage at home is easy with Colorista Effects. The kit includes a special expert comb, with which it is convenient to create beautiful transitions from dark to light shades. This paint is the right choice for those who do not have enough experience in DIY painting.

Garnier Color Naturals

Garnier Color Naturals paints will provide long-lasting coloring and respect for hair at the same time.

Natural Shades 1000 Crystal Ultra Blonde and 10 Sun White are good for the most natural balayage result on blonde hair.

If you dye dark curls in natural shades No. 8 "Wheat" and No. 7 "Cappuccino" , then, in addition to a spectacular result in terms of color, you will also get additional visual volume.

Garnier Color Sensation

The intense pigments of Garnier Color Sensation paint penetrate deep into the hair, providing them with rich and deep color. And a wide palette of shades pleases with variety.

Soft caramel colors, such as 8.0 "Iridescent Light Blonde" and 9.13 "Cream Pearl" , are shown in light hair with warm undertones. The same shades will look good on chestnut curls.

Brunettes will advantageously dilute the dark color with paints No. 5.35 "Spicy Chocolate" and No. 6.35 "Golden Amber" .

For red-haired girls, paint 7.0 “Exquisite Golden Topaz” is of interest. If you selectively dye the strands in this shade, you will get beautiful warm overflows.

Garnier Olia

Despite the fact that Garnier Olia dye does not contain ammonia (ammonium hydroxide), it does an excellent job of permanent hair coloring.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierGarnier Olia paints use an innovative oil delivery system, thanks to which the brand was able to move away from the use of ammonia in hair coloring - oils now serve as conductors for pigments. It is they who deliver the pigments inside each hair.

If you have blond hair, then for independent staining using the balayage technique at home, choose cold shades No. 9.132 “Light Smoky Beige” and No. 9.0 “Very Light Blonde”. Partial lightening of the strands with these colors will look relevant and natural.

Do you want to try making colored balayage at home? Bright and daring colors of Garnier Olia have been created especially for brave girls. Agree, strands in shade No. 9.11 Smoky Silver or No. 9.2 Neon Pink look bold and romantic at the same time.

When choosing paints for balayazh at home, do not forget to use the convenient service of virtual trying on shades on and

Balayage at home or in the salon: technique

How to make balayage at home? It must be admitted that partial coloring techniques with color stretching are considered difficult to work on their own. It's one thing to lighten a few strands, it's quite another to make a full-fledged coloring with a smooth and natural gradient.

For those who have little experience, Garnier expert Evgeny Sedoy recommends a simple and quick technique a la balayage for home:

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierYou need to decide on the parting (make it side or straight), comb your hair and distribute the bleaching cream over the surface of arbitrarily marked areas, without dyeing the strands in depth. The paint must be kept on the hair for the time provided for this, and then washed off with water using the usual shampoo. Be sure to read the instructions that are always attached to the dye.
And here is how the balayage dyeing procedure works in the salon:
  • first the master divides the hair into several equal parts;

  • separates several strands of the top layer from each part;

  • applies paint on them with light brush strokes - this is how all selected strands are painted;

  • the paint is left for the right time, then washed off with warm water;

  • To make the result look natural, the salon also does hair toning.

This step-by-step instruction confirms that working in the balayage technique at home is not so easy. It is important not only to color the curls in the desired shade - you need to make sure that the paint remains on the top layer of the strands and does not penetrate deep.

How to care for hair after coloring?

Balayage implies a certain degree of lightening, which can negatively affect the hair.

Here's what you need to pay attention to when caring for bleached curls:
  • hair needs more intense hydration and nourishment;

  • so that the color does not fade, you need to use products for dyed hair;

  • to keep the color pure and prevent the appearance of inappropriate yellowness, you can use a shampoo with purple pigments once a week.

Take a look at the products that we think are suitable for hair care at home after dyeing balayage.

Shampoo and balm Garnier Fructis Goji. Lasting Color"

Shampoo and balm from this line perfectly care for colored hair. They resist the aggressive effects of environmental factors thanks to the antioxidants in the composition and protect the shine of the color for up to 10 weeks after dyeing. Regular use of shampoo and conditioner helps to strengthen the hair and increase its elasticity.

Garnier Fructis SuperFood Goji Mask 3 in 1

Mask for colored hair is indispensable in home care for curls after dyeing, including using the balayage technique. Free from silicones and parabens, it helps repair bleached hair without overburdening it.

The mask can be used in three different ways:
  • as a balm, it is applied to damp hair after shampooing and washed off;

  • using the product for its intended purpose (as a mask), it is distributed over wet hair and kept for about 5 minutes, then washed off;

  • as a leave-in treatment - applied to the ends of dry hair for deep nourishment.

Garnier Botanic Therapy Oil for Smoothness and Radiance

Unruly porous curls are successfully disciplined by oil with camellia extract and argan oil. The tool gives the strands a beautiful shine and smoothness. After application, the hair becomes obedient and looks well-groomed.

L'Oréal Paris Color Expert Low Shampoo Elseve 3 in 1 Shampoo

Delicate cleansing, nutrition and color protection - that's what L'Oréal Paris Low Shampoo "Color Expert" is capable of. It will become a reliable assistant in the care of bleached hair. It does not foam, so it can be used both as a shampoo and as a balm: after shampooing, leave the product on the hair for 3 minutes, and then rinse with water.

Elseve Color Expert Purple Shampoo & Mask by L'Oréal Paris

The vulnerability of dyed blond hair lies in the development of an unwanted yellow tint over time. The yellow tint looks rustic, and the result of the balayage immediately loses its noble look.

To avoid this trouble, a special purple line Elseve "Color Expert" from L'Oréal Paris will help. To neutralize yellowness, it is enough to use this shampoo and mask once a week.

Balayage at home: stylists answer questions

Is it possible to renew balayage yourself at home?

If you did balayage coloring in the salon, then it is better to contact stylists for color updates. The fact is that refreshing coloring can be more difficult than dyeing hair again.


Do I need to use heat protection after balayage?

Thermal protection is indicated for any hair, regardless of its quality and color - especially if hot styling is done at temperatures above 140 ° C. After bleaching your hair, thermal protection products become an urgent need.We advise you to choose thermal protection with fixation, so as not to overload the curls with styling.

Dry and thin hair is a contraindication for balayazh at home?

At home it is difficult to objectively assess the condition of your hair: balayazh will not hurt someone - and lightening someone's hair can simply “finish off”. With such initial data, we recommend to postpone with independent experiments and turn to professional colorists.

How long will balayage coloring be fashionable?

Partial coloring techniques, including balayazh, are now at the peak of popularity and will be in trends for a long time to come. Much depends on the choice of shades, because the result should look natural and harmonious.