Everyone knows that nature itself often gives us beautiful and unusual combinations of shades. So it is with the effect of sun-bleached hair: girls have long appreciated its attractiveness and ask colorists to repeat it. Find out how you can achieve the desired result

Features of coloring with the effect of burnt hair

Different techniques allow you to get beautiful sun glare on the strands. Hair is dyed along the entire length or changes color only at the tips - it all depends on preferences.But to achieve the most natural effect of burnt hair, the coloring border should be invisible.

Advantages and disadvantages

What are the benefits of this coloring?

  • Clarified strands look natural and harmonious.

  • Only part of the hair should be dyed.

  • A large selection of shades on the beauty market allows you to find a suitable option for hair of any original color.

  • The effect of burnt hair does not require frequent renewal, because with the growth of curls, the result of such dyeing continues to look natural.

Designate the main disadvantages.

  • “Burned” strands are the result of lightening, and often (especially without proper care) this procedure is fraught with overdrying of hair.

  • Profile skills are required to perform such coloring at home.

Who's it for?

Coloring with the effect of burnt strands can safely choose:

  • those who want to bring lightness and youth to the image;

  • girls who dream of refreshing their look without risky experiments;

  • everyone who is not ready to regularly dye their hair and update their hairstyle.

Note that light accents are appropriate on hair of any length, except for very short and very light. In these cases, there will be no visible staining result.

Burnt hair coloring techniques

What is the correct name for the effect of burnt hair? It does not have one name, but it can be imitated using various techniques. Let's talk about the most relevant methods in 2023.


blotches of light shades will play beautifully in the light. The balayage technique allows you to create a very organic and attractive look.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierIt is the balayage that is easiest to use to simulate burnt strands. This is an outdoor highlighting technique. You need to determine the parting that you usually prefer to do (side or center), and draw a few strands on it with a bleaching cream, leave it for the full exposure time, then rinse with water and your usual shampoo. Use the instructions that are always attached to the dye.


Dyeing using the highlight technique with the effect of burnt hair also gives a natural result, especially on straight hair.You can focus on only a few strands framing the face, or you can lighten a significant part of the hair using the frequent highlighting method. The main thing is to keep the transition between shades as imperceptible as possible.


With the help of bronding, you can get a soft and gentle result. In this technique, several shades of paint are used, alternating them so that the result is not only beautiful, but also natural, because the color of burnt hair in natural conditions varies from strand to strand.


Shatush won the hearts of many girls not by chance: it is thanks to this technique that the hair acquires a slight sunshine. Casual "beach" curls will appeal to lovers of natural shades.


Light ends and dark roots also evoke associations with beautifully sun-bleached hair. The transition between shades should be made as stretched as possible to avoid unnatural contrast.

Zone coloring

The idea of " sun-kissed" curls can be realized without dyeing the entire mass of hair. With bleached bangs or blond strands near the face, the image will look more fresh and interesting.

The effect of burnt strands: photo ideas based on the original hair color

To make the lightening as advantageous as possible, it is important to build on the base hair color and length.

Blonde hair

When trying on "burnt out" strands on light brown hair, it is better to use ashy shades of blond in shatush or highlighting techniques.

To create the effect of burnt strands on light brown hair, you can try warmer color solutions, for example with cream or wheat shades.

Dark hair

Dark or black hair is best suited for golden or honey blotches. The same shades will work great in ombre coloring.

Red hair

Copper shades will look organically on red curls if you dye your hair using the highlighting or balayage technique. For light red hair, choose light colors with a golden sheen.

Blonde hair

We have already said that the effect of burnt hair is difficult to achieve on a light blonde, but platinum shades will help dark blondes get the desired result.

Short hair

You cannot create smooth transitions on short hair, so highlighting in feather technique will be the way out. With an asymmetrical haircut, colorists recommend highlighting a few strands on the bangs.

Long hair

Such initial data is the most advantageous for creating fabulous overflows of various shades.

For long hair, the effect of sun-bleached curls is easy to try on: almost any technique will do. The most successful, in our opinion, will be shatush and balayage.

Medium length hair

Among the coloring techniques designed for medium length hair, we advise you to pay attention to Venetian highlighting or bronding - beautiful smooth color transitions will undoubtedly decorate your hair. If you have dark hair below your shoulders, we recommend trying ombre.


Highlights or shatush on a bob or bob haircut will be a good solution to create the effect of burnt hair.

Review of paints for coloring with the effect of burnt strands at home

Shades of a light palette can be the basis of a beautiful summer look. We have prepared a review of paints that are suitable for creating the effect of burnt hair at home.

L'Oréal Paris Préférence Color

Due to its special formulation, Préférence long-lasting colors give hair volume, rich color and shine that will last up to 8 weeks. Due to the fact that the coloring pigments seem to envelop the hair, the shade does not fade for a long time. The paints of this series contain special light-reflecting particles that give the curls an incredible shine.

What shades are suitable for self-creation of "burnt" strands?

Lovely cold blonde 10.1 Helsinki is a great choice for blonde hair. Highlighting or balayazh with such a shade will give curls aristocratic ash overflows.

It makes sense for brown-haired women and owners of brown hair to choose warmer shades. Paint No. 8.3 "Cannes" will add magical golden nuances to dark hair. This shade is good for zonal coloring of strands near the face, and for highlighting the entire mass of hair.

Colorista Effects by L'Oréal Paris

How to make the effect of burnt hair at home, if you have never dyed your hair yourself before? With the Colorista Ombre Effect paint, it is easy to get sunny curls and try on the image of a surfer girl. A special expert comb makes the procedure of self-coloring simple. As a result of clarification, you will get a smooth and soft gradient that will remind you of a summer vacation and gentle sun.

Garnier Color Sensation

Garnier Color Sensation is a range of long-lasting colors that are deep and rich. This is a great choice for home coloring - thanks to the creamy texture, the paint spreads easily and does not run.

For red curls, we recommend shade 6.35 Golden Amber. As far as technique is concerned, balayage is still relevant. This method allows you to get the cherished delicate overflows on your hair.

On very dark curls, the ombre or shatush technique will work well using warm shades that do not contrast much with the base hair color. Paint No. 5.35 "Spicy Chocolate" is a winning option for brunettes.

You can try on the effect of burnt strands on dark blond hair using shade No. 7.0 Golden Topaz.

Hair care after dyeing

After creating the effect of burnt hair, the hair will need special care. We recommend getting special products for colored hair with an emphasis on restoration and nutrition. Those who regularly do hot styling need good thermal protection (this is always true, but especially for colored hair). , as well as leave-in creams, conditioners and oils that maintain the quality of curls and give them a well-groomed look.

Below is a selection of products that meet the requirements for the care of bleached hair.

Shampoo and balm Garnier Fructis Goji. Lasting Color"

Simply nourishing and moisturizing shampoos and balms for colored hair will not be enough. Care products should also protect the brightness of the color. As part of the product line Garnier Fructis "Goji. Long-Lasting Color contains goji berry extract that retains color and prevents it from fading. Grape oil provides strands with enhanced nutrition.

Garnier Fructis SuperFood Goji Hair Mask 3 in 1

Garnier Fructis SuperFood "Goji" mask will help restore shine to your hair. Sightly selected composition acts gently and does not "weight" the colored strands. The product can be used as a balm after shampooing, as a mask and as a leave-in treatment for hair ends.

L'Oréal Paris Elseve purple shampoo and mask

Even after partial dyeing in shades of blond, unwanted yellowness may appear on the hair.L'Oréal Paris Elseve Purple Shampoo and Mask are designed to restore the purity and depth of color to the strands. They will neutralize unsightly yellow tones and restore a noble cool glow.

Garnier Fructis Transformation Elixir Oil Triple Recovery

Elixir oil is simply indispensable in giving hair gloss. It protects the strands from aggressive external factors and facilitates combing. The product can be applied to the hair along the entire length or only at the ends.

Garnier Botanic Therapy Repair Oil Cream

To create the effect of burnt hair, persistent ammonia dyes are often used, which can lead to dry hair and split ends. Cream-oil with royal jelly and propolis will help save the situation. The tool has an additional functionality: it can be used as a heat protectant before hot styling.

The effect of burnt hair: answers to questions

Is it possible to achieve the effect of burnt strands with folk remedies?

Some folk remedies like lemon juice, kefir or honey do have brightening properties. They are able to make the shade one or two shades lighter. But such natural remedies will not work on dark hair, and they do not guarantee the desired result on any other hair. It is better to approach the matter responsibly, consult with experts and choose high-quality paint.

How to make the effect of burnt hair on curly hair?

If the curls are slightly wavy, then any technique is suitable to implement the idea of a burnt hair color. For very curly hair, ombre and highlighting techniques are unlikely to work: it will be difficult to achieve natural transitions. Shatush and balayazh will be the best choice for such hair.


What styling is best done after dyeing that imitates burnt hair?

Great solution - easy carelessness, soft curls and small volume. This is how our hair looks on the sea - burnt and slightly wavy. There are special s alt sprays that help structure the hair, making it more textured and adding volume. It is enough to spray the strands with a spray, beat them at the roots with your hands, dry them a little with a hairdryer - and the "beach" curls are ready.

Another simple way to emphasize the effect of burnt strands is to braid (if the length allows) slightly damp hair into one or two pigtails. You can do this in the evening before going to bed, and in the morning unwind and enjoy the beautiful waves. You can perform the same operation during the day - just a few hours is enough for the hair to take the desired shape before a date or a party.

How often do I need to re-color to maintain the effect of burnt hair?

Thanks to modern techniques, the color obtained as a result of such staining does not need frequent correction.The border between the shades is almost imperceptible, and growing hair does not change the overall picture dramatically. The easiest way to correct is to periodically tone your hair to maintain the brightness and depth of color.

Who is not suitable for coloring with the effect of burnt hair?

Lightening is a rather aggressive procedure for the hair, so it is better not to dye thin, dry and split ends. To restore the quality of curls, you need to contact specialized specialists who will select effective care products and supportive procedures. If there are concerns that the hair may not tolerate the dyeing procedure, consult experienced colorists.