Lack of experience with you or the master can lead to an uneven shade of strands after dyeing. How to even out hair color at home and not repeat previous mistakes - we tell below

Features of hair color alignment at home

Uneven coloration can look different. For example, strands may acquire a yellowish or greenish tint in places. Yellowness, as a rule, appears after some time after dyeing in blond or when lightening hair.

It often happens that the shade appears unevenly at once: in one place it looks lighter, in another - darker. As a rule, this happens if the initial color of the curls is not the same: there are regrown roots or complex staining has been done.

But it happens that the strands go stained when dyeing natural hair. We asked a Garnier expert about the reasons.

Evgeniy Sedoy Color expert, GarnierUneven coloring can turn out in two cases: if you save the dye and try to stretch it, as it were, so that the composition is enough for all the curls (as a result, the paint falls unevenly), or you are in a hurry, not paying attention to the thoroughness of the dye strands. In both cases, the composition should be distributed over the strands again. The hair should literally be buried in paint - so the dye will be distributed along the entire length of the hair as it should, and the coloring will turn out to be uniform, beautiful, and the hair will shine, shine and retain a new color for a long time.

Aligning hair tone is no easier than standard dyeing. If you do not have sufficient experience, it is better to entrust the work on errors to professionals.

When to ask for help, and when can you fix your hair color yourself?

In our opinion, it is worth starting from the result of staining. If you did everything according to the instructions, and the color turned out to be far from what was expected, you need to make an appointment with the master. But if the color came out insufficiently saturated in places or, conversely, too dark, you can try to correct the unsuccessful coloring at home.

Let's tell below what measures you can take on your own, and what makes sense to do only in the salon.

How to even out hair color at home?

The first step in order to even out the color of the hair is re-dyeing. Lightening in this case is not recommended, but dyeing your hair a darker shade is a completely working idea.If you are not ready for a radical change, take a paint one or two shades darker than the one you used the first time.

By the way, if you choose a slight difference in color, you can give a chance to tint shampoo. Its color should be chosen, starting from the darkest parts of the hair: the shampoo should be one tone darker.

How to even out hair color in the salon?

In the master's chair, they can offer you the traditional correction method that we talked about above, or recommend more cardinal ways to equalize the color.

One of them is a wash. This procedure allows you to remove synthetic pigment from the hair, which remained on the strands after dyeing. And after that the master carries out toning in the desired shade.

In difficult cases, when a girl wants to dye her hair, say, from a brunette to a blonde, she may be advised to bleach her hair. In this case, all the pigment is removed, after which the strands are dyed in the desired color.

How to even out hair color after bleaching and dyeing it blonde?

Hair lightening, which turns the roots yellow and the ends white, is a common story. Especially if the original color was not uniform throughout.

You can try to even out the blond with a shampoo and a mask with purple pigments. They neutralize yellowness, giving the shade a noble coldness.

If that doesn't work, color with permanent ammonia cream. Take a closer look at the new products from L'Oréal Paris - paints from the Excellence Cool Crème series. Manufacturers confirm: the product 100% covers gray hair and at the same time reduces the risk of yellowness on the strands.

Color matching on dark hair

On dark hair, dyeing failures happen less often, but still they cannot be completely ruled out. Most often, girls are unhappy with the resulting color.

If the result turned out to be too dark, you should not immediately decide on a cardinal correction. Wait a few days - maybe the color will "straighten out" after a few washes.

And if the pigment, on the contrary, was not sufficiently pronounced or did not completely cover the roots or tips, re-stain.

Color equalization when the roots are unevenly stained

In order to qualitatively align hair color, you need to determine exactly where the failure occurred. Consider the most common situations.

If the roots are darker and the ends are lighter

Most often this situation happens for two reasons. Firstly, you could choose the wrong shade of paint, and in this case, with regrown roots, there will be a noticeable contrast between the root zone and the bulk of the hair.Secondly, this may be the result of non-compliance with the staining technique.

The next day (or even later) you can correct the color at the roots by dyeing the hair again. Imagine that you are only changing the color of the roots - we talked about this in detail here. Or you can color using the ombre technique, leaving the roots dark and the lower part of the strands light, as in the photo below.

If the roots are lighter than the ends

This problem is faced by brunettes who are painted in a light shade. Most likely, the paint simply does not have time to work on the tips. Therefore, our advice is to start coloring at the roots, and after completing work in this area, pay no less attention to dyeing the hair along the entire length.

The roots are yellow and the ends are white

Girls who dye unwashed strands may experience this result. Skin fat and pollution do not allow the paint to show all its properties. Therefore, it is important to wash your hair before coloring and do not use styling products and caring cosmetics with an oily texture the day before.

Another reason could be that the regrown roots are too dark and the dye in the shade of blond is not able to cope with the task in one go. In this case, you should pre-lighten your hair.

But we do not recommend doing this immediately after unsuccessful dyeing: there is a high risk of injuring the hair. It is better to temporarily smooth the situation with a tinted shampoo or products with purple pigments.

3 color to even out hair tone

The choice of paint for color alignment is a serious matter. We would like to draw your attention to three suitable, in our opinion, options.

L'Oréal Paris Préférence Color

Préférence has many benefits. Firstly, it is resistant and is able to paint over gray hair, giving the hair a rich color and a great shine. Secondly, we really like the collection of trendy cool blonde shades (Cool Blondes), where each color is complemented by a purple anti-yellow mask. Thirdly, the classic Préférence colors contain the Extra Shine complex, which adds shine to the curls. And fourthly, the paint does not need a separate container - the compositions can be mixed in a special bottle that comes with the kit.

Garnier Color Sensation Cream Color

If you plan to even out your hair color, then when choosing a paint, you need to pay attention to at least two things: the shade and the composition of the product. It was for these indicators that we were attracted by the Color Sensation paint. Powerful formula with ammonia and super intense pigments - just what you need to get a uniform shade.It also contains wild rose essence, which gives hair a flirty shine.

Excellence Cool Crème by L'Oréal Paris

L'Oréal Paris gives many of its hair coloring products the ability to neutralize yellowness. This technology works, for example, in the six shades of the Excellence Cool Creme collection.

Cream paint with ultra-ashy pigments contains ammonia (responsible for the durability of the result and painting over gray hair), as well as pro-keratin, which cares for the strands.

By the way, Eva Longoria clearly shows how to use the paint in the video below:

Hair Care After Straightening

After you have gone through the difficult path to the perfect color, you want to keep it in excellent condition for as long as possible. Let's talk about the tools that will help with this.

Elseve Purple Mask by L'Oréal Paris

This is not the first time we sing odes to this remedy. The mask is used not only after highlighting and coloring in blond, but also after unsuccessful experiments with color.

Due to the sufficiently high concentration of purple pigments, the mask is able to neutralize unwanted shades (yellowness and redness) that often appear after staining in just 5-10 minutes.

Garnier Botanic Therapy Color Shampoo

Changing the color of the curls, you simply have to switch to a shampoo designed for color-treated hair: this is important for maintaining the he althy appearance of the strands. One of the proven contenders for a place in your bathroom is Garnier Argan Oil Cranberry Shampoo.

The oil effectively nourishes the curls after all the "trials" they had to endure. And the cranberry is working on the quality of the color, or rather, its radiance.

Elseve Expert Color Mask for Colored Hair by L'Oréal Paris

After dyeing, hair is recommended to provide additional nutrition. And after the subsequent alignment of the color, this recommendation becomes a direct guide to action. Try to choose masks that are designed specifically for colored hair. For example, the mask from Elseve with flax oil allows you to "seal" the pigment inside the hair, while maintaining the brightness of the color, smoothes the strands and gives them shine.

Hair color alignment: questions for the experts

Uniform coloring is the dream of many girls. But dreams don't always come true. Let's answer the questions that often arise on the way to "the very" shade of hair.

How to even out hair color after bleaching?

Aligning hair color after lightening is not an easy task, so many turn to professionals for help. However, there are some things you can do at home.First, you should try a shampoo and a mask with purple pigments - this method will work if the main problem is yellowness or redness on the strands. Of course, you want to even out the tone of your hair after lightening, as a rule, right away. But if the shampoo with the mask did not help, we still advise you to endure a few days, and only after that carry out a full coloring in the desired shade.


How to even out hair color if the roots are darker and the ends are lighter?

Dye as follows: first apply the dye to the hair roots and only after 20 minutes start dyeing the strands along the entire length. If you decide to dye your hair from a burning brunette to a platinum blonde, it makes sense to lighten or discolor the dark strands in advance.


Are folk remedies effective for hair color alignment?

Experts are unanimous in their opinion that any manipulation of hair according to folk recipes is a certain risk. When we buy a ready-made product, we have confidence that it has passed all the necessary tests, its composition is balanced and aimed at a certain effect. A decoction of onion peel can only boast of a dubious aroma.