Everyone wants a change sometimes. The easiest way to start is with your appearance - for example, change the color of your hair. You should not, however, cut from the shoulder, dooming yourself to red or blue strands for a long time. Take a closer look at the techniques of complex staining. They will give the most natural result and a completely new look

What is complex hair coloring?

Complex hair coloring is a technique that involves the use of several shades of paint. At the same time, masters can combine various techniques, such as highlighting and coloring.Colors, as a rule, stretch smoothly, the border between shades is almost imperceptible.Such types of coloring require specific skills and a high level of skill from the master.

Benefits of complex hair coloring

Now complex techniques have almost supplanted full coloring. What is the reason for such popularity? Here are the main benefits.

  • Naturality and naturalness, which are achieved through the harmonious play of colors.

  • Sophisticated coloring techniques are suitable for hair of any original shade.

  • Great variety of color combinations.

  • The result doesn't need to be updated often because the coloring doesn't have clear boundaries.

  • Complex coloring can not only emphasize the advantages of appearance, but also mask some flaws.

Cons of complicated coloring

Even the sun has spots, so with all the advantages of complex coloring, it should be noted that it also has negative sides.

  • The technique requires a lot of patience and is very time consuming. On long hair, the dyeing procedure can take up to 8 hours.

  • This coloring is difficult to do on your own.

Who's it for?

Complex coloring always gives a harmonious result if done right. It is important to choose the right colors so that the new shades suit your color type.Some types of complex coloring are impossible on very short hair. But there are actual techniques that work great for short lengths as well.

We also note that we do not recommend dyeing damaged and weakened hair. For such curls, staining will be additional stress. It is better to return to these plans when the hair has undergone a course of appropriate care and is restored.

Which hair coloring techniques are difficult?

For you to get a clearer understanding of what complex coloring is, we will tell you which techniques fall into this category.


Balayage are bright light strokes that effectively shimmer on curls. Such highlights look both natural and romantic-flirty. In this technique, as a rule, they play with the "temperature" of shades: golden and cream strands will be in harmony with brown hair, and cold tones will add restrained nobility to blond hair.

Difficult highlights

In complex highlighting, a fairly large percentage of strands are dyed, while several shades are used at once. This type of coloring is extremely effective in masking gray hair.


The transition from dark roots to light tips is still relevant. Shatush adds visual volume to the hairstyle and makes it possible to try on a new color without completely dyeing the hair.

Air Touch

A technique loved by many, in which part of the hair held in the hand is blown out with a hair dryer, and the rest is dyed in light shades. The result looks very gentle and as natural as possible.

Intricate coloring for brunettes

Brunettes can recommend balayage in warm tones. This type of complex coloring is definitely worth a try for girls with brown hair. Brown-haired women can also rely on balayazh: light strands of correctly selected shades will not argue with the main hair color.

Very dark brunettes will benefit from complex California highlights to soften the perception of the base hair color.

For daring and self-confident beauties, there is a bolder option - zonal coloring, when bangs or strands framing the face are painted in contrasting shades.

Intricate color options for blondes

Coloring suits blondes very well: a combination of several colors on a light base looks very impressive.

If blond hair has a warm undertone, then coloring shatush using cool colors can give an unexpected and interesting result, giving hair an aristocratic cool glow.

Complex coloring for blondes

Light brown hair color can be compared to a blank canvas: it allows you to experiment with almost any shades. It is only important not to miscalculate with color. It is now convenient to try on the shades you like using online services.

Intricate coloring for redheads

On the hair of the fiery spectrum, complex coloring gives a simply magnetic effect.

An already rare hair color can be made unique by resorting to caramel or copper highlights. You can't take your eyes off red hair with such accents.Shatush or ombre on fiery curls are best done in shades of golden blond.

2023 trends: photo ideas for complex hair coloring

When choosing a complex coloring technique, it is necessary to take into account the length of the hair. Consider specific examples in the photo.

Short hair

Let's face it, short haircuts are not the most fertile ground for getting a play of color due to smooth transitions between shades, that is, for what complex coloring is aimed at. The output can be zonal staining or accent highlighting. Such techniques give beautiful results on asymmetrical haircuts.

Long hair

The beauty of transitions and smooth stretching of color is revealed to the maximum on long hair.

For work in the techniques of balayage and shatush, any variation of colors in the blond palette is suitable. The main thing is that they are in harmony with each other and organically combined with the base hair color.

Medium length hair

The most successful on medium hair will be frequent highlighting. Ombre coloring also promises an inspiring result. The medium length also allows you to experiment with techniques such as air touch.

3 home coloring colors

Introducing our selection of colors for complex coloring.

Garnier Color Sensation and Color Naturals

Ultra-ashy and cold blonde options can be found in the Garnier Color Sensation line. No. 101 Platinum Blonde and No. 911 Ultra Smoky Blonde are perfect for intricate coloring techniques such as air touch.

Hair will acquire delicate notes of wheat with paints from the Garnier Color Naturals series. Color No. 1002 "Pearl Ultra Blonde" will not only give your hair a beautiful color - it includes a care balm that will help restore hair.

Garnier Color Sensation No. 6.45 Amber Burgundy for sensual copper tones.

L'Oréal Paris Préférence Cool Blondes

The Préférence palette of radiant cool blonde shades will delight those who dream of a frosty shine on their hair.

Shades No. 8.12 Alaska and No. 9.12 Siberia will give your hair rich and clean shades of blonde. Thanks to a special color protection formula, the result retains its original brightness for a long time. In case of unwanted yellowness, a mask with purple pigments will help.

L'Oréal Paris Colorista

With long-lasting L'Oréal Paris Colorista, you can create stylish pink highlights or even bold red ombre.Gel-textured paint is perfect for home coloring - it won't drip and stain clothes.

If you are not yet ready for permanent color staining, we recommend that you take a closer look at the Colorista collection of temporary dyes. It presents products of various formats: sprays, balms, and coloring jellies.

Hair care after complex coloring

After complex coloring, hair needs special care. Special products for color-treated hair will prolong the vibrancy of the color and help the hair recover from coloring or lightening, which is often used for complex coloring. Let's tell you what means it makes sense to replenish your home beauty arsenal.

Garnier Fructis Goji. Lasting Color"

Shampoo and conditioner of this series not only help maintain color and add shine, but also strengthen hair, making it visually thicker over time. The formula with vitamins and fruit extracts nourishes the curls.

L'Oréal Paris Elseve Color Expert Purple Shampoo and Mask

Hot styling, hard tap water and other external factors do not affect bleached hair in the best way, and yellowness may appear on them over time.Purple shampoo and mask will help to “clear” the color and neutralize rustic yellowness Color Expert Elseve by L'Oréal Paris. If you use them once a week instead of the usual care, then the unpleasant yellowness will remain only a memory.

Garnier Fructis Transformation Elixir Oil

Complex coloring almost always involves lightening or bleaching. These procedures can lead to dry hair and split ends. The special oil does not require rinsing, nourishes the hair and makes it look well-groomed and he althy.

Complex coloring: what do stylists recommend?

What is important to consider when coloring gray hair is difficult, such as highlighting?

Roman Moiseenko, L'Oréal Paris expert: “The strands that you will dye must be properly hidden in gray hair.There should be more strands of highlights in the area of the bangs and temples, and less hair can be worked out in the back of the head. For coloring, I recommend resistant ammonia paint, as it paints over gray hair by 100%. For example, products from the Excellence and Préférence lines are suitable. ”

How often should complex hair coloring be repeated/renewed?

The main plus of all types of complex coloring is that the hair grows without compromising aesthetics and the border between dyed and uncolored hair is perceived as blurry. But to maintain a beautiful shade, you can do toning every few months.

Is it necessary to do toning after complex hair coloring in light shades to maintain the quality of the color, or is it enough to use special care products?

Evgeny Sedoy, Garnier expert: “If the result of coloring is “warm”, then it is enough to use color-treated hair care products.But cold pigments are very small, so they are the first to leave the hair. To keep the shade cool until the next coloring, you can resort to tinting. ”